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Paradise Lost in Kiambu, Kenya

Paradise Lost in Kiambu Kenya

Paradise Lost in Kiambu, Kenya

What to do and see at Paradise Lost in Kiambu Kenya? Indeed, this is the paradise lost destination found in Kiambu. It is the large junk of the park land that provides the decent and various activities and attractions that you should not miss while in Kenya for the safari. Among the various activities available are the caves, various water falls, boat rides on the lake, visits to the ostrich farm, camel riders, and wonderful ponies. It is near to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, and you will only need twenty minutes to reach the place. During the colonial era and the Mau Mau rebellion, the paradise cave was used as a hiding place for the Mau Mau fighters as they were running away from the colonial fighters.

Lost Paradise Kiambu Kenya is one of the few destinations around Nairobi that has a diverse range of attractions and activities for the entire family on vacation. It’s a gorgeous oasis tucked away in the middle of a coffee plantation in Kiambu Town, around 10 kilometers from Nairobi. When you arrive, you can’t help but notice how unique this hidden gem is in comparison to the surrounding landscape.

History has it that in 1996, coffee growers in Kenya found at the resort. The Paradise Lost Resort in Kiambu is surrounded by gorgeous surroundings that exude such beauty that the name appropriately benefits the environment and wildlife. The Resort caverns in Kenya, which are eroded by the neighboring Gichi River in Kenya and are screened by a spectacular flowing Paradise Lost waterfall in Kenya, are the major feature at the 54-acre Paradise Lost Resort in Kiambu. This, along with the Resort’s facilities and high-quality services, makes this place a very popular and serious tourist attraction in Kenya.

What are some of the tourist activities and attractions at Paradise Lost in Kenya?

The Magnificent Caves of Paradise Lost

On your visit to Kenya, there are a number of attractions and activities that will leave you yearning for more on your trip to Paradise Lost Kenya. One of the most famous attractions as you head to this marvelous place is the labyrinth of caves eroded by the waters of the neighboring Gichi River, with a beautiful cascade separating them. Based on obsidian rock objects recovered within, the caverns are believed to be 2.5 million years old. A few meters inside the caverns, artificial lighting has been put up to illuminate a vast cavern within. Taking a boat ride   and fishing expedition on Paradise Lost’s little lake are other popular pastimes, especially on weekends when the majority of the city’s residents visit.

Obsidian rocks at Paradise Lost

Other notable features include the obsidian rocks inside Nairobi’s Paradise Lost caves, which are illuminated by lanterns to allow tourists to view inside, particularly the obsidian rocks said to date back to the Stone Age. Boating in Nairobi, fishing, bird watching, a coffee farm tour, and swimming are all permitted activities inside the Resort and Park in Nairobi. At Nairobi’s Resort & Park, children may enjoy swings, slides, and face painting.

There are other activities which tourists enjoy while visiting the site, including camel and horseback riding, for a cost of Ksh 50 and Ksh 100, respectively, at Kenya’s Paradise Lost. Another unique activity offered by Paradise Lost Resort and Park in Nairobi is camping in Kenya, where visitors can relax and enjoy nature for an affordable price of Ksh 600 per person per night, which includes a tent, blankets, mattress, and security given by the company.

Visitors who are also interested in ostrich feeding, camel riding, bird viewing, picnicking around the lake, camping, and walking on the property’s nature trail will also enjoy these activities since they are available at the Paradise Lost in Kiambu, Kenya.

How to access the Paradise Lost in Kiambu Kenya

As earlier said, Paradise in Kenya is located in Kiambu, Kenya, on Kiambu Road, right off the Nairobi-Kiambu Road intersection. The Nairobi city bus station is used to go to the Resort in Kenya from the Nairobi city center matatu number. For Ksh 40, take matatus number 100 from the Central Bus Station to Paradise Lost on Kiambu Road.  Visitors may decide to use the available boda-bodas up to the Paradise Lost entrance  with a charge of  Ksh 100 or walk the remaining distance after alighting at the Kiambu Road intersection for resort. If you are driving, use Muranga Road until you reach the Muthaiga roundabout, then turn left onto Kiambu Road. About 8 kilometers down the road, turn left onto the road with the Paradise Lost sign board, and follow the directions to the entrance.

Entrance fees to Paradise lost.

All visitors that do visit the Paradise lost Kenya should pay the entrance fees, with children paying 300 Kenyan shillings and adults paying 400 shillings. Some of the activities and their related fees are as follows: Nature walks and paths are available for free. Cave trips or tours of the caves are 200 Kenyan shillings per person and include free bird viewing. The cost of the bouncing castle is Ksh. 100 per person. 50Kshs per person for face painting, bike riding for 30 minutes at a Ksh and Kshs. 1000 for camping equipment, and for those who need camping with all the requirements, it’s just Kshs1.500.

Therefore, we advise our visitors to come and explore this wonderful place, which is available to all categories of visitors or travelers, be they adults, children, or whole families. Book with us at Africa Adventure Vacation Safaris for this wonderful safari destination, which is so much fun. Let’s travel to Kenya together.