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Information about Kenya Visa 

Kenya Visa Information: Visa information is very important for tourists visiting Kenya's safari destination. It is good for the clients to know the information about the Visa

Information about Kenya Visa 

Kenya Visa Information: Visa information is very important for tourists visiting Kenya‘s safari destination. It is good for the clients to know the information about the Visa which is a requirement for visitors to Kenya. Most of the guests around Kenya always get worried and ask very many questions about the Kenya tourist Visa information.

For any tourists to enter into any country, you will be required to have the tourist VISA and also for those entering into Kenya there is no difference. The Tourist VISA costs United States dollars 51 and then the 12 United States dollars for the people or travelers in transit.

While one United States dollars is charged for the Electronic Visa and during the credit card handling services and should you decide to pay for the Kenyan tourist visa on arrival, you will be required to pay USD 50 for the single entry Visa and USD 20 for the transit visa.

A valid passport is a must for any traveler entering Kenya and it must have six months validity from the time you enter Kenya. The passport must have enough pages where to stamp from. They should be more than two pages.

The Kenyan Visa can be got from the e-visa platform available online and can be accessed at the website: However, you should get worried as you can get the Kenyan passport on arrival at the International airport in Kenya. You can as well decide to go for the single east African tourist Visa that will enable you to traverse all the East African countries at ease. These East African countries include Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

The Kenya application visa online is restricted to some countries and these countries include Cameron, Iraq, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. This implies that these countries, their residents cannot apply online for the Kenyan Visa. What visitors will need is to have a referral Visa that then be got from the Kenyan embassies within these countries or you can get it on arrival at the International Airport.

Where to get Kenyan Visa information?

You can get information about the tourist visa for Kenya through mainly the Kenyan embassies in all countries wherever they are or at the airport whenever you arrive. It very quick and prompt to get the Kenyan tourist Visa online and it will take you only 30 minutes to get a visa on your arrival at the airport. The information about the Kenyan Tourist Visa can also be got from the website of the ministry of international affairs where you can go and check for all the information you want about Kenya tourist Visa. You will have to apply and attach all the needed documents on lime and receive your e-visa sent to you.

You can apply for the Kenyan single entry Visa or that of the multiple entry Visas. The single entry Visa is usually applied by those people traveling to Kenya for business, medical reasons, or tourism purposes. Only the single entry Visa is valid for three months which is 90 days. After the 90 days are expired, then you will go and to Kenyan immigration headquarters that are found in Nairobi and renew it or it can be renewed from the embassy.

Other types of tourist Visas

 Kenyan Courtesy Visa: This is the Visa that is issued to the category of travelers in the Diplomatic status and sometimes it is called the diplomatic Visa. This kind of passport is given to the visitors with the diplomatic passports, official business category, the Very Important Persons, and the government officials. 

Kenya Transit Visa: This Kenyan Visa is valid for the period of not exceeding 72 hours and people who are going to their destinations through Kenya before they connect to their final destination. This Visa can allow the person passing through Kenya to do some short business such as dining and doing some small shopping

Kenya Multiple Entry Visa:  This is the Kenyan Visa that is mostly preferred by the business class and the people who enter Kenya several times within a short period. Those interested in this Visa are available at USD100 through the same procedure.

East African Tourist Visa: The East African tourist visa is crucial for the visitors who are interested in visiting all the East African countries on the same route. The Visa will help tourists to visit Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda with a single Visa. However, this kind of Visa cannot be booked online and therefore you will need to come face to face at the Airport and apply for it and it costs only 100USD.

What do you need to apply for a Kenyan Visa? Visitors interested in going to Kenya for any business must have the visa and those who wish to obtain the Kenyan visa online, you will need to have the following requirement attached for you to obtain it;

  • For the tourists, you will need to have you’re a headed itinerary with a tour operator hosting you or you should provide an itinerary with the lodges and hotels where you’re going to stay and some of the tourist places that you’re going to tour.
  • People who are going to visit their friends and family in Kenya must attach an invitation letter to the family where you’re going to visit, then your national identification card and the passport or the entry permit of the family hosting you.
  • For the business visitors, you will need to have an invitation letter from the company or the business inviting you to attend the business conference, where possible you should carry your business registration certificate just to confirm you’re genuine.

Therefore the above article I hope it has answered your questions and it has provided you with more information about Kenyan Visa application Procedures. Please contact African adventure vacations for more information about Visa applications and wildlife safaris in Kenya.