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Aberdare national park animals

Aberdare national park animals

Aberdare national park animals

Animals in Aberdare national Park- The park is one of the wonderful national parks in Kenya that boosts the big 5 animals of Africa the park also is bounded by the Aberdare ranges that aids the park to be one of the wonderful and most visited national parks in Kenya.

Aberdare national park lies on the east side of the Eastern rift valley amidst Nyeri County and Nyandarua close to Nyeri city. The Aberdare national park was established in 1950 and it offers biodiversity and several wild animals

The big 5 animals can be spotted within the Aberdare national park and the animals can be easily seen during the morning game drive before there is too much sunshine which may cause the game to get back to their hideouts.

The park is only 766 square kilometers, despite its small size, the park is so interesting and attractive with the vegetation species as well spectacular wildlife species.

The vegetation is comprised of the tropical rainfalls that harbor several primates s and the moorland where the rare animals in the park such as African golden cat, common eland, and the rare bongo species.

Other components of the Aberdare national park include the open savannah grassland, water catchment areas, mountain areas all these areas where you can go and enjoy huge game drive safaris which can be spotted along the water banks especially during the nice game drives safaris.

The rare black rhinos population of the eastern kind can be easily seen in the park and there are alp more than 300 species of birds that can be spotted within the different parts of the park such as African fish eagle, sunbirds, sparrow hawk, Aberdare Cisticola, and the plovers are some of the bird species that can be found within the Aberdare National Park.

Animals in the Aberdare national park

Aberdare national park is one of the top destinations in Kenya that is home to the different species of which the most interesting ones are the rare bongo antelopes and very many animals are attracted around the different parts or areas within the national park.

The animals that are found with the protected areas include among other cape buffaloes, eland, mountain reedbuck, east African wild dongs, African buffaloes, side-striped jackal, African wild cats, African civet cats, waterbuck, giant forest hog, Duiker, leopards, elephants, rhinos and other many cats that are seen especially within the Mooreland and in the other parts of the park.

Visitors who opt to book the lodge that is located within the Aberdare National Park will see the animals coming close to your accommodation most especially the visitors spending the night at the treetops lodge which was built and well designed in form of the biblical Noahs Ark that offers you with excellence nightlife wildlife viewing of the animals’ species such as the elephants and buffaloes that come to drink water at the hole that is found with the lodge premise.

The primates of Aberdare National Park:

Aberdare National Parks the most sounding wildlife are the big 5 animals however the park is a wonderful destination also for the primate species, that is several primates can be found within the Aberdare national park and primates of the Aberdare national include the olive baboons, black colobus monkeys, white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, sykes monkeys which visitors will explore during their nature walk safaris via the bamboo forest trees of the park.

undeniably, Aberdare National Park has also got the chimpanzee primates which visitors can find at the OI Pajeta conservancy in Nanyuki that is found a few kilometers away from the Aberdare National Park and visitors will have to move or drive for about one to two hours to access the OI Pajeta conservancy.

Chimpanzee trekking is one of the adventure activities that you shouldn’t miss because the chimpanzees are our close relatives and they are about 98% of the human DNA with the human which is so interesting.

Birds of Aberdare National Park:

Aberdare national park features the best birding areas though it is widely known for game animals. Aberdare National Park features interesting bird species which you can see during your holiday safaris.

The best birding species include the savannah birds, forest birds, water birds giving visitors a lot of chances to see very many categories of the bird species while on your safaris in Aberdare National Park. there are over 300 species of birds you can view on your game drives and these include Tinkerbird, chested bee-eater, African yellow warbler, African paradise flycatcher, Olive Ibis, Narina trogon, Golden-winged Sunbird, mountain buzzards, Hartlaub’s turaco, silvery-cheeked hornbill, Jackson’s francolin, rufous-chested sparrow hawk, Dohertys bush-shrike among other bird species and this makes an important birding destinations for the visitors interested in having Kenya safaris.

When to go for the animal viewing in Aberdare National Park?

Animal Viewing in Aberdare National Park is done throughout the year by visitors who are encouraged to travel during the drier months in June, July, August, September, and then from December to February when the Aberdare National is dry making it easy for the game drive safaris to go on and involve in animal viewing.

Visitors can as well see the animals during the dry season especially the visitors who stay at the treetop hotel will be less affected by the influence of the rains. Staying at this lodge provides you with wonderful views of the park and other animals coming closer to the lodge. Since the lodge attracts some animals such as elephants, antelopes, and others on higher altitudes.

Where to stay in Aberdare National Park?

There are different lodging facilities where you can stay when you’re in Aberdare National Park for the game drives or the wildlife species and some of these species include The Ark and Treetops Lodge which were well built proving the wonderful views of the salient area of the Aberdare National Park especially the lions, rhinos, buffaloes among others which are attracted at these lodge by the waterholes and the salt licks found around the lodge especially in the evening other lodges include the Aberdare club among other views.

You can come and contact us as we organize for you the interesting and adventurous safaris that take you to the true Aberdare national park for the Big 5 exploration.