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2021 Elephant naming ceremony in Kenya

2021 Elephant naming ceremony in Kenya

2021 Elephant naming ceremony in Kenya

2021 Elephant naming ceremony- Kenya is one of the best destinations on the African continent for wildlife and beach tourism. Various animals can be found in Kenya including the big five animals of Africa with the highest number of elephants in the whole of Africa and because of the wonderful population of the elephants, Kenya had decided to ever elephant naming ceremony which has been tamed as the Tembo naming festival and this ceremony was launched in June 2021 by the Kenyan Tourism and the wildlife cabinet secretary Mr. Najib balala.

The event will be held annually and is aimed at bringing tension to the visitors and the whole public that the elephants need to be protected in addition to other wild animals’ species. Additionally, the festival that is intended to promote elephant tourism and other wildlife animals and the whole tourism, in general, provides the country is beginning slowly to recover from the effects of the covid19 pandemic.

This year’s animal celebration will be held in the Amboseli national park on the 12th of August 2012 which will be the International Day for the elephants and Amboseli national was chosen to be the center of this celebration because this is the protected area with the highest levels or populations of the elephants in Kenya.

The tempo naming festival will be open to the public and all those people who will be involved in the conservation of the wildlife animals including those that wish well for the tourism development.

The secretary of the Kenyan tourism and wildlife cabinet revealed that wildlife is big and too should be the part of the Kenyan heritage that should be reserved for the future generation and therefore the tourism resources are very important and should remain critical and paramount.

The laugh of the elephant naming ceremony builds on the good work that is done by the Kenyan wildlife services and the other partner have done over some time to protect the Kenyan wildlife resources.

The ceremony will take place in Amboseli National Park which is one of the protected areas that has played a key role in protecting and conserving wildlife resources especially the elephants.

The national park uses well-advanced technologies in conserving and managing the elephants including using their DNA to trace them

People are individuals will also be given a chance to participate in the tempo naming exercise and the members of the public will be given a chance to adopt an elephant and the procedure for the adoption will be communicated before the date and those interested will be required to make some little conservation contribution in form of cash.

The member of the public who will be able to adopt the elephants will be able to get a chance to give the elephant the first name and the second name will be given to the elders of the Masai community and the name from the Masai will be based on the of the profile, story and, characters and the gestures of the elephants. And the first name will be based on the adopter’s preference and thus this is a wonderful activity for the visitors.

The people who are interested in adopting the elephants will be requested to pay for the Kenyan shillings 1000 and those for the corporate entities will be able to pay Kenyan shillings 5000. The famous Kenyan elephant festival or naming ceremony 2021 is expected to increase conservation awareness just like the Rwanda people did for the Kwita Izina which creased the tourism sector on the world scene.

On the east African scene, Kenya is one the best countries with the best and large population of elephants with a population deemed to be in the region of 34000 elephants, and over 300 elephants do live in the Amboseli national park.

Although there is an increase in the population of elephants in Kenya, the Kenyan wildlife services and other stakeholders continue to uplift the conservation efforts to conserve more animals and the initiatives like these are important in improving the tourism destination places.

The 2021 Elephant naming ceremony in Kenya comes at the time when Kenya has conducted its first national wildlife census in May with the main aim to identify the wildlife demands and identify what could be the threats that are threatening wildlife and this is the ones of the areas to identify the gap in helping the wildlife conservation agencies.

The results of the census have revealed that climate change is one of the factors affecting the wildlife among other factors that include expanding human settlement as well as poaching which have affected the and dressed the numbers of the wildlife in Kenya however these are partial results. Please contact African Adventure vacations for Kenya safaris.