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Explore the richness of facilities at Amboseli National Park Serena Lodge

Amboseli National Park Serena Lodge:  this is the beautiful and the best luxurious lodge found in Amboseli National Park. It lies in the shadow of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro Mountain just the middle of the whole savannah plains of the Amboseli National Park.

Explore the richness of facilities at Amboseli National Park Serena Lodge

Amboseli Serena Lodge is the beautiful and the best luxurious lodge found in Amboseli National Park. It lies in the shadow of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro Mountain just the middle of the whole savannah plains of the Amboseli National Park. The Amboseli National Park Lodge is linked and established at the acacia trees with the scenes of the gentle slopping natural hot spring. The hotel offers classic services and facilities and you may think has just shifted to your home house found in the wildness

The restaurant at the Amboseli national park Serena lodge serves both local and international dishes and it is always open early in the morning to sever your breakfast and it will close after having your dinner in the evening. The safari at the restaurant offers the foods with the lanced diet and they make sure that their guests get all that they deserve. Also, the park features a parking space for vehicles that is safe to protect all your belongs is and valuable items. Howe for personal safety, it is not good to leave your most preferred belongings within the car.

The Amboseli National Park Serena Lodge features several rooms that included a total of 92 rooms and all the rooms here at the lodge are connected with the wireless internet to keep you connected with your home country full time and each room has got a private balcony where you can stand or sit and enjoy the clear views of the Amboseli national park as well as the views of the Kilimanjaro mountain.  The rooms proved each has got its own single-story building that offers the space or balcony for wonderful wildlife viewing.

The lodge is locally designed to blend the traditional homes or houses of the Masai people who are located and close to the Amboseli National Park. This was done to maintain the originality and the culture of the Masai Mara people who are so much interesting and this really so wonderful. The types of the room at the Amboseli National Park Serena lodge are single, double rooms, twin rooms, and the luxurious double rooms. For the visitors who travel as a family, family cottages are also provided. What makes these rooms so much interesting is that every room at this lodge features the private verandah provided with en-suite bathrooms.  The family cottages can accommodate about four to eight cottages. And because the rooms are all en-suite, it becomes easy for the guests to walk in and out of the showers which are connected with the hot and cold running water. The amenities found within every lodge contains hairdryers, a bathrobe, minibars, satellite televisions, a good ceiling fan, full-time wireless internet connection among other amenities.

The Amboseli National park Serena Lodge is built deep in the bush and wildness of the Amboseli national park which is one of the wonderful national parks in Kenya.

Where is Amboseli national Park Serena Lodge located?

Visitors will not travel far from the park to the lodge. In fact, you will need to travel for about 6 kilometers to get to Amboseli National Park Serena Lodge from the Elephant Trust Research Camp within Amboseli National Park. Found in the foothills of the Kilimanjaro mounts, the Amboseli national park Serena lodge offers beautiful views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains and it is about 270 kilometers from the Kenyan capital of Nairobi and this takes roughly four hours on the road following the Nairobi Mombasa Highway. Guest who doesn’t like traveling on the road can also get to Amboseli national park Serena Lodge by taking a domestic flight either scheduled or chartered from the Wilson airport in Nairobi to  Amboseli National Park Airstrip and the airstrip it is just 15 kilometers to reach this luxurious lodge.

The distinguished room facility at Amboseli Serena Lodge

The lodge is regarded as the 4-star lodge establishes win the bush of the park designed by the local architect and the painting was done using the hands of the local Masai people and all this was done to give the Masai Local people pride.  The room facilities come to inform of deluxe rooms, executive suites, and standard rooms.  All the rooms mentioned above are equipped with modern room satellites such as hot and cold showers, satellite televisions, king-sized rooms, mosquito nets, the main bar, the free and internet wiriness safaris.  The lodge features single, double, and triple, or twin rooms. Included also are the chances for the visitors who come in with their families who will take advantage of the rooms of the available cottage, all the rooms feature a private balcony. The park has often been awarded certificated and awards at the best wildness lodge in the Amboseli National Park.

The spacious area for dining service at Serena Lodge Amboseli.

The Amboseli national park Serena Lodge receives visitors from all corners of the world because of the luxurious and perfect services that it does provides. The restaurant dining area is found in the middle of the lodge offering inquiries and the reception ion areas. The lodge provided a three-day meal course that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they are served in a buffet depending on certain days.  The categories of meals provided here include m the main course, soup, dessert and you will be served depending on how you booked them. The hotel meal service is provided on a full board basis with different kinds of food facilities both local and international.

Meanwhile, the lodge also provided drinks that are served from the two main bars.  The bars are well stocked with a different brands of drinks including wines on the international standards and the local drinks.  There is a presence of both local and soft drinks. You can also order the drinks and they will be served from your main place or room where you are staying.  The Amboseli National Serena Lodge also features bush dinners in case the guests request them.  All the food is served based on the customer’s requests and in case there are dietary issues surrounding you, then you can inform us in advance for better safari management.  The picnic lunch and breakfast are also available and wonderful on your request as a guest and you will get it as soon as possible.

Activities that you can do while at Amboseli National Park Serena Lodge

The fact that the lodge is established in the jungle, it offers more than just accommodation and meals. The lodge go-ahead to organize for the guests the activities that give them a wonderful experience in the wild and some of the activities that visitors will engage in while staying here include birding or nature walks.  The guide offers the visitors with the local guides who help the visitors to do the nature walks safaris around the lodge and here you will be able to see a lot of the wildlife including the bird species that are always around the lodge premises.

Other activities provided here include the tree climbing activity, hill climbing activity, swimming pool for swimming, you can also learn how to cook while here at the Masai Mara national reserve,  Visiting the local culture among other activities. Book with Africa Adventure Vacations to enjoy the wonderful facilities and the comfortable stay at the Amboseli National Park Serena Lodge.

The safari camp is found at the foothills of the highest Kilimanjaro Mountains within the Amboseli national park and therefore it provides the wonderful and clear sceneries of this great mountain. Which is always covered with snow on top.  Amboseli national is one of the best destinations in Kenya that is interesting to explore especially for visitors who are interested in wildlife animals.  The park is well known for hosting large herds of elephants and in fact, the park has got the highest population of elephants in the whole World with inclusive views of the wonderful Kilimanjaro Mountains. The cap is provided and established in the Amboseli open and wonderful savannah plains giving you a wider view of animals.