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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Lake Burera And Ruhondo

Lake Burera And Ruhondo

Lake Burera And Ruhondo

Between Musanze and the Ugandan border are two scenic lakes usually referred to as the twin lakes; Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo. They are fed by rivers and a lake in Uganda. The twin lakes area is very scenic, with steep and intensively farmed hills surrounding the pristine dark blue waters. They offer magnificent views over the whole of the Virunga Volcanoes (weather permitting).

Walking and birdwatching are possible in the hills and at some points around the lakes, but due to the very steep character of the landscape most visitors prefer to drive up the small track leading to a lodge situated on the top of the hill overlooking both lakes to enjoy the scenery and have a refreshing drink at the lake

Excursions of the Twin Lakes

Well, if your are looking for the best time to tour Lake Burera And Ruhondo we can say that the twin lakes in Rwanda can be visited throughout the year however the best time is always during dry period from June to September and December to February when the trails are not slippery. Excursions around these lakes make it possible to explore the green volcano slopes, the giant volcanoes, the last heaven for mountain gorillas.

Ruhondo visitors can hire a boat to go on a scenic lake cruise and have an opportunity to spot many water birds such as herons, kingfishers, cormorants, darters, hammerkops, stalks, cranes etc. A pair of binoculars and a bird book is handy.

Strong feelings and magic places that take your breath!

The scenic and photogenic Twin Lakes of  Burera and Ruhondo  and the nearby Rugezi Swamp are recognized for their excellent water-birding opportunities.

Local Activities around the Twin Lakes Burera and Ruhondo

Within the area, there are a number of community-based tourism tours on offer, such as Village visit, Agri-production plants, ethno-botany tour or even local fishing using traditional methods; or simply sit back and take-in the breathtaking scenery of the area Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo inclusive.

A boat trip or a canoe boat can be taken along the waters of Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo for sightseeing.

A day trip to the Twin lakes can be combined with a boat cruise or a boat trip or even a canoe on Lake Kivu in Rubanvu Gisenyi near  Democratic Republic of Congo in Goma.

How to get to the twin lakes in Rwanda

Visit who want to visit the twin lake in Rwanda can travel by road. Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera can be accessed from volcanoes national park as these lakes are located about an hour from Sabinyo silverback lodge. Visitors travelling from Kigali will drive 99km to get to Lake Burera taking you about two and a half hours and those visitors from Mgahinga National Park Uganda can access Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo using Kyanika road in Kisoro district Uganda taking you about 1 hour to reach these lakes.