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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Rwanda Gorilla Filming Permits

Rwanda Gorilla Filming Permits, Rwanda is one of the blessed countries to have mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park in the whole world. Other countries to trek mountain gorillas are DR Congo in volcanoes national park and Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park

Rwanda Gorilla Filming Permits

Rwanda Gorilla Filming Permits- Rwanda is one of the blessed countries to have mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park in the whole world. Other countries to trek mountain gorillas are DR Congo in volcanoes national park and Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park as well as Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Mountain gorilla filming was introduced in all national parks because it’s one of the ways of promoting tourism to the world as well as raising resources for conservation. Gorilla filming also aid in promoting global awareness about the status of endangered mountain gorillas. Gorilla filming can only be done in the wilderness because mountain gorillas cannot survive for longer days in the zoos.

The maximum number of people allowed to film mountain gorillas is only 8 and all participants in gorilla filming must fill in the forms and submit them before embarking on gorilla trekking, its also advised to send your filming request to Rwanda development board or through any trusted tour operator to help you in getting the filming permits in advance of 3-4 months before the final activity day to avoid disappointments since the permits are issued out on first come first basis.

Mountain gorillas are subs species of the eastern gorillas with other sub species being the eastern low land gorillas. Mountain gorillas are closest human relatives just like chimpanzees and bonobos sharing 96% human DNA. They have a nose prints unique to each other just like human beings have thumbprints

Mountain gorillas are herbivores animals feeding mainly on vegetation with a diet comprised of fruits, stems, leaves, bamboo shoots, pith, roots, bark and sometimes they are seen feeding on ants, insects and termites.

Rwanda Gorilla filming permits In Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla filming permits in Rwanda are very expensive costing you about $5000 excluding 8 gorilla permits, transportation, accommodation and meals. Gorilla filming activity requires every participant to buy a gorilla permit which is $1500. The cost of 8 gorilla permits is $12,000. You should note that it’s a must to pay Rwanda development board an additional fee of $2000 which is later refunded after sharing a copy of your film/documentary.

The minimum age to take part in gorilla filming is 15 years, participants must keep a distance of 7 meters when they meet gorillas, use flash less cameras, avoid littering in the pack, avoid smoking or eating near the gorillas and avoid over keeping eye contact with gorillas. People with infectious diseases will not be allowed to film mountain gorillas.

What to carry for gorilla filming?

Gorilla filming is just like gorilla trekking and for the crew to be successful they must have good quality camera, good hiking shoes, long sleeved cloths, garden gloves, insect repellents, rain coat, a hat, sun glasses, enough drinking water, energy giving snacks, and walking sticks. For excess luggage porters are always available to help you carry equipment and bags at a fee of $15.

Best time to go gorilla filming In Rwanda

Although volcanoes national park can be visited any time of the year, there are types of weathers that you would want to miss to see endangered mountain gorillas. Most travelers prefer drier months of the year because the trails are not sleeper and are easily accessed.

Dry season

The dry season goes from June to mid-September and again from December to February and this is the best time to visit volcanoes national park for those who want to trek gorillas and also do canopy walks because the trails are dry, not sleepery and are easily accessible. But since volcanoes national park has a tropical rain forest you are advised to carry a jacket just in case it rains.

Hiking Virunga National Park is much easier during dry season and game viewing is clear as most of the animals are near water sources drinking water because it’s a dry season meaning you have chances of seeing these animals converged in one place.

Wet season

The wet season in volcanoes national park runs from March to May and again from October to November and these are the rainy months in Rwanda. But these does not mean it will rain every day on your safari and if it does rain in Rwanda it rains a few hours and it shines the rest of the day not like unlike counties in west Africa. However those interested in birding this is their best time to visit Virunga National Park because in this season plants are flowering attracting birds.

Gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park

Apart from gorilla filming which is expensive, tourists can opt to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking experience. A maximum of 8 people ages 15 and above will be allowed to trek a single habituated gorilla family per day and the sick ones won’t be allowed to trek mountain gorillas. Rwanda gorilla permits allow you to be with a gorilla family for a maximum of one hour and the permits go for $1500 per person per trek.

Accommodation In Volcanoes National Park

After securing your Rwanda Gorilla filming Permits, you need to look for lodges to stay while on your trip. The type of accommodation you stay in contributes a lot to the quality of experience you will have by the end of the safari. However, depending on your budget, taste, and preference as well as the group size, you can choose either accommodation in or out of the national park let it be luxury, Midrange, or budget. Camping is another astonishing experience, more so if you want a close interaction with nature, campsites are available for hire at an affordable price.

Some of the most common accommodation facilities in the place include; Mount Gorilla View Lodge, Bisate Lodge, Sabyinyo lodge, Virunga Lodge, Gorilla solution lodge, Kwitonda Lodge. Muhabura Hotel, Le’ Bambou Gorilla Nest Lodge, Bishop House, and Da Vinci Lodge among others.

Finally, Volcanoes National park tours in Rwanda can be truly satisfying and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity worth grabbing; you come empty but return filled with joy, unforgettable sweet memories, and good images.