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Price for golden monkey tracking permits in Uganda

Price for golden monkey tracking permits in Uganda

Price for golden monkey tracking permits in Uganda

What is the price for golden monkey tracking permits in Uganda? Are you there planning to visit the golden monkeys of Uganda but wondering how much a golden monkey permit cost? Here is the answer you have been looking for, one to see these unique endangered creatures in their natural habitats have to pay $100 per trek and a permit for tracking golden monkey in Uganda is cheaper than a gorilla permit which sold at $700. To enjoy golden monkey tracking you must have a valid golden monkey permit which allows you to them. Book with Africa Adventure Vacations who will help you to book your permits in advance like 3 months before the traveling dates, even last-minute tourists, this tour company is your answer. We are also experts in arranging different safaris basing on the availability of permits either a golden monkey or mountain gorillas.

Uganda’s Mgahinga gorilla national park is the only destination in a country so tourists who are interested in golden monkey tracking have to travel to the southwestern parts of Uganda where to meet the amazing creatures and enjoy a magical memory experience in Africa.

The costs for Golden monkey tracking permits in Mgahinga national park

Uganda Wildlife Authority is a government body which is responsible for setting golden monkey tracking permits in this park and these include $100 for both non-foreign residents and foreign residents per person per trek while for the East African citizens is 40,000 Ugandan shillings, things included on golden monkey tracking permit are spending one hour with these creatures, service fee for park rangers while those excludes is park entry fees. A permit for golden monkey habituation is $140 per person and t give you a chance to spend four hours with golden monkeys.

Booking golden monkey permits.

To trek any habituated golden monkey of Mgahinga national park, you must have a valid golden monkey permit which can be booked directly from the Uganda Wildlife Authority or through Africa Adventure Vacations. You can decide to book your permit in advance or at any time of the year you wish to trek since there is no minimum number needed like Gorilla trekking which requires only 8 people to visit a gorilla family per day.

How long does one take with golden monkeys?

It can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to meet a group of golden monkeys but this depends on the speed of trekkers of the location of these creatures. This is the reason why it is difficult to mention the actual time to spend in the forest before finding a group of golden monkeys. While after meeting a golden group, you are allowed to spend one hour learning their behaviors, interacting with these monkeys, and many more.

What to do after meeting a group of golden monkeys.

As with mountain gorilla trekking, also here tourists are advised to keep a distance of seven meters away from golden monkeys. Also, tourists with any human disease like cough, flu, COVID 19 are not accepted to participate in golden monkey tracking, this rule was put in place so that to avoid the spread of human diseases. When it comes to the age limit, peole below 15 years are not allowed to visit the golden monkeys of Uganda. The reason for the age limit is that people below the above-mentioned years may fail to follow the instruction of park rangers another reason is to protect them from the dangerous forest life.

How many people are allowed to trek golden monkeys?

Not like in gorilla trekking where only 8 people are required to trek each gorilla family per day, there is no limit in the number of trekkers while tracking golden monkeys. So, when you travel in a group, you will all at once search these endangered golden monkeys in their natural habitat where you will enjoy a memorable experience.

What to pack for monkey tracking permits in Uganda.

You need to consider a packing lists as necessary things if you want to enjoy this activity to the fullest. Remember Mgahinga gorilla national park is a tropical rain forest so at any time of the year it can rain. Therefore, we are advised to come when well-prepared through improving body fitness and also carry essential items which include a rain jacket, hiking boots, long-sleeved clothes, hat, sunglasses, garden gloves, camera with extra batteries, pair of binoculars, drinking water, some snacks and many more.

How to get to mgahinga national park.

By road

You can access Mgahinga national park about a 9-10 hours’ drive from the capital city Kampala or Entebbe international airport. It can also be easier to access from Kigali-Rwanda in just 4 hours’ drive.

By air

Tourists who are interested to do golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga national park and do not want to spend many hours in a journey or those with short time, there are different flights are arranged from Entebbe international airport to the nearest Kisoro airstrip for about 30-40 minutes.

In conclusion, after the understanding the price for golden monkey tracking permits Mgahinga gorilla national park Uganda, do not miss out to try out other activities like gorilla trekking and Sabinyo hiking. For more information get in touch with Africa Adventure Vacations who are experts in arranging primate safaris, walking safaris, bout cruisers safaris, and many more in Uganda or Rwanda.