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The Serengeti wildebeest migration in October

The Serengeti wildebeest migration in October

The Serengeti wildebeest migration in October

Looking for exploring Serengeti wildebeest migration in October? Location of the wildebeest in October; as in August and September, the wildebeest movement can be found in similar positions in October in the northern Serengeti National Park, particularly in the Lamai and Kogatende, and then on the Kenyan side in the Masai Mara National Reserve. There are higher opportunities that the early rains may be experienced in October lately and this is likely to push the wildebeest further into the south. This is not a day’s activity, but it takes a lot of time since the wildebeest at this stay are so many and they can, of course, move at once. The visitors who come late to the Serengeti National Park, especially in late October, will still see some of the few herds of the wildebeest that keep lingering around in this northern party of the Serengeti National Park.

Does October present a good time to see the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti?

Disregarding the usual belief among different people, mid-October is one of the best times where you will see the wildebeest crossing. This kind of scenario can even extend to late October. Even when the rains arrive in mid-October and begin pushing the herds south, this takes a long time in October due to the large number of herds, and I believe you will be able to see some of these herds if you decide to travel to Tanzania for the wildebeest migrations in October. The rains will leave behind fewer herds of the wildebeest lingering around, and this is where your opportunity comes in as well. Some of the herds in the other country have yet to cross the river, and thus you will be able to get a chance to see this great river crossing encounter in October, though it will all be as busy as the previous month. October is a good time because it is quiet as compared to August and September, and you will see the experience of the wildebeest quietly and privately while staying comfortably in your favorite camps in northern Tanzania. We will always keep you updated and informed during your Africa adventure vacations. We have closely followed the wildebeest migrations in all of these months, and we know which month and what to see. Additionally, October presents other opportunities to see the game since it is dry throughout the Serengeti National Park, giving the chance to see the animals lying and congregating on the water points that are permanent within the park. The surprising predators’ actions also increase during October, and this makes it so much more interesting than other months with the incredible scenes of the wildlife animals.

Where to stay to see more wildebeest herds in October

Visitors can also stay in the Northern Serengeti National Park, especially in the areas of Lamai and Kogatende, in case you would like to see more of the wildebeest herds in the Serengeti National Park in October. Don’t make your accommodation choice based on the perception that the wildebeest move to the southern part of the park because even at this time, the river crossing still happens, and thus you shouldn’t miss this great opportunity during your safari to Serengeti National Park. Because the Masai Mara is still busy and because the Masai Mara is a small area with very many camps, opting to stay here would be a good decision. However, please keep staying in Serengeti National Park in the period between July and November on condition that you would like to enjoy the good moments of the wildebeest migration. It’s also worth noting that the wildebeest stay in the northern Serengeti from the time they arrive in the north until they depart for the south again, but they’re only in the Masai Mara in some cases right now. Visiting Kenya isn’t required for their course, but it is more of a detour from their main Serengeti route. They don’t see the country line and think to themselves, “We should go to Kenya. It’s only an extension of their roundabout course, which revolves around the Serengeti.

What are some of the permanent camps to stay at in the northern Serengeti during October ?

The Nomad Lamai Serengeti is available at USD1315 per person per night; this is one of the best and excellent lodging facilities that can be found in the northern Serengeti National Park, offering perfect and excellent accommodation facilities. It is used by the visitors who do visit the Serengeti National Park from July to October, especially those who are interested in seeing the wildebeest migration. The rooms are wood in kopjes with clear sweeping views of the Serengeti plains. Lam provides the best and most wonderful chance for visitors to enjoy the best barefoot luxury safaris, and this happens without any authenticity.

Sayari is available at USD 1,376 per person per night; Sayari isn’t joking when it comes to material extravagance. Its long-lasting wooden base construction sets it apart from the more recently erected movable campers. The main area is furnished with comfortable seats, and there is also a lovely pool to sit beside while your game drives. Its location near the Mara River makes it a fantastic place to stay to get to the intersections.

Mobile camps where you can stay during the Serengeti wildebeest migration in October

Chaka is available at 607 per person per day. This is one of the great and very comfortable safari accommodation options. This safari tent offers visitors the entire overall experience, and you will stay at this safari tent at an affordable cost.

Kimondo is found in the Lamai Wedge and it is available at USD 986 per person per night. It is beneficial for visitors in the northern part of the country, and it is available at a reasonable price.

At Olakira, which is available at USD 1,070 per person per night, Asilia’s normally lavish multipurpose camp isn’t quite as stunning as Serengeti Under Canvas, although it isn’t a less advantageous option because it doesn’t come with such a high sticker price. However, it is far from modest.

Alex Walker’s Serian is available at USD 1,110 per person per night. This is luxurious cuisine, administration, and tents, but with a truly exceptional safari flair and safari-frantic atmosphere. A significant benefit of Serian is that your fee includes a private vehicle and guide for the duration of your stay.

Serengeti Under Canvas, which is available at USD 1,240 per person per night, is the premium option if you are looking at staying under canvas in a tented camp but also love luxury accommodation.