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Kenya safari health travel packing list

health travel packing list for safari in Kenya

Kenya safari health travel packing list

Are you looking for Kenya safari health travel packing list? Kenya is one of the famous destinations not only in Africa but also in the whole of the world. Kenya is known for its excellent wildlife safaris and leisure safaris in form of the beach tourism, which is located across the coast.

Kenya is found with the Eastern African community in Africa and usually, most of the tourists that visiting Kenya always ask themselves who they should carry or what are some of the items that they should include within their packing list.

To ensure that your health, we advise you to get and pack the following health items in order for you to have a successful full safari in Kenya

Based on the center for disease control and prevention in giving you the items that you should not miss when coming to Kenya for the safari and they are deemed healthy or what is included within the Kenya safari health travel packing list should include the following ;

You need the prescription medicines. When traveling to Kenya for the safari, you will need to prescribe medicines which are so important to carry out and these medicines are so significant especially when it comes to any emergency which is interesting and these medicines include among others the following; malaria medicines, altitude sickness medicine, your doctors’ prescriptions, Syringe Kity which are able to be used by the local health authorities but the letter to your doctor should be attached here, you can as well travel with the antibiotics for diarrhea as well as the doctor’s prescription for better management just in case.

Another thing that you will need to pack other medical suppliers which are also very important in your health packing list and these include among others the inhalers, epinephrine auto-injection, insulin, glasses, contact lenses just in case yours get spoilt, Glasses.

You need to carry the testing suppliers for the diabetic visitors. Also, you shouldn’t forget the suture kit that is used by the health care provider however you might need the letter from your recommended medical doctor

You can as well carry the medical suppliers to go on with the Kenyan safari and these include the mixed laxative, saline nose spray, cough drops, decongestant, pain and fever medicines such as acetaminophen, cough drops, antihistamine, Antacid, motion, sickness, medicine, cough suppression/ expectorant among others.

First aid kid. A first aid kit is very crucial when you have decided and your planning to go to Kenya for the wildlife safari and the first aid kid must include the following the disposable gloves, cotton swabs, bandages, of multiple sizes, gauze, and adhesive tape, antifungal ointments, 1% hydrocortisone cream, scissors, and safety pins, moleskin or mole foam, aloe gel important for the sunburns, Eye drops, Oral rehydration, Tweezers among other elements within the first aid kid.

Have the proof of the yellow fever vaccination: A yellow fever vaccination card is very important while traveling to Kenya for the wildlife safari therefore you will need to carry your internationally recognized certificate of the Vaccination or the prophylaxis card or the medical weaver.

Copies of the prescriptions: You should make sure that you go along with the copies of your prescriptions that consist of the eyeglasses, generic names and then come along with prescribed medicine and other medical suppliers in case you’re traveling to Kenya

Health insurance documents: health insurance documents are very interesting while traveling Kenya for the safari as they can actually be indicated whether you’re on the regular plan or the supplemental travel health insurance plan, you’re also required to carry all the copies of the claim forms which is so interesting and fantastic.

 You should also try to carry supplies to prevent illness or injury: In Africa, we always say that prevention is better than cure and therefore it is always so ready and important to carry the supplies that in any case will help you to prevent illness and injuries in case you’re traveling to a safari in Kenya and shouldn’t miss within the health travel bag. These include the following; bed nets to protect you from the mosquito.

Hand sanitizers and wipes as well as masks, sunglasses, and hats to prevent direct sun rays, sunscreen of the SPF-15, and UVA and UVB protection to safeguard you from direct sun exposure. You can as well as carry personal safety such as child safety seats, as well bicycle helmets including earplugs, and the latest condoms.

The contact card: When traveling to Kenya for the safari, this card is so important and it should contain among others the email address, Contact card, phone numbers, and street address. And these should include a contact of any close family, list of the hospitals and the clinics in your destination, contact of your family health care provider within your community as well as the contact of your consulate in the destination country

After understanding all the necessary health travel packing list you can go ahead to book your safari in Kenya for everlasting memories