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Activities in Amboseli National Park

Activities in Amboseli National Park

Activities in Amboseli National Park

Tourism activities in Amboseli National Park- The park is one of the parks in Kenya that is known for the large herds of elephants and it is located within the southern part of Kenya rich in the biodiversity species comprised of the swamps and the savannah plains that have provided the best conditions for the safari wildlife activities.

Amboseli National Park borders Tanzania and it its crowned with the Kilimanjaro mountains which produce stunning spectacular views to the visitors.

Amboseli National Park harbors well established and distinguished unique flora and fauna species including the resident animals and resident bird species.

Most importantly, the animals in the Amboseli National Park include zebras, leopards, antelopes, impalas, wildebeest, elephants, and cheetahs among other bird species.

While the bird species of the Amboseli National Park include the Flamingoes, the vulnerable lesser Kestrel, Marabou stork, African fish eagle, African jacana, the Kori bustard, grey crowned crane among other species of birds found within the park.

Since tourism was re-opened following the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, Very many guests have flocked to Amboseli National Park to relax and retreat from the lockdown stress by engaging in different tourism activities, some of these activities are permanent and as long as the wildlife still exists within the Amboseli National Park, then your rest assured that these activities will exist permanently.

At this point, therefore, I’m going to provide you with the details of the tourism activities that are conducted within the Amboseli National Park and all these activities are available

Bird watching safaris in Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli National Park houses more than 1000 birds which culminate into over 100 bird species and these birds are good for the bird watching lovers and all those tourists who are interested in the wildness and explore the different birds that do exists within then Amboseli National Park. You will as well get to appreciate the uniqueness of the park and explore all the adventure attractions within the park which are so interesting and enjoyable.

Game watching safaris in Amboseli National Park

Because there are almost all of the wildlife species in the Amboseli National Park, the game watching activity is so interesting and the major tourist activity or safari activity that is done by most of the visitors adventuring the Amboseli National Park. Game drives in the park can easily be seen on the safari game drives through your pop-up vehicle as it takes you closer to the large herds of the elephants which the park is known to possess. You will enjoy the park’s unique creatures and the landscaped comprise of the park’s unique beauty and vegetation cover which is so interesting, a landscape with natural and unspoiled vegetation, as well the panoramic landscape of the park.

Top sight views in Amboseli National Park

There different tip sight views that are located in the different parts of the Amboseli National Park providing the visitors with the chance to see the flora and fauna on the raised areas. The visitors can have a step on these viewpoints and later offers the beauty of the park and its creatures. The top sight views within the Amboseli National Park include among others the Noomotio observation point, Kitirua campsite, Enameshera mountain pick as well as the Kitirua campsite and each of the sights within the Amboseli National Park has got its better and night sights.

Community walks in Amboseli National Park

Community walks as the tourist activity involves the activity whereby the tourists visit or walk to the nearby communities to explore their way of life and appreciate their cultures, history, lifestyle, and traditions. Most of the communities that stay around the Amboseli National Park are majorly the Masai and they go up to surrounding parts of Kenya and Tanzania. These community walks are always done after the game-watching trips within the park.

Mountain Kilimanjaro sightings National Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli National Park is close to the Tanzania park borders and visitors visiting the Amboseli National Park can easily see three-quarters of the Kilimanjaro Mountains. Tourists will always get a chance to view the mountains and it’s all their features. Seeing mountain Kilimanjaro can be seen any time or any day you’re in Amboseli National Park for the game viewing and these in good indeed

Filming and photography in Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is a wonderful destination for the tourist researchers that do different documents and films and the park is home to the big 4 animals within the wild without the rhinos and because of this the park attracts several wildlife researchers which so important and commercial photographers is also done in Amboseli National Park which is very interesting with the photography sites.

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