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Interesting facts about Tawi Lodge in Amboseli National Park

Tawi Lodge in Amboseli National Park:  This is also one of the accommodation facilities theta is located in the private conservancy near or at the foothills of the Kilimanjaro Mountains. The lodge is close to the Kimana Gate of the Amboseli National Park and only 10 minutes’ drive

Interesting facts about Tawi Lodge in Amboseli National Park

Tawi Lodge in Amboseli National Park is also one of the accommodation facilities is located in the private conservancy near the foothills of the Kilimanjaro Mountains. The lodge is close to the Kimana Gate of the Amboseli National Park and only 10 minutes’ drive is enough for the guest to travel from the gate to the Tawi Lodge.

The park was established based on ecotourism principles and it offers wonderful views of both in its main cottages and its main house.  The cottages of the Tawi Lodge feature every 4 beds and the en-suite bathroom with the shower, fireplace, and Victoria bath. There are thirteen en-suite cottages of the Tawi lodge all with four wonderful beds featuring the nice verandah providing you with the best looks of the Kilimanjaro Mountains. Other features of the cottage include the chimney, the paranoiac views among others.

While the double or the twin cottages of the Tawi Lodge are all connected with the bath shower and you will be offered good-looking wines that can be got from the cellar.  The Lodge features 4 lounge destinations offering deep couches and the two well-stocked bars with soft and hard drinks and the water holes that attract animals here at the lodge.  The fireplace is also provided with a sundown minibar that supplements your leisure enjoyment experience. The lighting and the power system of the lodge are by solar power and it is through solar energy.  With other facilities such as hot and cold water in all bathrooms, flush shampoo, and the conditioner.

The Tawi lodge is built in the famous Amboseli national park which is known as the destination with the highest population of elephants in the whole world. The Tawi lodge is characterized by unique lodge amenities such as the restaurant, the pool table, the Child’s playground, garden, concierge service among other servers. The Tawi lodge also features the outside Umbrella made out of the Tortillas acacia trees where the visitor can sit, chill and enjoy the spectacular views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains and the wetlands. These are important in proving water to the wildlife especially during the dry season especially the elephants. These guests also get a chance to see the animals correctly here enjoying the water and this experience becomes so wonderful.

The Tawi lodge offers excellent services to the guests because it has got professional staff who are trained in customer care and hospitality services. The good provided is fresh with the wonderful harvested from the hotel’s lodges and gardens. Usually after having dinner and Tawi Lodge in Amboseli National Park, in the evening you will relax on the campfires on the bar as you are seated comfortably on the sundowner couch listening to the wondrous sounds of the African bush under the clear blue sky full of stars.

The lodge was built by combing the different architecture offering the mixed comfort of both modern and traditional gestures what keeps remaining them that is the African style.  All the cottages have got distinct wooden deck verandah. While staying at the lodge, you can also see some of the wonderful species of the Amboseli National Park. You need to know that Amboseli national park features over sixty species of mammals and thus you will be able to know that you will see animals.

Things to do in at Tawi Lodge Amboseli National Park

Several activities can be done by Guests visiting the Tawi Lodge in Amboseli National Park and these include;

Nature walk at Tawi Lodge

The nature walk experience involves the guests walking on foot as they exploring different wildlife species around the lodge led by the local guide.  This activity is usually done during the afternoon or in the evening to explore the cool hours of the Amboseli National park.

Camel rides or walks at Tawi Lodge

This is one of the best activities that are available for visitors to go and explore the wildness within the Amboseli national park. You will enjoy the game drives as you feel the scenic views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains.

Game drives at Tawi Lodge

This wonderful activity, will bring you face to face with most of the wildlife animals found within the Amboseli National park. You will enjoy several species while on this activity which is done in a 4 by 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Enjoy the Masai Mara local cultural experience:

Most of the visitors staying at Tawi Lodge enjoy visiting the Masai Mara local people who are around the Amboseli National Park to get the excitement with the local people and learn more about their cultures especially their nomadic pastoral areas, and their dressing code.

Therefore if you’re planning any safari to come to Masai Mara national reserve, you don’t need to make any mistake just come and visit the park as you’re staying at the comfortable Tawi Lodge for a better wildlife experience in the Amboseli National Park.