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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

The Selenkay Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya

The Selenkay Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya

The Selenkay Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya

The Selenkay Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya shares the best ecosystem with the Amboseli national reserve ecosystems and this conservancy was offered and established after the land was leased from the local Masai people and this was founded to protect the wildlife and their habitats which is so much interesting. The attractions that you can see here include the herds of the African elephants,  there are also the Thomson and grants gazelles, enjoy the cheetahs, lion,  and then leopards, mongooses, giraffes, yellow baboons,  bat-eared fox and the giraffes among other wonderful species of birds.  The Selenkay Wildlife Conservancy is just sixteen kilometers north of the boundary of the Amboseli National Park and it sits on 15000 acres of land and the conservancy is one of the premier founders of the community conservation areas.

As earlier said, the Selenkay Wildlife Conservancy share the ecosystem within the Amboseli and it was established on the lands that were offered by the local Masai people and by then the Maasai by game watching, and this was done to protect the animals with the and the wildlife within their habitats and the people used as farming which sustains and earn the living from farming. There are migratory bird species within the Selenkay Conservancy.  The species that do migrate could have been either killed or pushed off land set apart for farming at the moment are advocated to make the conservancy their home. Recent years have witnessed a massive boom in flora and fauna numbers with elephants returning to make the land their belongings after some 20 years without them appearing.

Therefore, like the Amboseli counterpart, the Selenaky conservancy is known for having large herds of elephants and visitors will get a chance to take a photo of these elephants as you capture the background of the while hills of the Kilimanajoro mountains and the safaris to the wonderful selenkay is a good destination and performance for the visitors who enjoy the nature walk safaris.

The land road that is heading to the center of the Selenkays Masai Land has just been wonderful created and their single camping sites are well built. He camp’s far-off area off the crushed traveler tune manner that the neighborhood flora and fauna is unused to car traffic, which is hardly ever encountered, and consequently behaves in its herbal manner. Visitors to Porini Amboseli Camp (most effective 18 at any given time) enjoy the information and enjoy of the Maasai hired as sport rangers, trackers, and camp personnel and from surroundings nevertheless in its wild and unspoiled state.

Attractions that you can visit at Selenkay Wildlife Conservancy

Wildlife of Selenkay Wildlife Conservancy.  Several wildlife species find their comfortable home in the Selenkay Conservancy and these attractions  wildlife attractions include  the leopards, lions, herds of elephants, giraffes, porches, bat-eared fox, Thomson and grants gazelles, cheetahs mongoose,  baboons among others which can all be found and seen by the visitors visiting the Selenkay wildlife conservancy during the safari game drives

From these attractions, visitors can then enjoy activities such as both mornings, nighttime and nighttime recreation drives. Escorted with armed ranger guides during the safari-guided nature walks with the professional Masaai guides. Sundowners at scenic factors in the conservancy. Visits to a neighborhood Masaai village.

How can you get to Selenkay Conservancy?

The Selenkay conservancy can be reached through by Road: and it is about a hundred seventy-five km from Nairobi, down the Mombasa road and through Email (kind of four 1/2 hours) visitors can as well access the conservancy through Air by the use of the chartered flight that cab land to of the known Selenkay airstrip, placed five mins drive from Porini Amboseli Safari Camp.

Where to stay at Selenkay Conservancy

Yet there are some accommodation facilities ta the Selenkay wildlife conservation some of these accommodation facilities where you can stay include the Porini Amboseli Camp that features the nine tents accommodating that can take most of 18 visitors at ago with the temporary and a seasonal movable camp, additionally, there is Game watchers Adventure Camp that offers and has the has nine tents for as much as 18 visitors- This is a complete of 18 tents in 15,000 acres that is 1 tent in keeping with 722 acres, following our conservancy method of now no longer extra than 1 tent in keeping with seven hundred acres to make sure low-density tourism with minimum impact.

Learn that the peak season to visit the Selenkay restaurant is from June to September. Months that may be avoided while April and May are not all that good for the visiting this conservancy because of the long spells of the rainfall.

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