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Soysambu Conservancy In Kenya

Soysambu Conservancy In Kenya

Soysambu Conservancy In Kenya

Soysambu Conservancy in Kenya is one of the conservancies in Kenya that were provided and crated to make sure that the wildlife in the area is greatly conserved. This conservancy closest only provides better sceneries and the Soysambu ranch which offers the best sceneries of the great east African rift valley, the vegetation, and the birding life involved in the community development. Soysambu Conservancy In Kenya is anonym profit entity that works so tirelessly to conserve the Soysamb estate which was once the traditional cultural area providing support to the wonderful integrity of the Rift valley ecosystem. While ensuring the wildlife is well protected and it mutually lives with the livestock of the surrounding communities of Kenya.

Location of Soysambu Conservancy In Kenya

Located in Lake Elmenteita (within the “Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley” World Heritage Site, Ramsar Convention Wetlands, and BirdLife International – Main Birds and Living Species), Soysambu Conservancy is bounded by the mighty Lake Nakuru National Park in the west, volcano Ol Doinyo Eburru to the south and Menengai to the north. Containing 48,000 hectares of biodiversity, Soysambu Conservancy is home to more than 450 species of birds (28% of the world population of Lesser Flamingo) and 10,000 mammals of more than 50 species including the 90+ Rothschild giraffe ( 10% of the world’s population is at risk of extinction).

Tourism attractions of Soysambu Conservancy In Kenya

Wildlife of Soysambu Conservancy

There are a lot of wildlife species which can be found in Soysambu conserve and these include the main savannah and acacia woodland, the vicinity is ruled through grazing animals with zebra and buffalo being the most important contributor to the biomass (after cattle). These include Rothschild’s giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis ssp. Rothschild), Lion (Panthera Leo), Leopard (Panthera pardus), and Colobus guereza monkey. The Estate is domestic to a populace of around a hundred and fifty Rothschild’s Giraffe, hence chargeable for greater than 10% of the world’s closing wild populace of this endangered species. In addition, you’ll be capable of study Waterbuck, Thompson’s Gazelle, Grant ’s gazelle, and Impala. Eland is the world’s biggest antelope and is exceptional to observe as they stroll via tall grasses readily and bask in the solar close to the shore. Bush-greenback and Reedbuck are shy, but a high-quality sight to see. Pairs of Dik-Dik frequently stand to observe as you technique after which scamper into the undergrowth. Duikers, however, are tougher to identify as they’re frequently hidden deep in the undergrowth. Vervet, Colobus, and Sykes monkeys may be heard chattering and may frequently be visible in wooded areas, gambling and feeding thankfully in the trees. Olive Baboons are frequently at the floor and troupes may be visible strolling in traces as they head domestic to roost every evening. On a groovy afternoon, you could stumble upon a Hyena with an awkward gait because it lollops throughout the plains or maybe a Jackal or Bat-eared Fox which might also additionally likely be breeding. Warthogs, of their circle of relatives units, are not unusual places and may offer plenty of amusement if stuck wallowing at a waterhole.

The Soyasambu Conservacy Bird species

Soysambu Conservancy is found inside a key bird region of Kenya featuring over 450 recorded species of birds within the Conservancy alone. The foremost well-known of those species of birds tend to be the pelicans and also the Flamingo. The lake and its bank area are used as a feeding area for the greater and lesser flamingoes (Phoeniconasias major and minor respectively), that feed on the blue chlorophyte ‘Spirulina’ (Arthrospira fusiformis).

Additionally, the lake consists of a series of islands that provide the favorable eviromenets for the breeding of the great pelican and the pink-backed pelican (Pelecanus onocratalus and frutescent respectively). The islands are generally jam-choked with shoulder-to-shoulder nesting birds and a tightly packed host of dark-colored fledglings. Lake Elmenteita doesn’t have an adequate food offer for these immense birds so that they fly the ten miles westward to Lake urban center to fish and produce the catch back in their giant beak-pouches to their young. The sky is usually filled with flocks of pelicans circling in formation, seeking the thermals to elevate them over the ridge to Nakuru.

Conjointly seen on the lake are the attractive sounding Cape Teals (Anas capensis), Cormorants (Phalacrocorax spp.), Spoon Bills (Platalea alba), Yellow-billed Storks (Mycteria ibis), Terns (Sterna spp.), and also the lovely Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiacus). Herons and Plovers will often be seen walk on the lakeshore amongst Sandpipers and Snipes, whereas Hammerkops and Egrets may be seen aboard the fresh rivers and troughs. Gulls screech overhead while Pigeons and Doves coo from the tree trees that are continuously shut by.

Vultures could also be seen from miles away and infrequently offer the situation of the scene of a recent kill. Eagles, Kites, Goshawks, and Sparrow-hawks can be seen trawling the skies, keeping their eyes firmly on the bottom for the hopeful watching of an incautious rodent. If you retain your eyes wide open you’ll conjointly see Yellow-necks and Francolin scuttle into the underbrush as you approach, whereas Secretary birds, Ground Hornbills, and Kori-bustards will entertain you for hours with their ground antics. This means that the Conservancy has got a lot of bird species that you can watch

What to see and do while visiting Siysambu Conservancy

Game drive safaris in Siysambu Conservancy

The wonderful game drives safaris in the Siysambu Conservancy provide peace and privacy, with possibilities to observe big herds of zebras, gazelles, elands, waterbucks, and buffalos, in addition to own circle of relatives corporations of black-subsidized jackals, warthogs, dik-diks, and baboons. Also, you can as well engage within the Night game drives in Siysambu Conservancy where you will be able to receive and enjoy the night mammals such as those are called Nocturnal animals and these will include the curious-searching aardvark and elusive leopard which can only be seen n at night while your guided and moving with the local safari guides.

Bird watching safaris in Siysambu Conservancy

Birding-watching safaris are also one of the wonderful activities that are done in Siysambu Conservancy. As you enjoy your bird-watching safaris, you will be able to sport the healthy and moving birds such as the thousands and tens of the great pelican birds that do move and fly over from Nakuru National Park and Elementeita every day to fish and watch them feed their chicks at the islands of Elementeita.  You will also enjoy thousands of eighty of which can lesser and greater flamingos feeding within the shallow waters of Lake Elementeita. Enjoy over 450 species of birds, over be waterfowl and this is a wonderful trip safari to   Soysambu Conservancy

Nature Walk safaris at Siysambu Conservancy

You will be able to Walk via the bush with a skilled tracker-guide, to enjoy the miracles of the bush close-up. Here you will be able to walk around the conservancy on foot as you experience nature and other wonderful species around you as your guide explains to you all what you need to know and thus feel free to ask anything that you would like to ask in order to enjoy the experience

Don’t forget to enjoy the bush dining and Sundowner at Soysambu Conservancy In Kenya .  Enjoy scenic safari ‘sundowner’ cocktails within the bush and bush dinners below with flamingos flying overhead.  Fly over Lake Elementeita in a hot air balloon during the sunrise and this will help you to see all three lakes including the famous Mountain Kenya.

Another important activity that you can do while vising the Soysambu Conservancy In Kenya is visiting Lake Nakuru National Park where you will be able to see several flamingoes birds on the lake Nakuru, watch wonderful pride of Lions, with the White and Blck rhinos, and other activities that you can engage in such they include the Horseback riding and then the bicycling

How to access the Soysambu Conservancy

Soysambu Conservancy can be accessed by both air and road transport, when you decide to use the road transport, Soysambu Conservancy is about a distance of a hundred thirty-five km from Nairobi at the Nairobi-Nakuru  main highway roads  and visitors who are at Lake Nakuru National Park can access the Soysambu Conservancy by moving for just about 30 kilometers while by air  visitors can be chartered to the airstrip that is placed near the Cap By air: there’s an airstrip beside the camp for a personal or chartered flight

Best time to visit the Soysambu Conservancy in Kenya

Visiting Soysambu Conservancy can be done nicely throughout the year. Kenya like any other country in Africa can be visited throughout the year and thus any time you are free to visit Kenya. The country is only thirty miles south of the equator at an elevation of 6000 feet, therefore the sun rises and sets just about an equivalent time daily from 7 am to 7 pm. the times are long, giving several photographic opportunities and time for activities. The temperature typically ranges between 50˚F (10˚C) and 75˚F (23˚C) either a touch hotter throughout the season or cooler when the wet season. Make it appointment to bring a sweater or fleece as it may be terribly cool throughout the first morning and evening game drives. To set up your trip you must take into account the seasons. it’s either dry or wet with a transmutation amount in between. However, we encourage our visitors to visit the Soyusambu Conservancy in Kenya during the dry season.

Accommodation facilities around SoySambu Conservancy in Kenya

Visitors visiting the Soysambu Conservancy will be able to enjoy different accommodation facilities which among and will have a lot of accommodation facilities where they will settle at and these lodges include the

The Lake Elmenteita Serene Camp; is a nice accommodation facility located on the shore of the sapphire blue lake and this is a place where several birds can be found and the accommodation facility is still new and since it was opened in July 2011. It is very accessible and you need only 2 hours from Nairobi to access the park

You can also stay at the Simpsons Campsite which are well constructed overlooking the Laker Elementeita and the wonderful scenes of the sleeping warrior crater, and the Eburu. Simon is are known artist specializing in wildlife and he’s hosted several safaris on various sites

Sunbird lodge; this is a lodge that was built friendly to the environment and it is close to the Nairobi town just 2 hours. And it overlooks this wonderful conservancy which is a very good adventure and so much investment that visitors have to find comfort when staying

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