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Visit The Semuliki Female Hot Spring

Visit The Semuliki Female Hot Spring

Visit The Semuliki Female Hot Spring

The Semuliki female hot spring has various cultural to the Bamaga clan, who were staying in the park and they were first to protect the hot spring before Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) took over the whole park management and they had named it Nyansimbi associated with its wealth and a wife to the male hot spring.

The Bamaga people had a cultural belief that their female ancestors stayed near the female hot spring and this made them accept their female partners to bring offertory and respect the female hot spring complemented with sacrifices of a different type from food crops, drinks, animals, and coins. Cultural performance is also done by the women at the female hot springs because they had a belief that barren women can get fertile and deliver that is why the women could visit the place to get fertility to bear a child. These hot springs can boil up to a temperature of 103 0 c.

Now, due to the increased tourism in Uganda, the female hot spring are used for egg boiling by tourists and it is the most tourist attraction which attracts most of them to visit Semuliki national park. Guests dropping their eggs in these hot waters and it takes about 5-10 minutes to get ready. The hot waters of the hot spring mixed with the sodium carbonates so when you put your egg, it mixes with it and tests salty so there is no need to come with salt. You may also bring cassava, banana, and sweet potatoes and cook them from here which takes around 30-60 minutes to boil.  This is a great experience at female hot spring as you step to the fountain which spread the hot water where you can also take photography.

Grass thatched huts are available around the hot spring where you can wait from as you’re cooking for you boil materials until it gets ready to eat or you can seat here as you take a look at the eye-catching fountain water forcing itself out of the solid sodium carbonate with the smell of sulphur dioxide around the whole place.  From here you may hear the sounds of different primates like baboons as well as birds can be heard from the site. Therefore female hot spring is such a wonderful place to relax your mind as your take away with the beautiful views of the area.

At the male hot spring, boiling materials is not done as it is a pool of water but the local member saying that this is because the male does not cook so this is the reason why boiling is not taking place. Therefore all cooking and boiling are carried out at the female hot spring which has the highest temperature than that one for male hot springs.

How to reach semuliki national park.

You can use Kampala- Fort portal via Mubende which covering 180kilometers and takes a 4-5 hour drive. Or you may use Kampala-Masaka via Mbarara to Kasese though it is somehow longer which takes 465kilometers which is about 7-8 hours.

After visiting the female hot spring in Semuliki national park, spare some time and go to other tourist destinations in the western region of Uganda such as Queen Elizabeth national park for wildlife viewing, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for mountain gorilla trekking, Kibale forest national park for chimpanzee tracking, and the rare golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Or visit Rwenzori mountains national park for the most trending hiking experience in Africa and among others.