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The journey from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park from Nairobi: Amboseli national is home to the African elephants that are crowned by the Africana highest mountains that she Kilimanjaro Mountains. Amboseli National Park is one of the most visited Kenyan protected areas

The journey from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park

Who is journey from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park? Amboseli national park is home to the African elephants that are crowned by the Africana highest mountains that she Kilimanjaro Mountains. Amboseli National Park is one of the most visited Kenyan protected areas.  The park is easily accessible and it is few kilometers from Nairobi city. Visitors who are interested in seeing huge animals especially elephants you don’t need to miss the safari to Amboseli national park.

Amboseli National park from Nairobi is just a few hours meaning that the distance is not long and visitors will be able to reach the Amboseli national park from Nairobi in just three to four hours. You need need to drive for about 140 to get to Amboseli National Park beginning the journey from Nairobi.  By using this scenic road trip, you will enter through the prominent Meshanani gate which is one of the most commonly used national parks in Uganda. One can also access the Amboseli national park through the Nairobi Mombasa highway by passing through Nairobi and Mombasa road through the Email.   However, this is the shortest route that you can use to access the Amboseli National Park.

If you’re nearby the coastal area of Mombasa you don’t need to worry but you can trace to Amboseli Park through the Tsavo West national park vai the Kimana or OLkeluyeit gate. For the visitors who are not interested in traveling long distances and spending more hours sitting in the car, you can decide to go for the domestic flights that are available on the daily basis from the Wilson international airport that is near the Empusel gate. The other airstrips are not found within the park but they are also near the park especially those found with the Namaga town and those around the Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge.

Nairobi is a center for all international tourism arrivals apart from being Kenya’s capital city. It is the biggest and largest city in East Africa with one of the largest international airports.  Because of it is unique activities, all businesses start and end in Nairobi city even the safaris to Amboseli national park start from Nairobi City.  Therefore, we are doing what we think is right to update you on pour safaris from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park.  Nairobi city other than being a city features a lot of tourist attractions and you can spend the whole day touring the city. Some of the attractions in Nairobi city include the museums, the Nairobi national park, monuments, and historical sites. It is a center for all of the Kenyan tour operator offices. Thus the visitors can easily meet you at the airport and guide you through the city provided that it features good road networks, railways, and standard air transport systems.

In most case tourist on a safari to Amboseli National Park always first get a stopover at the Nairobi city for short rest before starting their long journey flights to Kenya. Usually, the local tour operators organize the refreshments time for their guests before embarking on the route to the mighty Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli National park from Nairobi city is also possible while on the self-game drive as you can easily find a car or drive from the center.  There are also gazetted stages in the city center where you can get the buses, taxis, trains for the public transport use. You can get on to buses that take the Mombasa or those that head to the Arusha through the Namaha.

While traveling to Amboseli national park from Nairobi city, you will also enjoy the cultural experiences as your driver will drive you through the local or small towns and villages as you see how people hustle with the daily activities. You can as well decide to get the time and go to one of the Masai manyattas for the cultural visits before proceeding to the Amboseli national park. Your safari driver will always make a stopover whenever you find the scenic views and you would like to have a clear view of it. You will see the Masai people grazing community in the land dressing in their traditional cultures.

After you have arrived in Nairobi city, our experienced safari guide will help you to pass through the forex Beural to exchange some money for either local Kenyan currency or to the United States dollars. Even the Amboseli national entrance fees can be paid within the city through the bank accounts of the Kenyan Wildlife Services since the park doesn’t allow cash

Therefore the Nairobi city is the starting point for all the Amboseli National Park safaris. You will start the journey from the Nairobi capital and gain end in Nairobi after you have finished exploring the Amboseli National Park.

By concluding on this article, other visitors can start their Amboseli national park safaris from any other destination but not Nairobi, the Amboseli national park can also be accessed from the entry border points especially for the overlander tourist safaris. You can enter the park through the Namanga border if you’re from Tanzania and in case you’re coming from Tanzania you should not get demolished thinking that you will have to first come to Nairobi to get to Amboseli national park, but is also possible that you can start your Amboseli national park safari from Mombasa. Come and enjoy Amboseli the home of the African elephants.