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Backpacker on a gorilla trek in Africa

Backpacker on a gorilla trek in Africa

Backpacker on a gorilla trek in Africa

Backpacker on a gorilla trek in Africa- Africa is blessed with a lot of tourist attractions including the endangered mountain gorillas that most travelers from different countries want to see. It is the only continent on earth where one can go and trek these primates, so book a flight to Africa where you will have a chance to participate in this amazing experience. The ape family comprises the orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and mountain gorillas which is the largest ape among them. However, in past, the Gigantopithecus was the largest but now they no longer exist in the whole world and this makes the Grauer’s gorillas largest than others. There are only three countries in Africa where one can go and trek these gentles which include Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Are you on a budget but wondering whether you can get closer to 7 meters with endangered mountain gorillas in their wild, this blog is for you which contains all information that could help you to reduce the costs to fit in your budget.  For gorilla tours, Africa Adventure vacations work have rates for all classes that is the luxury, mid-range, and budget so do be there and think that backpacking is obviously making your own arrangement where you may find you spent a lot than contacting us.

A gorilla permit is expensive but gives you an opportunity to see the rare animals in the whole world as well as experience an exciting experience in wild. Rwanda sold its gorilla permit at 1500USD in both low and high seasons which is the most expensive than other gorilla destinations. For trekking mountain gorillas of Uganda will have to pay 700USD while the Democratic Republic of Congo offers this amazing experience and a permit at only 400USD, they also reduce on a gorilla permit during the low season at half-price that is 200USD. The costs for gorilla permits are set by authorities of the country, conservation plans of the parks, and the standard of the economy.

Budget travelers who are planning to take on a gorilla tour, you are advised to first check out for a trustworthy tour company like Africa Adventure vacations who will value your money and make your trip an unforgettable experience. This is the reason why budget travelers are recommended to travel with tour operators because they know how to get the best accommodation plus other services involved in the overall trip and fit your budget.

For hiring a car, the most recommended is a 4WD vehicle which is more affordable than land cruisers that may need you to spend a lot because you hire per day and take higher fuel consumption than a super custom.  Africa Adventure Vacations hiring a vehicle at an affordable price are good for a gorilla trekking safari. Therefore, for hiring a car contact us and get a chance to travel in one of our super custom vans which are comfortable at a lower price.

It is also important to book your trip in advance as it helps you get prepared well and what is the best time to trek mountain gorillas in their natural habitat which fits your budget. Also, help you to organize enough money for your trip to avoid unnecessary spending because of last-minute booking. It is always important to book your permit like 3 months back before the traveling dates because some time permits are in high demand so if you book late, you may end up buying it at a high price due to the high demand. Budget travelers, you should consider this a major issue.

If you are to book through a travel operator, put up a payment scheme with that company where you will be sending in deposits at any time you feel like so that to make your dream real. Africa Adventure Vacations has different options that can be discussed and send in any amount you have util your trekking date comes with no pressure. What we need first is a commitment fee and we start organizing your safari.

You are also advised to book accommodation facilities that can be walkable up to the starting point for gorilla trekking and this goes to the tourists who want to handle their transfers. Staying in the lodge or hotel which is near the starting point help to save money which can be used for other costs for the overall tour.

Another option is to check out some camping for the destinations you want to trek its mountain gorillas which may help you to save you some money than staying in lodge or hotel but this is good when you have camping equipment if not, you may end up spending more than booking budget accommodation.

Pack the essential items so that to avoid buying the necessities for the hike which is not on your budget. Check out our website and know the necessary items for the gorilla tour or you can send an email and ask us what is important for your safari. These are some items you should have to put into your bag before leaving your homeland to Africa which includes good hiking boots, long clothes, garden gloves, a raincoat, a camera with extra batteries, energy drinks, plus personal expenses, and so on.

Countries to see mountain gorillas in Africa.

Uganda has two gorilla destinations and they are all found in the southern parts of the country Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park.  on your Africa safari visit or one of them and enjoy the best experience that cannot be found elsewhere in Africa. It is believed that Uganda is home to almost half of the few remaining mountain gorillas with over 19 gorilla families and it is sold its gorilla permit at 700 USD.

Rwanda is another gorilla destination where one can go and have an opportunity to get closer with the endangered mountain gorillas. What you need is to travel to the northwestern region country for about 107 kilometers from the capital Kigali where you will find the Volcanoes national park which is home to over 320 mountain gorillas with 10 habituated gorilla families that are open for trekking all year round. A gorilla permit for Rwanda goes at 1500USD per person per trek.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is also among the natural habitat for the endangered mountain gorillas so travel to the eastern part of the country where you will find Virunga national park which is a natural habitat for 8 gorilla families that can be visited at any time of the year you feel like a trek. Its gorilla permit is sold at only 400USD which is cheaper than Rwanda and Uganda.

Book with Africa Adventure Vacations will help you to arrange your trip at an affordable price and complete your dream of visiting the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. One of our priorities is to make your safari unforgettable experience in the world. For more information send an email or contact us.