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The prominent baboon cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park

The prominent baboon cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park

The prominent baboon cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park

Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park-  The Park is one of the beautiful national parks of Kenya found in the central part within the Great Rift Valley offering visitors a range of activities to engage in while exploring this wonderful park that makes you feel the true wildness of Africa

Lake Nakuru National Park houses several bird species from the prominent and wildly known flamingo birds to their birds such as the pelicans. The swooping bee-eater, glimmering starling, iridescent sunbird, chattering weaver, the ostrich among very many bird species. Further Lake Nakuru National Park features over 50 species of mammals that include the Rothschild giraffes, baboons, monkeys, buffaloes, zebras, and Rhinos.

Other than the wildlife species, Lake Nakuru National Park offers beautiful rocky points that provide the best viewpoints where one can go picnic, refreshing and offering the breath-taking view of Lake Nakuru and other surrounding destinations. One of the best rocky places which I am to bring you to attention today is the baboon Cliff which you should not miss for picnicking, bird watching species, game viewing, and views of the Lake Nakuru.

The Baboon cliff is found in the Northwestern part of the Lake Nakuru National Park on the western shore of Lake Nakuru. The baboon cliff is one of the famous viewpoints in Lake Nakuru National Park and it is the most visited of all the 3 viewpoints. The baboon cliff got its name because of the baboons that are usually seen around this viewpoint and which are familiar to people that see visiting the baboon cliff point.

At the baboon cliff group, the place is extra organized with different facilities such as the car parking areas, availability of the resting shades, washrooms, and sitting facilities, and all these are put in place to ensure that the people who visit this place do enjoy the wonderful places that would make them recommend to others or make repeat visits.

At the baboon cliff, there are also meal picnics and it is a very relaxing place as you watch the baboons for the comfort zone in your car, enjoy the bird watching on the Lake Nakuru and other places within the Lake Nakuru National Park. The baboon cliff is raised on the ground bit, not all that high meaning that that you will get respectable and beautiful views of the different attractions and activities within the Lake Nakuru National Park below you.

However, visitors visiting the Baboon cliff need to take extra precautions because the place is full of baboons sometimes they are found raiding vehicles in search of food which at times may ruin some visitors’ experience. Most of the visitors or tourists opt to go to the baboon cliff during the morning hours when then baboons have not spread to the whole area.

However, at times you may even reach there in the morning and you find when the baboons are there before you but this cannot stop you from visiting the cliff as it is an experience of its own. But what you need to know is that you will be able to see the baboons whenever you’re at the cliff and thus you don’t need to panic, they come to inspect the place and later walk away.

You can decide to visit the baboon cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park as the only park activity of the day where you can spend a lot of time exploring different corners of the park from distance. However, this can act as complementary to your bird watching or game drives safaris or you may decide to spend some time on the baboon cliff enjoying time with baboons

You will need more time to spend at the baboon cliff enjoying a lot of the scenes at the cliff and thus it is advisable that you pack some items to keep you active at the cliff and these may include the meals or snacks, bottled waters among others. Some visitors pack lunch from the lodges or some opt to prepare for themselves.

One gets to the baboon cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park by the road which is well established within the Lake Nakuru National Park and thus you can easily drive to the cliff without much difficulty. You will drive just a few minutes from the Lake Nakuru National Park Main Gate by heading to the south from this gate and drives straight overcoming a few steep points and then approach the Cliff.

For tourists that access the Lake Nakuru National Park through a domestic or scheduled flight from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, will have to drive to the baboon cliff since Naishi airport is quite far away from the airstrip. The most famous tourist attractions around the baboon cliff include the baboons, birds, flamingoes, beautiful sceneries, and the amazing vegetation cover providing unmatchable views.

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