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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

How you may reach Aberdare National Park

Getting to Aberdare National Park:  one can reach Aberdare National Park through air and road transport from Nairobi city. Nairobi National Park is found just 160 kilometers from Nairobi City and it is found in the East of Nairobi City found at the edge of the East African Rift valley.

How you may reach Aberdare National Park

How you may reach Aberdare National Park? One can get to Aberdare National Park through air and road transport from Nairobi city. Nairobi National Park is found just 160 kilometers from Nairobi City and it is found in the East of Nairobi City found at the edge of the East African Rift valley. Aberdare national park is managed by Kenya Wildlife Services and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The covers 766 square kilometers of land and it was declared as a National Park in 1950 in order to protect several biodiversity species found within the National Park

Aberdare national park is a good destination to visit and it is as well easily accessible through the major highways and the airstrip. Visiting the moorland of the Aberdare national park is as interesting as you need several species of wildlife animals that include birds, mammals, beautiful sceneries which are rewarding with the beautiful sceneries.

While using the road transport to access the Aberdare national park is so wonderful and interesting as this transpiration gives wonderful scenic views of the country sites including the spectacular views of the wonderful mountain Kenya. Mountain Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro mountains and you will be able to see the wonderful views of these mountains as you remove to Aberdare national park through your comfortable safari vehicle hence having more countryside experience, yes we can say that visitors using the road transport will get quickly and fasted to Aberdare national park and it is comfortable but not so rewarding as the person who has used the road transport.

How you may reach Aberdare National Park by road:

There are several routes or roads that lead you to Aberdare National park. Approximately Aberdare national park is about 160 kilometers from Nairobi city and you can access it from the capital as you’re traveling on the tarmac road especially Nyeri and Naro Moruon on the Eastern side.

However, the best and exponential route to get to Aberdare national park is from the Naivasha town and Nyahururu that covers about 87 kilometers via the stunning slopes of the moorland vegetation.

Guest also often use the Nyahururu road that passes through Nyeri town to get to the Aberdare national park headquarters and this takes about fifteen kilometers. You will be able to load your safari card upon reaching the park headquarters.

All these roads and routes will lead you to different gates of the Aberdare national park and the gates include Kiandongoro, gate, Ark Gate, Tree Top gate, Wandare gate, and the Ruhuruina gate, you can access these wonderful gates as you access the park through Nyeri while guest coming from Naivasha can easily access the Mutubio gate.

How you may reach Aberdare National Park by Air transport

As usual, all the Kenyan safari national parks can be accessed by domestic air transport or flights. All the scheduled and chartered flights can be organized by your tour operator and booked at the Wilson International Airport. We help you to do this provided you have booked with us the inclusive safari package to Kenya.

As Kenya, we receive most of the international visitors through air transport and most of the visitors land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport whereas the main airport and after you have landed here, you will meet our safari driver who will transfer you to Wilson airport where you will find the chartered or scheduled flight to the National Park of your choice.

Aberdare National park has goy two airstrips and these include Nanyuki Airstrip and Mweiga Airstrips. These handles both scheduled flight and chartered flights. Therefore with air transport, you can fly to Mweiga airstrip which is the airstrip that is close to Aberdare National Park. This is located close or opposite to the park headquarters and nearby the Sasin Estate Farm that is found along with Nyeri Town on the Nyahururu road.

What you need to enter Amboseli National Park

As the traveler, you’re requested to have your personal identification and other personal documents such as a valid passport and Visas in order to get access to Kenya National park.

While visiting the Aberdare National Park you can enjoy a lot of wildlife species such as the leopards, spitted hyenas, common zebras, white colobus monkeys, leopards, elephants, warthogs, olive baboons, rhinos Civet cat, giant forest hog, bushbuck among others. You can as well meet bird species such as the sparry hawk, plovers, sunbirds, goshawks among others.

In regard to your documents, make sure that you sent your documents to your tour operators for easy verification and booking process procedures before you arrive in Kenya for your Aberdare safaris.