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The beautiful museums that you shouldn’t miss in Kenya

The beautiful museums that you shouldn’t miss in Kenya

The beautiful museums that you shouldn’t miss in Kenya

Looking for beautiful museums that you shouldn’t miss in Kenya? Well, Kenya is the best friend and tourist destination that is so much welcome and hospitable with the tourist flocking into the country on daily basis.  In terms of economy, Kenya is not doing bad and it ranked as the third country in sub-Saharan Africa except Nigeria and South Africa. The country has invested much in tourism development and it is ranked as the best country in eastern Africa in terms of tourism development as well as attracting foreign tourists. Therefore, when planning where to go in Africa, at least Kenya shouldn’t miss your list. Traveling is fund and by travel, you will get to know more about the destination, discover new activities and enjoy fun

Kenya is known as the best destination for the big 5 animals and several tourist attractions that included beaches, and cultural attractions, and places that you can fully visit. However, on this day, our focus is on the best museums that you can explore and visit when visiting Kenya. Most of the Museums are found in Nairobi which is Kenya’s capital city. Please check out the number of the museums and cultural places that you can visit while exploring Magical Kenya

Explore the Nairobi National Museum

This is one of the beautiful museums in Kenya with historical and cultural museum in the history of Kenya and it features a lot of artifacts and all the items of the historical. These activities are important for both educational and leisure purposes. As you visit the Nairobi National Museum, you will be able to explore the snake parks in the compound, state of art Auditorium, beautiful botanical gardens, and the hall for hosting films, corporate events,  and others including the dining facilities as well as the shopping centers.

Karen Blixen Museum found in Kenya

Visitors interested in visiting Kenya can also explore the Karen Blixen which is found at the foot of the Ngong hills and this medium become prominent after the Oscar-winning movie has released the movie was entitled the Out of Africa by visiting this wonderful site, you will be able to see a lot of areas do museum tours, have the gift shops, wedding ceremonies and parties can as well be help here. Indeed it is an interesting museum that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Biomass of Kenya

This is the most popular sports center that is found in the city of Nairobi and it has been purposely preserved for promoting and reserving the Kenyan culture from all corners of Kenya. Most of the cultures of Kenya are displaced here at the center and some of the activities include crafts, dancing, music, and the common living lifestyle of the people of Kenya.

Nairobi Railway Museum

This museum is not well known by most visitors but it can be visited and you can get more about this museum through the Kenyan railways or African railways as well the Nairobi legislative layout and the history and from Kenya Railways and the East African railways.

Kenya National Archives

This is not generally the museum but it provides the opportunity for the visitors to offer and engage and see different features such as photographs, crafts, and different paintings. You can spend your perfect time at the Kenya national Achieve as you are learning more about the culture and the history of Kenya.

Nairobi Gallery in Kenya

This is a small bundle but with bundles of experience and most people have called it the small museum that is found within the capital city.  The features here depict the culture and learn more stories about the artists, culture, and several collections of things that belonged to Joseph Murumbi who was Kenya’s second vice president, and therefore you need to come and properly visit this wonderful place.

Aero Club of East Africa

This is the best place where you can go and explore more about the several airplanes within Kenya.  These places enable you to have the parts of the airplane, historical documents, designing of the drawing services. Still, there is a lot of different, restaurant and hotels that you can spend the whole night enjoying the wonderful museum activities.

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