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Gorilla Filming In Rwanda

Gorilla Filming In Rwanda

Gorilla Filming In Rwanda

Are you looking for gorilla filming in Volcanoes national park? Rwanda is one of the 3 countries where you can meet mountain gorillas, the only place to find these giant apes is the volcanoes national park which is located 2-3 hours’ drive northwestern park of Rwanda. The national park is home to about 250 mountain gorillas with 10 habituated families.

The gorilla filming experience is a thrilling experience that very few have encountered in the wilderness and it can only happen in the wild because mountain gorillas cannot survive for long in the zoos. Tourists intending to do mountain gorilla filming in Rwanda must submit a request to the Rwanda development board in advance of about 3-4 months and also sign in the given forms before gorilla filming.

When planning to do gorilla filming in volcanoes national park Rwanda, the filming team is supposed to pay gorilla filming fees separate from the filming fee and this costs $12000 for a maximum of 8 people the fact that each gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda costs $1500 and only 8 people are allowed to trek a gorilla family.

Gorilla filming permits in volcanoes national park Rwanda

Gorilla filming permits in Rwanda cost $5000 per group with a security of $2000 which is refundable only if you produce 2 copies of CDs to the Rwanda development board. This gorilla filming permit only lasts for a day and each member of the crew pays the trekking permits differently.

Where to obtain gorilla filming permits

Just like gorilla trekking permits, you will book through the Rwanda Development board or any trusted tour operator. You are advised to book in advance of 3-4 months before arriving in the country most especially if you want to trek in the dry season to avoid inconvenience. Remember that gorilla permits are sold to people ages 15 and above a d those people with infectious diseases such as flu, cough, and diarrhea on the day of filming won’t be allowed to trek.

What to bring for gorilla filming Rwanda

Just like gorilla trekking, gorilla filming will require tourists to come along with extra batteries, a waterproof bag to keep your camera safe in case it rains, enough drinking water, energy-giving snacks, insect repellents, good waterproof hiking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, garden gloves, sanitizer, face mask, long-sleeved clothes, and much more. Mountain gorillas keep moving from one place to another so you will need to hire a porter to carry your luggage at an affordable price.

Apart from gorilla filming, tourists can also go gorilla trekking at the volcanoes national park located in the north western part of Rwanda. The cost of each gorilla trekking permit is $1500 per person per trek and this should be booked in advance of 3-4 months most especially when you are to trek in the peak season to avoid disappointments.

Rwanda volcanoes national park offers the most luxurious trekking experience as the park is located only 2-3 hours’ drive from Kigali city the capital of Rwanda. Volcanoes national park Rwanda hosts 10 habituated gorilla families that are open for tourism at any time of the year.

Best time to film mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Filming mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park Rwanda can be done all year round, however, what determines the time for filming in volcanoes national park is what needs to be filmed e.g. if you want to film gorillas with the mist you need to come in the rainy season which happens in March to May and October to November and if you need much more clear lighting you will need to visit the country on the dry season which is usually from June to September and December to February

Where to stay in Volcanoes National Park during gorilla filming in Rwanda.

Volcanoes national park in Rwanda is surrounded by several accommodation facilities that are located at the edge of the park. The accommodation is available in the budget, midrange, and luxury facilities and thus the decision for you to choose for any accommodation to stay at will depend on your interest and probably your budget. The best accommodation facilities in and around Volcanoes National park include Sabinyo Silverback, Bisate Lodge, Virunga Volcanoes Lodge, Mountain Gorillas’ Nest Lodge. These accommodation facilities are so nice and they ensure that services are so nice and they give you the best with VIP rooms with best quality room services and offering both soft and hard drinks. Other lodges in the midrange category include Davic Lodge, Mountain gorilla view Lodge, Lebambou Gorilla Lodge at the best affordable rates. The presence of this midrange lodge is an indication that there quite a several options to choose from when going for mountain gorillas. There are also options for travelers who are on a budget and such accommodation facilities include Home Inn, Faraji Hotel, Virunga hotel, Kinigi Hotel, La Palme among others. It is good to book an accommodation facility that is close to the park that will enable you to reach the park headquarters at 7; 00 am for a briefing exercise before you commence your gorilla trekking exercise.