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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Walking safaris in Nairobi Park Kenya

Walking safaris in Nairobi Park Kenya

Walking safaris in Nairobi Park Kenya

Are you looking for walking safaris in Nairobi Park Kenya? The Nairobi walking safaris give you the best insights and take you closer to the wildness as you walk through an elevated wood boardwalk that offers the tourists unmatchable views of the wild animal’s species.

The Walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya are the best and the easiest way to bring tourists to Kenya and showcase what Nairobi or Kenya can offer and what you expect to see and enjoy on your safari throughout the whole country. It is a summary of what is happening on the Kenyan destination. With the Walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya, you will be able to view the summary of the animals and wildlife of Kenya that include rare bongo, albino zebra, big cats, antelopes, and the primates in addition to being the home of over 150 species of the birds.

The Nairobi park walking safari features important areas which include the 3 major ecosystems for example wetlands, forestry, and savannah, a variety of reptiles, animals, birds, and insects, various wildlife species include leopards, hippos, colobus monkeys, bongo rhino, pygmy, cheetahs, lion among others. The Nairobi Park also features the boardwalk which is also so attractive and very much interesting to the visitors.

The climate and weather of Nairobi Park:  The Park’s climatic conditions are varied characterized by hot and wet conditions. Usually, from January to early March the conditions within the park hot, and the April to June there hot and wet conditions, and the long dry spells start from June to October.

What to see during your nature walks safaris in Nairobi National Park

Various tourist attractions can be seen during the Nairobi safari walks and they include;

Wildlife species in Nairobi:  While on Walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya you will be able to see the various species of wildlife in bird and animals species among the animals you will be able to see hartebeest, elands, impala, cape buffaloes, gazelle, and other bird species include ostrich, martial eagle, common moorhen, pallid harrier, blacksmith among others.

Nairobi animal orphanage:  Visitors on walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya will also get a chance to enjoy the Nairobi orphanage which services like the treatment center for the animals as well as rehabilitation.

Animals available at the center here include the jackals, serval cats, baboons, warthogs, parrots, crown cranes, lions. Cheetahs among others some of the birds that do also gate injured are also treated here at the orphanage and these may include guinea fowl, parrot among others.

Other attractions that you can see while on your Walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya include the Nairobi safari walk and spacious accommodation picnic sites, walking trails at hippo pools, ivory site monument aggregation of the large herbivores such as the eland, zebra, wildebeest, and various predators which you can see while walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya

What do while on your Walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya?

Bird watching; This a good site for over 400 bird species of which 20 of these species are seasonal European migrants and this is the result of the green tree species that enables birds to find a shelter or shade and some of the variable bird species that you will be able to see include paradise flycatcher, Narina trogon, bee-eater, pygmy among other birding species.

Enjoy the game viewing safaris. Game viewing or watching is the best safari activity through adventuring it on foot and the view animals are rewarding the various animals include the buffaloes, impalas, water back, olive baboons, hyenas, monkeys name them.

Visitors will also be enticed with the phonographs since they offer nice avenues for the photos especially the thrilling boat walks among several activities. There are also several other activities which include walking safaris, scenic views, among others.

Whiling coming for the Walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya, you’re advised to carry different items which among other include the picnic, bottled water, binoculars, sunscreen, hat, a guide book, sunglasses among others.

When to visit Nairobi:

Nairobi has a warm and temperature climate with an annual average temperature of the 19degerees Celsius. The hottest month of the year is March with an average temperature of about 21 degrees Celsius. Nairobi can be visited all the year throughout since it is also to the equator line and it is very hard to get extremely hot contains but is always advisable that you visit Nairobi during the dry season.

Getting to Nairobi for walking safaris in Nairobi Kenya

 Nairobi can be accessed by bot air and the road transport means, by road, the Nairobi safari walks is about 7 kilometers away from the city center and it is easily accessed on the tarmac by use of the private car hire, taxi, and safari vehicle. While you can access Nairobi through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport.

Nairobi safari walk/Entry Fees

Visitors visiting the Nairobi and adult is entitled to pay KES 215 and a child citizen of Kenya will KES 125 as park entrances the foreign

The foreign resident of Kenya and adult is entitled to pay KES 300 and the small children will pay KES 170 to access the national park ion the other hand, the non-resident adult is expected to pay USD22 and the child is to pay USD 13 to access the park.