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Luna Hotel Resort

Luna Hotel Resort

Luna Hotel Resort

Luna Hotel Resort in Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the midrange accommodation facilities that is found around the outskirt of the Lake Nakuru Town ten kilometers away from the center and five minutes from the Lake Nakuru National Park.

Visitors can aces Luna Hotel Resort via road transport from Nairobi and you will drive for over 165 kilometers and it is only twenty-one kilometers from all Lake Nakuru Park gate to the lodge.

For those who prefer flying, it will take you only 40 minutes to fly from Nairobi to Nakuru national park and then drive for about twenty kilometers from the airstrip to the resort.

Luna Hotel Resort features over 70 beautiful and comfortable rooms overlooking the park constructed in a modern style that gives comfort to travelers.

The rooms at the Luna Hotel Resort are well decorated and features en-suite facilities like flushing toilets, mosquito nets, air conditioning, satellites, hot or cold showers, extinguishers, and Flat-screen televisions and among other facilities of the Luna Hotel Resort.

The rooms have got private balconies, verandahs, and sitting areas as you enjoy relaxing and offering spectacular views of the park and the bounding areas.

The rooms have got excellent and comfortable beds which offers the beds with clean and washed beddings with the clear and modern ceiling and the flexible rolling fun.

Visitors are also treated with the born fires that provide heat during the night. The rooms offered at the Luna Hotel Resort are in various sizes either double, single, triple, luxury and twins, and each room category is charged differently ranging from the 300 United States dollars and above.

However, some of these prices change within the seasons and the room charges tend to high during the peak season and low during the low season and therefore it’s good that you book your hotel room early enough in order not to pay higher charges.

Luna Hotel Resort provides more facilities and services which among others include the restaurant that prepares both local and international foods and therefore those visitors who are interested in local foods and therefore guest will be able to get these foods and other services and facilities include lunch in the garden and sinner both in and outdoor serviced well trained, friendly and the organized staff, a well-stocked bar and lounge with a variety of the drinks, cocktail, spirits and international beers, enjoy the swimming pool that cools the hotel air from Nakuru.

The Park also features free parking space for the cars, Wifi available in all the hotel rooms, offers air pickups and the drops, features the business centers, wedding meetings, and as well conference halls that accommodate over 50 people which is so interesting.

The health and fitness centers with stunning gym facilities are also provided by the Luna Hotel Resort and these provide the spa, gym, honeymoon packages, excellent and comfortable clean beddings, as well as the craft shop that are available for the resort more than African style gifts and these include shoes, clothes, and the safari essentials.

The recreation facilities are also offered by different activities and these include dining, nature walks, board games, swimming, and game drives.

Lake Nakuru National Park is found within the southern part of Kenya within the floor of the rift valley and it occupies over 1754 meters above sea level. The park is shallow and covered by the grasslands and the wooden offering protection to the wildlife.

Luna Hotel Resort is found within the Nakuru along the Nairobi Kenya highway and the Nakuru National Park features different

animals which include antelopes, baboons, lions, white pelican, zebras, giraffes, impalas, buffaloes, lions, warthogs, baboon, zebra, waterbucks, and the white rhinos and the park features over 450 species of birds including starling birds, white pelicans, Flamingo birds, among others.

The park is known for harboring large flamingo birds and it features other accommodation facilities including luxury, mid-range, and budget luxury safaris where visitors can stay as they enjoy the various wildlife activities in Lake Nakuru National Park.

Visitors enjoying the lake Nakuru National Park involve a lot of tourist activities and these include horse riding, bird watching safaris, hot air balloon safaris, game drive safaris, community cultural visits, horse riding, flying safaris, tree planting, and several activities.

Visitors are advised to explore the Nakuru National Park is during the dry season and this is very interesting.

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