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Things that you should not do when camping in Kenya

Things that you should not do when camping in Kenya

Things that you should not do when camping in Kenya

Looking for things that you should not do when camping in Kenya? Camping is the most interesting activity that gives visitors a rewarding experience. Most of the visitors do engage within the camping because it is one of the ways how the visitors can reduce or cut on their expenses when traveling. With camping, you will be able to see all the stars in the world and then bring your bed as well as the food while camping. Camping is done in several destinations in Kenya including the Masai Mara National Reserve and other destination safaris.  While camping, it best place where you can engage with your friends while enjoying nature and the adventure vacations safaris.

However, there are mistakes that the visitors should avoid when camping in one of the camping areas which when not avoided may not be avoided can cause your experience to get spoilt which is not a food thing. Therefore to have the wonderful camping experience in Kenya, please make sure that you avoid the following mistakes to have this wonderful experience and here we go;

Please avoid the depression spots when camping;  by choosing the point of depression this will be the staying of your problems however these points are of depressions seem to be so much cleaner and spacious for you to enjoy your camping experience.  These are good or the night wonders but they have the biggest changes especially when it rains at night and yet they act as the water collection areas and thus in case it rains at night even form short rains then you may end up being swiped away by the floods or the waters and times they completely get flooded n and therefore visitors are advised to find relatively gentle and flat areas where they can set up their tents for the better v camping experience.

Please avoid the unlocked food as much as possible; Camping tents are always set in the areas with wood and deep within the wild where wild animals are moving from one place to another any time of the day. Therefore, it is not healthy to leave your food outside and then when it is not unpacked because this will attract the wild animals and this the effect of your high-level adrenaline nights especially at the hours of the night therefore make sure that you avoid these worst mistakes when animals are moving at night hunting, then the open foods can be the target for these animals and thus having a scenario where an aim also is coming to eat your good which is not good. Wild animals coming to your camp to devour your meals have some risks connected to it. One of them is that those wild animals may also emerge as attacking you or destroying your campsite. They may additionally get poisoned or choked with the aid of using eating matters that aren’t precise for them. To keep away from this, usually % all of your ingredients in boxes and baggage and region them in unreachable locations which includes interior a locked car. Do this specifically for ingredients with sugary and sturdy smells

There is the incident of the campfires; yes it is very hard to have camping sites without the camping fires. the fire is so wonderful in keeping the campers warm especially during at night and also the camping fires also keeps the visitors with and their visitors so much wonderful and good environment. It is also good that you keep off the first before you go to sleep just to make sure you avoid the mistakes and the accidents that might be caused by the fires. In mediated insight, the wind may want to blow a spark to a dry leaf and from there begin a big blaze. Never go away a campfire to die out on its own, especially if unattended. Use sand or water to extinguish the hearth place and make certain all sparks are out and this is the reason why you should avoid the camping fires especially when you are going back to sleep to avoid accidents that might be released

Failure to come in warm clothes;  yes even if you decide to travel within the dry season, it is important that you carry warm clothes because the hot may be short lives especially when in the nights maybe if your tents have got the heaters and the likes of the air-conditioning. The nighttime is sure to be very chilly. That is why you’re suggested to usually put on layers while camping. That way, you may usually adjust your temperatures by including or casting off the layers.

Please while in Kenya for the camping safaris you should take note of the following

Pleases you shouldn’t crowd the wild animals and thus Respect their want for area and privacy.  Maintain the 30 meters parked away from greater from animals and permit them to be unfastened of their home.

Turn off you’re your safari car in order now no longer to scare them and experience the notable sounds of nature.

You don’t need to shout or make unnecessary noise as this antagonizes the animals and reasons them to flee. Hooting and shouting to draw the animal’s interest isn’t allowed. Don’t clutter or go away fires unattended.

Always go away the park earlier than 6.00

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