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Hemingways Ol Seki Mara Camp

Hemingways Ol Seki Mara Camp

Hemingways Ol Seki Mara Camp

Hemingways Ol Seki Mara Camp some of the luxury and spectacular stunning luxuries and tented camps hanging in the wildest terrain of magical Kenya.

The Hemingways Ol Seki Mara Camp is found within the Naboisho conservancy that borders the great Masai Mara National Reserve. Naboisho Conservancy is found in the northeastern of the Masai Mara national reserve and it was started by more than 500 Masai landowners conservancy fees are paid by tourism directors to the landowners thus offering sustainable livelihoods.

The Naboisho conservancy limits the number and visitors entering the conservancy and therefore the number of vehicles is also limited and this gives the animals a clear chance to move freely around the park. Naboisho Conservancy features a home to the very good and a home to the impressive wildlife animals especially the highest densities of the lions, with a wonderful number of elephants, rarest wild dogs that are hosted in the conservancy.

Hemingways Ol Seki Mara Camp is featured on the rocky ridge of Naboisho Conservancy which is communally owned and it gives clear views of the Naboisho valley and it offers distant views of the Ngama hills.

The tented camp of the Hemingways OI Seki Mara Camp boasts a circular canvas filled with natural light and well-appointed for privacy purposes

The accommodation facilities at this camp come in form of the 10 tents that luxurious tents include the 6 domed Nina tents and the 2 expansive family suits. These tents are designed professionally offering enough accommodation facilities in safari chic muted tones of Vanilla and taupe.

Each tent is comprised of the ensuite bathrooms that have running water through rain showerheads and the elegant flush loos, the tents are fitly blended into the wildness and blended to have similar views of the landscape.

Each tent lies of the private vantage point upon rocky escarpments that provide 270 degrees views of the bush from the bed to the acacia scrub where animals are seen grazing in the shade of the sparse trees. In addition to providing the paranomic views, the Ngama hills dominate the side of the east and Masai Mara plains and beyond and provide one of the wonderful moments for this wonderful gesture.

Nina tents at the Hemingways OI Seki Mara Camp: this is suitable for the couples or family couples and the rooms boasts high domes center with a double bed decked made out the fine linens with bed comprising of the six panels on the three side meaning from the comfort of the pillow and this provides the panoramic views of the conservancy.

There is also another private tent here that houses the en-suite bathroom and the dressing area and in the front of the tent, there is a large decker where visitors sit and enjoy private dining, star grazing, and sunbathing.

Simba tent at Hemingways OI Seki Mara Camp: This is an expansively family room that provides a complete kitchen with the dining room, ample spacious double room, and all these bedrooms have got ens0suted bathrooms and they perfectively fitted for the couples or family guest or friends. The tent also features a fully stocked bar with fringe to provide you the best services that you can offer and provide different and this is one of the wonderful places. The services are provided all the time.

Chui Tent is also one of the best tent’s enormous family tents that features 2 larger ensuite twins bedroom which is separated by the large living room with private chicken, lounge, and dining room. The three unique features are linked by the stone boardwalks meaning that if other members of your group stay update in a private bar until you retire to your lodge next door room. The tent is also ideal for the families traveling on avocation together and those who would like to have privacy.

Facilities and services available at Hemingways OI Seki Mara Camp

Dining facilities: Hemingway Ol Seki Mara Camp provides one of the excellent and the exquisite and the wild cuisines as you dine on thrilling and most stylish bush life via the fine stocked bar and the fully stocked bar and personal service. There are experienced chefs at the camp preparing the menu costing both local and international dishes. While at the Hemingway Ol Seki Mara Camp, breakfast can be served before you move out for the morning game drive or when you wake up early do a game drive and then come back, afternoon can also be delivered to your room after some good time of exploring and the four-course dinner is served either at the camp or when you are outside in the bush.

Visitors staying at the Hemingway Ol Seki Mara Camp can decide to have the safari dining because the camps possess a mobile chicken and thus it can be served while on a morning or evening game drive under the tree or trestle table or even on your floor at the camp of the grassy plain of the Masai Mara national reserve.

Visitors can also decide to have the private dining which is found at Hemingway Ol Seki Mara Camp provide with the fresco meal on the deck of your tent and while in the prominent Nina tent you will be served by the waitress directly from the kitchen while the Chui and the Simba tents, the management offers the private tent for the whole night and these will help and cook for you and you will be served at your dining table.

Other facilities at the Hemingway Ol Seki Mara Camp include among others the free internet connectivity in form of WI-FE, the terrace, swimming pool, airport pickup, and the drop-off, and the library tent.

Visitors staying at the Hemingway Ol Seki Mara Camp will get a chance to engage in various activities within the Masai Mara National reserve and these include camping safaris, walking safaris, bird watching in the reserve, and Hot air balloon safaris as well as the walking safaris.

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