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Munyaga Gorilla Group

Munyaga Gorilla Group, rwanda, Places to Visit In Rwanda

Munyaga Gorilla Group

Munyaga Gorilla Group- DR Congo is one of the 3 African countries where trekking endangered mountain gorillas can be done from, the park offers the cheapest gorilla permits which are bought at $450 in high season and they go for $250 in the low season. Other countries where one can trek mountain gorillas include Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla park with a gorilla trekking permit at $700 for foreign nonresidents, $600 for foreign resident and Ug shs.250,000 as well as volcanoes national park in Rwanda where a permit goes for $1500.

Virunga national park is located in the eastern part of DR Congo and it’s the only national park in the country where you can do gorilla trekking and have an hour around mountain gorillas., the park is one of the oldest national parks in Africa established in 1925 to protect mountain gorillas which were getting extinct at that time. Today 9 habituated gorilla families can be trekked in Virunga national park.

Mountain gorillas are subspecies of Eastern gorillas living in the subtropical and tropical rainforests of Africa. They have thick and long fur that helps them to adapt to their environment on the high altitudes. Mountain gorillas live in social groups of numerous individuals dominated by a silverback gorilla.

Munyaga gorilla family is one of the families in Virunga national park and can be trekked from Bukima sector of the park, this is one of the recent habitautaed mountain gorilla families in the park. This gorilla family was dominated by the silverback Munyaga in 1998 when it was being led by a female Nsekuye and he took advantage to lead the group because of absence of a silverback.

When Munyaga was the leading silverback the group interacted several times with Kabirizi gorilla group until Munyaga lost all his females to Kabirizi and Munyaga disappeared for two years that’s how Mawazo took advantage of the family leadership.

Munyaga Gorilla Group was later dominated by Mawazo who was once in Buhanga and Katareja gorilla groups before going Munyaga family Gasore the current dominating silverback now leads the group. Munyaga gorilla family is now composed of 7 individuals with 2 silverbacks.

One of the most interesting things about trekking Munyaga gorilla family is seeing Kadogo a bold-headed silverback who despite all gorillas always having hair he is bold-headed.

Gorilla permits In Virunga National Park

DR Congo has the cheapest gorilla permits among the 3 countries where gorilla trekking can be done. Gorilla permits go for $450 in the high season and $200 in low season. You are advised to book your gorilla permits in advance pf 3-4 weeks before coming to the country.

Guidelines for trekking Munyaga Gorilla Group.

  1. Avoid making eye to eye contact with gorillas while around them this is because it can make them react violently towards you.
  2. Don’t feed the gorillas your packed food to avoid contamination of diseases.
  3. Keep a distance of 7 meters away from gorillas in order for the tourists to carry out their activities without any inconvenience.
  4. Don’t make noise while you get in contact with gorillas as it will trigger them as a threat which can make them react violently leading to a fatal.
  5. Follow the lead of the guide and keep in groups in order to avoid any accidents in the park during the gorilla trekking activity.

What to carry for gorilla trekking?

In order to enjoy your trekking Munyaga gorilla group, you need to pack water proof hiking shoes, waterproof back pack, enough drinking water, sunscreen, hat, energy giving snacks, insect repellents and you should wear long sleeved cloths.

What is the best time to visit Munyaga Gorilla Group in Virunga national park?

Best time to visit Munyaga gorilla group in Virunga is among the common asked questions at our desk by the Virunga safari tour.  There are few things required from a traveler before visiting or booking a flight to Kigali International airport or Goma.  In this case, you need to have a DR Congo tourist Visa and id only offered to you after you have purchased a Virunga tour package which will enable you to access the Country.

The best time to answer your imagination is the drier season. The reason why it is the best is because it is easy to pass through the forest since the roads are not muddy and slippery plus also the time being the best for most tourists who visit the park and they recommend it to be the safest period. Though dry season is the best but also the both seasons are also good and thus you can visit the park throughout the year.

In December, there are discounts in booking a tour to the Virunga National Park. It is known that the Virunga gorilla permit on normal days costs 400 USD and during this wet season they are discounted and sold at a cost of 200USD. During this period, also the rent is discounted for hotels, the prices for booking a hotel are low in wet season if compared in dry season. Virunga package is sold fully with the inclusive of permits, Visa, accommodation and transportation and the rate is lower during this season.

Virunga national Park is known as an Equatorial forest and the rain downpours are expected at any time of the month or day. You should be ready to receive it in the dry season and therefore do not be surprised if you receive it. DR Congo dry months are late December, January, February, June, July, August and September. The wet months of DR Congo are March, April, May, October, November and in the early days of December.