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Kenya safari events worth attending during the Kenyan safari

Kenya safari events worth attending during the Kenyan safari

Kenya safari events worth attending during the Kenyan safari

Kenya safari events worth attending during the Kenyan safari- Kenya is one of the best and most wonderful destinations that you should explore with Africa Adventure Vacations in the year 2022 and beyond because of its wildlife riches. When in Kenya, there are a lot of safari events that you should attend. You should get time and enjoy these wonderful events. In this article, I will talk about the most highly rated Kenya safari events that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Kenya, and these include the following events:

Attend the Kijani Musical Festival in Kenya

The music spectacular features worldwide and local performers of various genres, with all earnings going to various philanthropic organizations. The Kijani Kenya Trust organizes this event every year. This classical music event is presented by the Kijani Kenya International Music Festival and features visiting performers. The Kijani Kenya Organization, a nonprofit trust dedicated to improving HIV care and education in Africa as well as promoting natural resource conservation for a brighter future for the continent, is the beneficiary of this particular event. The festival brings together some of the world’s most talented and diverse musicians, with some of Africa’s most spectacular natural and historic backgrounds, providing a unique flavor to the show. Classical music, opera, and other genres.

The Nairobi Marathon in Kenya

Nairobi Marathon is held in October at the home of the world’s greatest athletes to assist in the eradication of curable blindness in Kenyan children. The Nairobi Marathon is a marathon-distance road running race conducted annually in Nairobi, Kenya, in October. The competition, which began in 2003, has grown to encompass both a half-marathon and a full marathon. It was part of Standard Chartered Bank’s “Greatest Race on Earth,” which was completely funded. The Hong Kong Marathon, Mumbai Marathon, and Singapore Marathon made up the other three legs of this four-marathon event.

Hatching Turtle Eggs in Kenya

If you enjoy seeing nature develop from its earliest stages, the Sea Turtle Conservation Center’s large-scale hatching of newborn turtles is a must-see. This occurs between April and June, and September and December. The hatchlings stumbled onward, toppling and climbing back upright over almost insurmountable heaps of seaweed and decaying leaves, halting every now and then to rest when the strain became too great. The seven made it into the ocean one by one. We encouraged each other, anticipating that it would return in 15 to 50 years to deposit its eggs at Mombasa’s Shanzu beach.

This year’s Rhino Charge of Kenya

This yearly off-road moto race across difficult terrain helps to raise awareness of Kenya’s mountain forest habitat. It takes place in June and is pure hilarity. The Rhino Charge is an annual off-road 4×4 race organized in Kenya to generate cash for the Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems, known as “Water Towers.” The next Rhino Charge will be held on June 3, 2022, somewhere in Kenya (the specific site will not be revealed until a few weeks before the event; this is all part of the Charge’s enchantment!

Lamu cultural festival in Kenya

The Lamu Cultural Festival is held annually in Lamu, Kenya. Every November, this is a celebration of the rich and traditional Swahili culture. Several events and races are held during the festival’s week-long run. Each of these events is intended to promote local talents or practices that are important in Lamu life. Crowds swell on both sides of the road, straining their necks to view the show at the end. The gathering is a mix of visitors and locals, with those dressed in western apparel mingling with those dressed in traditional garb. The males wear “shukas,” a long white robe that grazes their ankles softly, while the ladies wear “bui bui,” commonly known as veils. There’s a buzz of expectation and excitement in the air.

Safari Sevens in Kenya

In Nairobi, Kenya, the Safari Sevens is an annual rugby sevens competition. International representative teams, professional and amateur clubs, invitational teams, university and school teams, and university and school teams are all welcome to compete in the Safari Sevens. Africa’s best seven-a-side rugby competition has a large local and international fanbase, so if you’re in the area between August and September, you can come cheer on “your” team.

The East African Classic Safari Rally is a safari rally that takes place in East Africa

The East African Classic Safari Rally, which takes place every two years in November, is one of the most popular safari rally events in Kenya and beyond. It’s an event that everyone will appreciate. The renowned East Africa Safari Classic Race, which first took place in 2003, is a nine-day rally that covers up to 5,000 kilometers across the region. The Safari Classic resurrects the spirit of the original Safari Rally, which established East Africa as a racing destination and gained the undisputed title of the world’s toughest rally.

Kenya’s Wildebeest Migration is commonly regarded as the world’s eighth wonder

Wildebeests and zebras will be migrating over the crocodile-infested Mara River to the Serengeti in search of greener pastures. From June through October, the movement might last for days or weeks. 

The Concours d’Elegance is a competition that takes place every year

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club hosts the Concours d’Elegance, which is open to all makes of vehicles and motorbikes. This is the most prestigious event on the Kenya Motor Sports Federation calendar, with approximately 10,000 people expected to attend. The Kenya Motor Sport Federation has authorized the judging of 70 antique and vintage automobiles and 40 motorbikes as the event’s centerpiece.

Wheelbarrow Race at Hell’s Gate in Kenya

This hard and unusual race takes place in the beautiful Hell’s Gate National Park, making it the ideal event for visitors and residents alike. On a Wheelbarrow to Hell’s Gate,the race takes place in the park, bringing environmentalists, adventurers, spectators, visitors, and wildlife officials from all across the nation together. On a Friday afternoon, the wonderful journey begins.

Turkana Cultural Festival (Turkana Cultural Festival) in Kenya

The Turkana Festival, dubbed a “living museum” by many, takes place every June and highlights the indigenous traditions of Northern Kenya.

The windsurfing festival is held in Kenya

The consistent Kaskazi cross-shore winds, along with Kenya’s beautiful south coast beaches, provide ideal surfing conditions. In March and December, Kenya hosts a windsurfing event.

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