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Game drives in Lake Nakuru National Park

Game drives in lake Nakuru national park kenya

Game drives in Lake Nakuru National Park

Game drives in Lake Nakuru National Park are coupled with scenic views and beautiful vegetation mixed with bush grassland, acacia woodland, and euphorbia forests. Lake Nakuru is one of the beautiful sceneries of the Kenyan wildness.

Lake Nakuru National Park is found in central Kenya on the rift valley floor and it has proven that the park has many bird species and several species of mammals. Currently, there are over 400 species of birds and over 50 mammals’ species which are enclosed within Lake Nakuru National Park.

In Nakuru National Park, the bird species are majorly found on Lake Nakuru which is known for hosting millions of flamingo birds to the extent of making the lake, look Pink.

Although the whole Nakuru National Park is surrounded by bird species, the majority of the bird species can be seen on the shore of Lake Nakuru.

Other than flamingoes both lesser and greater flamingoes, other bird species found in Lake Nakuru National Park include Cape Teal, White-browed robin-chart, Montane nightjar, pied kingfish, black cuckoo, pearl spotted Owlet, African Fish Eagle, Blacksmith plover, Dusky Nightjar, pelicans, African cuckoo, little Rock Trush, among others.

The animals in Nakuru National Park are majorly found in the savannah areas except those that are found in the waters of Lake Nakuru. Additionally, Nakuru National Park also protects the rhinos and it has a rhino sanctuary within and therefore visitors heading to Nakuru National Park will get a chance to see both black and white rhinos. Other than rhinos, there are also other animals in Nakuru National Park, and these included baboons, monkeys, buffalo’s waterbucks, hippos, giraffes among others.

The presence of animals in Nakuru National Park is good for the visitors to carry out safari game drives to explore the best of the Nakuru National Park and its surroundings, safari game drives Nakuru National Park is done all year round meaning that every time or any day, you can go and visit Nakuru National Park for game drive safaris.

Any time you go to Nakuru National Park, you will be able to enjoy and see several safari activities as well as see the above-mentioned wildlife species and the logic here is simple in that because the Nakuru National Park is fenced, there are no chances of the animals to go outside the un gazetted area and thus they can be seen within one place.

Further, the Nakuru National Park climate and weather are so different that is neither hot or cools all the year round and thin implies that any you feel like having a game drive, you will be able to go and have it in Nakuru National Park without any interference.

However, you should know that the Nakuru county where Nakuru National Park is found receives two may season which include the dry and wet season and the dry season starts from January to February then to June up to September while the wet season happens from March to May and October to early December. Yes, you can do the safari game drives in lake Nakuru national park all these seasons but it is recommended to do it during the dry season.

Safari game drives in Nakuru National Park take you to the savanna plains of the park that is characterized by bushy grassland and the acacia woodland as you move on the comfortable road trail within the park to see the wonders of Nakuru National Park.

These animals can easily be spotted as you make a stopover by several posts to see the animals that you have seen. The roads within the Nakuru National Park were well established to ensure that the park is easily accessed by the visitors on the safari game drives.

There are further stunning viewpoints within the Nakuru National Park where you can stand and view most of the animals within the park. You can walk approach this viewpoint, stand or sit and joy the animals walking within the Nakuru National Park.

These viewpoints include the baboon cliff viewpoints, among others. Because of the presence of Lake Nakuru, most of the animals come for water at the lake especially during the hottest days and thus visitors get a chance to see various animal species

Game drives and safaris in Nakuru National Park are best done by the use of the safari vehicle which is handled by a well-trained guide. Remember that the game drive safari is only done when your traveling is a well-comfortable vehicle and this means that you cannot do the game drives safaris while on foot in Nakuru National Park. The guide will always be there to guide you and he will advise you in case of any situation let say the animals want to attack the humans.

The gates of Nakuru National Park is open for all days from 7 am to 6p in the evening. You should note that there are no night game drives carried out in Nakuru National Park