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Wildebeest migrating takes Polka Dotted Zebra to Serengeti National Park

Wildebeest migrating takes Polka Dotted Zebra to Serengeti: Yes, we all know that the wildebeest migration takes place between two conservation areas of Masai Mara national reserve and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

Wildebeest migrating takes Polka Dotted Zebra to Serengeti National Park

Wildebeest migrating takes Polka Dotted Zebra to Serengeti: Yes, we all know that the wildebeest migration takes place between two conservation areas of Masai Mara national reserve and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. While the migration is determined by the changes in the rain pattern and as the September to October the rains commence in Masai Mara national reserve and this doesn’t leave the wildebeest stuck, do they start to move back to Serengeti National Park for the greener pastures and water among other reason for their shift.

This activity provides a lot of experience to the tourists and most of the tourists are eager in seeing this wider movement. Visitors visiting Masai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park firsts ask if they would be able to catch up with the wildebeest migration in the two respective conservation areas.

Visitors staying in Masai Mara national reserve will majorly concentrate and strategically position at their lodges or campsites to see this great wildebeest migration. This is the experience that you don’t need to miss out on as tourists exploring an African destination like Kenya.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic but most of the tourists are making bookings to flock to both Serengeti and Masai Mara national reserve to catch up with this wonderful and unforgettable experience. Compared to the last two years, the experience has been so memorable and beyond expectations as the tourists saw the wildebeest took the hugest movements with other wild animals in company with the rare four weeks spotted Polka-dotted zebras which were so interesting.

The picture capture looked as if the young foal was following the mother during the migration to Serengeti National Park from Masai Mara National Reserve. The sighting of this wonderful zebra crossing with other wild animals was so exciting and fantastic among the tourists and visitors as well as the driver guides along the border of Kenya and Tanzania. This experience was as amusing as the little foal combined with other zebras and wild animals crossing the Sand River to Serengeti National Park.

The fact that the zebras also feed on the greener grass and pastures like the wildebeest, explains the reason why the zebras are among the wild animals following the wildebeest migration otherwise there no big reason as to why it is only the zebras mostly following millions of the wildebeest during this movement.

Sometimes back round new broke up on the internet that the foal zebras was caught and caged by the Kenya wildlife services however this was not true as visitors can go to either Masai Mara National reserve or Serengeti National Park and see this wonderful polka spotted zebra in its natural wildness.

Yearly, millions of the wildebeest animals in the company of other wildlife animals such as gazelles and zebras move from Serengeti to Masai Mara National Reserve and back to Serengeti National Park following the climate or the rainfall pattern from Masai Mara National reserve back to Serengeti this movement starts at the beginning of the second rains in September and October and then and then it starts to move from Serengeti To Masai Mara National reserve at the start of the first rains which commence in February to March.

The wildebeest’s real actions take months before it happens and the wildest usually mate in the savannah plains of the Serengeti National Park and they deliver their calves in the plains around February or March.

The rare zebra was first seen by one of the safari guides when he was taking the tourists to the game drives and found when it was just born and he immediately took the photo using his phone which he shared the photos of the foal on the internet and in just hours the photos went viral and this attracts several visitors and tourists to travel to Masai Mara National reserve to have a glimpse at this wonderful foal. Because Mr. Anthony Tira was so happy and the fact that he was the one who first spotted it and thus he decided to name it Tira his name hence called the Polka-dotted Tira. This is so important because the reserve authority gives the person who has seen the animal of significance give a name and thus and the origin of the Name Tira.

The rare black zebra is Masai Mara National Reserve is characterized by a hairless tail and is foal short as compared to the normal zebra with a brush structured like a tail. The young zebra in Masai Mara National Reserve has got the brown coloring marked with dotted markings and this makes this zebra the most unique and different not only in Kenya but also in the whole world as well.

Since its sighting in December, the polka zebra has become one of the important creatures of the Masai Mara National Reserve which has attracted and drew various tourist attractions to the Masai Mara National Reserve. Nearly the spotting of the polka-dotted zebra almost cause the stampede in Masai Mara National Reserve but because of the movement and migration, the zebra has shifted to Serengeti National Park. Thus most of the visitors who go to Serengeti national park will get a chance to see this rare zebra but because the migration happens daily, there is a chance that it will again appear in Masai Mara National Reserve after the animals cross from Serengeti National Park through Mara River.

The visitors or tourists who have got a chance to see the rare polka-dotted zebra have spoken and expressed a different opinion about the zebra and have expressed how amused and excited about seeing this wonderful animal.

Therefore you must plan your wonderful safari to Masai Mara National Reserve where you will be able to see this rare animal. Contact African Adventure Vacations for the best information about the attractions and general information of Masai Mara National Reserve