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Nyakamwe Gorilla Group of Virunga national park DR Congo

Nyakamwe Gorilla Group Lead by a silverback called Nyakamwe, the gorilla family is one of the 8 gorilla families found in the Bukima area of Virunga national park eastern part of DR Congo

Nyakamwe Gorilla Group of Virunga national park DR Congo

Nyakamwe Gorilla Group is Lead by a silverback called Nyakamwe, the gorilla family is one of the 8 gorilla families found in the Bukima area of Virunga national park eastern part of DR Congo. Virunga national park is known for being the largest conservation area in Africa at the same time a habitat for endangered mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nyakamwe gorilla family is a splinter of the Huma mountain gorilla family, Nyakamwe together with his elder brother were members of Rugendo gorilla family but split from their father’s group to form their own gorilla family in 1998.

After some years Nyakamwe and Huma expanded the group from 9 members to 16 individuals bit got a disagreement in 2014 and Nyakamwe left his elder brother to form his own gorilla family. Nyakamwe left the group with 10 members and its now composed of 11 members made of 2 silverbacks, 3 adult females, 1 black back, juveniles, 1 sub-adult female, and 2 babies. Nyakamwe gorilla family can be trekked from Virunga national park of DR Congo.

Mountain gorillas are the largest and endangered species of primates in the whole world inhabiting in Virunga national park of DR Congo, the volcanoes national park of Rwanda as well as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national park of Uganda.

Mountain gorillas live high on the mountains of tropical rainforests and sub-tropical rainforests in the above-mentioned national parks, they live on high altitudes with cold elevations but they have thick and long fur that helps them to adapt to their environment.

Mountain gorillas were almost becoming extinct in the 19th century but the numbers have been slowly increasing from 300 to 1004 mountain gorillas surviving now due to conservation being put up to protect these giant apes. one of the ways you can help on conserving the gorillas is by buying a gorilla trekking permit or gorilla habituation permit as the money got from trekking helps in conservation.

Gorilla trekking permits cost $1500 in Rwanda, $700 in Uganda, and $450 in DR Congo while gorilla habituation permits cost $1500 and this is only done in the Rushaga sector of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park

Best Time To Visit Nyakamwe Gorilla Family in Virunga National Park

Nyakamwe gorilla group is situated in the Bukima sector of Virunga national park given you an easy trekking experience and it’s the only group that can be trekked within less than an hour. However, this is not guaranteed as it depends on the movement of mountain gorillas within the jungles. Nyakamwe gorilla family is one of the stable families in Virunga national park and trekking them is amazing as you watch the young ones play, the babies breastfeed with their mothers, and the silverback offering maximum protection over group members.

Best time to visit Nyakamwe gorilla group in Virunga national park is among the common asked questions at our desk by the Virunga safari tour.  There are few things required from a traveler before visiting or booking a flight to Kigali International airport or Goma.  In this case, you need to have a DR Congo tourist Visa and id only offered to you after you have purchased a Virunga tour package which will enable you to access the Country.

The Visa to DR Congo’s tourists cost around 105 USD and is easier to purchase if compared to the traveling Visa which is purchased at around 225 USD. The Visa for DR Congo tourist lasts for a period of 2 weeks which is 14 days. These days are enough for a tourist to enjoy the park plus the country’s interior. You can also decide to trek or make another wildlife safari to the nearby countries. The park has a lot of attractions that bring many tourists to come and visit it like the 3rd Nyiragongo which is an active Volcano and you will watch it throughout the year. A breath viewing of chimpanzee family is also available for tourists to watch throughout the year. You will also be checked if you have a yellow fever card before you enter the country and if you found you don’t possess any, you will be vaccinated immediately and given a card.

If you feel like you want to take a Virunga tour package, you should consider various things like a budget, your interests and the time you feel like you are free from your daily routine commitments or work and here you should ask yourself the best time you can visit Virunga National Park.  The best time to answer your imagination is the drier season. The reason why it is the best is because it is easy to pass through the forest since the roads are not muddy and slippery plus also the time being the best for most tourists who visit the park and they recommend it to be the safest period. Though dry season is the best but also the both seasons are also good and thus you can visit the park throughout the year.

In December, there are discounts in booking a tour to the Virunga National Park. It is known that the Virunga gorilla permit on normal days costs 400 USD and during this wet season they are discounted and sold at a cost of 200USD. During this period, also the rent is discounted for hotels, the prices for booking a hotel are low in wet season if compared in dry season. Virunga package is sold fully with the inclusive of permits, Visa, accommodation and transportation and the rate is lower during this season.

Virunga national Park is known as an Equatorial forest and the rain downpours are expected at any time of the month or day. You should be ready to receive it in the dry season and therefore do not be surprised if you receive it. DR Congo dry months are late December, January, February, June, July, August and September. The wet months of DR Congo are March, April, May, October, November and in the early days of December.

In conclusion, when looking for the best time to visit Nyakamwe gorilla group in Virunga National Park, You should not depend on the weather but you should rather depend on what favors your interests as a traveler and this can be more organized when you’re in touch with a trusted tour operator organization like the Africa Adventure Vacations. Successful have been registered in the park throughout the year.