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Tourism activities that visitors enjoy at in Amboseli National Park

What to do in Amboseli National Park: Amboseli National Park features the best wildlife destination not only in Kenya but in the whole of Africa.  The park features unmatchable safari activities that provide an unforgettable wildlife experience

Tourism activities that visitors enjoy at in Amboseli National Park

What to do in Amboseli National Park on tourism activities? Amboseli National Park features the best wildlife destination not only in Kenya but in the whole of Africa.  The park features unmatchable safari activities that provide an unforgettable wildlife experience to the guests visiting this wonderful park. Amboseli National Park is worldly known for being the best national park where the elephants can be perfectly seen in fact it harbors the highest population of elephants in the whole of the African continent.

Amboseli National Park is a true wildlife destination on the African continent with a lot of wildlife species and it is located not far away from Nairobi city in the Kijiado county North West of Nairobi city. The park got its name Amboseli from the local Masai origin meaning the salty dust meaning on the plain.  Most of the people surrounding the Amboseli national park are the Masai people whose livelihood depends on the cattle and it is being managed by the Kenya Wildlife Services. It is not as big as Masai Mara National Reserve as it covers only 392 square kilometers of land. It is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it presents the best destination for filming African wildness especially the big four animals that include the African elephants, leopards, lions, and elephants.

The following are some of tourism activities that can be done in the Amboseli Nation park; have a look at these safari activities;

Game viewing in Amboseli National Park: Amboseli National park is home to wonderful animals that facilitate game-watching safaris. Because there are almost all of the wildlife species in the Amboseli National Park, the game watching activity is so interesting and the major tourist activity or safari activity that is done by most of the visitors adventuring the Amboseli National Park. Game drives in the park can easily be seen on the safari game drives through your pop-up vehicle as it takes you closer to the large herds of the elephants which the park is known to possess. You will enjoy the park’s unique creatures and the landscaped comprise of the park’s unique beauty and vegetation cover which is so interesting, a landscape with natural and unspoiled vegetation, as well the panoramic landscape of the park.

Guided safari nature walks in Amboseli National Park: The Amboseli National Park is characterized by stunning vegetation types that range from swamps, woodlands with a lot of the mammal species residing in these habitats.  The guided safari walks in Amboseli national are majorly conducted around the observation hill where the visitors hike to the top of the observation hill and enjoy the views of the whole park. The observation hill is more raised and you will pack your vehicle and walk to the top and enjoy the scenes of the Kilimanjaro Mountains, come closer to wild animals such as zebras, impalas, buffaloes, giraffes, and other bird species. The walking safaris in Amboseli National Park are wonderful adventures.

Local Community visits in Amboseli National Park:  Community walks as the tourist activity involves the activity whereby the tourists visit or walk to the nearby communities to explore their way of life and appreciate their cultures, history, lifestyle, and traditions. Most of the communities that stay around the Amboseli National Park are majorly the Masai and they go up to surrounding parts of Kenya and Tanzania. These community walks are always done after the game-watching trips within the park.

Bird watching in Amboseli National Park:  The Amboseli National Park houses more than 400 birds which culminate into over 100 bird species and these birds are good for the bird watching lovers and all those tourists who are interested in the wildness and explore the different birds that do exists within then Amboseli National Park. You will as well get to appreciate the uniqueness of the park and explore all the adventure attractions within the park which are so interesting and enjoyable. The common bird species in the Amboseli National Include the African swamphen, Taveta Golden Weaver, falcon, Vulnerable Lesser Kestrel, Grey Crowned Crane, Falcon Naumanni, Steel-blue Whydah, Eurasian thick-kneel, Common redshank, Rufous-naped lark, Goliath heron, African fish eagle, Double-banded Courser among other several animals species.

Mountain Kilimanjaro sightings in Amboseli National Park: The Amboseli National Park is close to the Tanzania park borders and visitors visiting the Amboseli National Park can easily see three-quarters of the Kilimanjaro Mountains. Tourists will always get a chance to view the mountains and it’s all their features. Seeing mountain Kilimanjaro can be seen any time or any day you’re in Amboseli National Park for the game viewing and these in good indeed.

Filming in Amboseli National Park: Amboseli National Park is a wonderful destination for the tourist researchers that do different documents and films and the park is home to the big 4 animals within the wild without the rhinos and because of this the park attracts several wildlife researchers which so important and commercial photographers is also done in Amboseli National Park which is very interesting with the photography sites.

Top sight views or the observation hill in Amboseli National Park: There are different tip sight views that are located in the different parts of the Amboseli National Park providing the visitors with the chance to see the flora and fauna on the raised areas. The visitors can have a step on these viewpoints and later offers the beauty of the park and its creatures. The top sight views within the Amboseli National Park include among others the Noomotio observation point, Kitirua campsite, Enameshera mountain pick as well as the Kitirua campsite and each of the sights within the Amboseli National Park has got its better and night sights

Hot air balloon safaris in Amboseli National Park:  the hot air balloon is one of the wonderful activities of the Amboseli National Park that offers then unmatchable experience as you will be able to see the attractions in the Amboseli National park while in the air. You will get rewarding views of the attractions such the elephants, zebras, buffaloes including the bird species, and the beautiful sceneries of the Kilimanjaro Mountains in addition to other wonderful species.

Enjoy the traditional dances of the local Masai people: while you’re on your safari to Amboseli National Park, you will be able to get entertained with the local Masai people as you enjoy the drinks in the center of the wildness. You will have great rewards for the Kilimanjaro mountain views in addition to seeing the crater that makes the experience so much interesting.

Best Time to Visit Amboseli National Park for tourism activities

Amboseli National Park is open throughout the year and it can be visited all year round however, it has been proved that the best time for visiting the Amboseli National Park is during the dry season that happens from June to October and then from December to February. During this time the conditions are good and their little chances of rainfall hamper the safari experience. The dry season is the for game watching safaris while the  wet season is the best for the birding safaris and this wet season starts in March to May and when November and therefore you should plan accordingly

How to get to Amboseli National Park for tourism activities

Visitors interested in reaching the Amboseli National Park will drive for about 4 hours from Nairobi capital city which is located in the southeast of the Nairobi city and it juts 249 square kilometers by using the four by four vehicles while driving on the tarmac road leading you to the park. Road transport is so amazing and this is the best way of experiencing the Kenya countryside.

The best time to visit the Amboseli national park for tourism activities is during the Christmas season and the dry season especially during the June to October and the year of the February, therefore, these are the best traveling months and the best months that are ideals for the visitors traveling to Kenya for the wildlife safaris.

Where to stay in Amboseli National Park

There are different accommodation facilities in Amboseli national park both budget, luxury, and mid-range lodges or campsites.  Some of these lodges include the Tawi Lodge, OI Tukai lodge, Amboseli Serena Safari, Kibo Safari Camp, and many lodges.

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