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The Weather Of The Amboseli National Park By Months

Most of the tourists traveling to Amboseli national park consider the weather conditions as one of the very many factors that visitors do consider when planning the safari to Amboseli national park. Amboseli national park is found near the highest mountains of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the park

The Weather Of The Amboseli National Park By Months

Most of the tourists traveling to Amboseli national park consider the weather conditions by months as one of the very many factors that visitors do consider when planning the safari to Amboseli national park. Amboseli national park is found near the highest mountains of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the park is famous for having its herds of elephants This reason where it was named as the home of the African elephants.

The weather at Amboseli national park is unpredictable because it is influenced by the Kilimanjaro Mountains and other vegetation around the park such as the swamps, savannah, and woodland vegetation. Therefore the park experiences sometimes hot and dry and the temperatures range around twenty-eight degrees Celsius during the day and about fifteen degrees Celsius during the nighttime. Usually, the dry season is always longer than the rainy season and this is very interesting for the visitors on the safari activities.

The rainy season is also divided into two forest spots of rain which are longer starting from March and May while the other rains are experienced within November while the rainy season or long rains are usually experienced during the night than the daytime. While the second rains are simple and short as compared to the first rains which are so interesting and this is very interesting.

The rainy season is always considered to be the season that is characterized by a low level of visitors meaning that the park receives few visitors. For visitors who don’t enjoy crowded places and those who wish to have privacy can easily visit the Amboseli national park during this rainy time or season.

The rainy season further is also important for and divided into two periods the first dry period and the strong ones commence in June to October and this is the best time for visitors to visit the Amboseli national park while the second dry season occurs in December up to February and this is short as not heavy as the first dry season and this also considered as the high season.

During the dry season, it is not completely dry as you might receive some of the rains through not much and it always scares and because of this the rains that happen throughout the year. Therefore we can say that the weather in Amboseli national park is somehow moderated and favorable throughout the whole year with the uniform temperatures at the park all the time.

Usually, during the nights and in the early morning, it is always cold and you might be required to put on a coat during the time but the temperatures drop to 15 degrees Celsius on the daily basis. Because of such climatic conditions, therefore, your mode of dressing code will be determined by this type of weather.

The Amboseli National Park weather also dictated the types of the packing list that you carry as the visitors. The best parking lists make the guest enjoy best the parking safari besides the season of the year. Please always contact us on Africa adventure vacations for the best and advisory on the packing list items. We usually put all this necessary information on the website to help our clients plan well their safari destination

Amboseli national park is heavily affected or influenced by the mountain Kilimanjaro. This makes the park so cold especially during the night time even when it is in the dry season. The science here is that the winds from the mountain Kilimanjaro make the leeward side of the mountain have limited rains and from here that Amboseli national park got its name dorm the dusky park to be called salty dust. These favorable environmental conditions have made it easy for the visitors who come from different corners of the world to Amboseli national park for game viewing safaris.

And this activity can be seen throughout the year. Because of weather conditions also, Amboseli national park has got five habitats that stem from the dried-up beds of the lake Amboseli to the woodlands adjacent to the mountain Kilimanjaro. Other vegetation habitats include the sulfur springs, dotted woodlands, the acacia trees among others.

The weather of the Amboseli national park by months

From March to May: These months presents the long periods of rainfall in Amboseli national park. This rains starts in March and the weather is always and sunny. It doesn’t rain all the day throughout, it might rain in the morning and have the afternoon sunlight, however the wettest month in April and May with high temperature ranging from 28 to degrees Celsius.

From June to October: This is one of the driest months of the year and it is considered to be the best time for visiting the Amboseli national park. Here there is sunny and dry though you will have the cold nights with most of the temperatures dropping to 15 degrees Celsius at night and the temperatures are high in the peak season from June to October and visitors who are interested in doing the game drive safaris, they can do so during this wonderful time.

Month of November: This months is characterized by wet months of the year especially when the park receives  rains that begins in late October  and rains till the November and this months is always characterized by the afternoon storms.

December to February: This is also one of the dry season but of course with short and visitors also travel most in this wonderful dry season to go and explore the Amboseli National Park. December to February is also the best month to do the safari game drives in Amboseli national park. Because the wildlife cans easily be spotted in the wildness.

Therefore the weather in Amboseli National park is well balanced with both wet and dry conditions with average temperatures throughout the year. The wet months are good for the bird-watching safaris with the park receiving a lot of the migratory birds from the European countries. Also, most of the birds tend to breed drying the wet season, and therefore if you’re interested in birding adventures safaris, you’re advised to visit Amboseli national park during the rainy season as the dry season is just fantastic for game watching safaris and hiking within the park

You need to know as well that the cost of visiting Amboseli national park is also affected by the weather conditions for example during the rainy season, most of the lodges dive discounts and thus visitors can enjoy the best for the budget to access the park at affordable rates.

Would you like to know the best time when to have the wildlife experience in Amboseli national park? You need to consider Weather within the park. I hope that this wonderful article will help you to choose the best time to travel to Amboseli national park especially after getting to know the weather of the Amboseli National Park as highlighted above. Please contact us for more information including the best time when to visit the Amboseli national park and the activities that you can engage in while exploring the Amboseli National Park.