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Game Drive Safaris In Aberdare National Park

Game drive safaris in Aberdare national park

Game Drive Safaris In Aberdare National Park

Aberdare national park is an important travel destination for the game drive safaris in Kenya for adventure experiences and journeys. Game drives involve so adventure activity that enables visitors to move out in the park in their safari vehicle through then open landscapes to see very many wildlife services which are found within the park. Visitors will move with our companies game drive especially those who know best the corners and the areas where their animals are always found.

Watching the wild animals in your open roof vehicle can be so interesting as your escorted by our safari guide who is experienced that is your safari guide and then you can as well get escorted by the game ranger that would protect just in cases of any attack from the wild animals and the ranger guide will also be with communication gadgets which help allocate the large movements of the animals within the park and thus your chances of seeing the wildlife or animals within the park are high as the guide will be able to identify for you the areas with the large animals.

The animals within the Aberdare national park can best be seen during the game drives and the game drive is among the most famous and popular tourist activities that are conducted and carried out.

Aberdare national park is a habit to the big 5 animals or mammals of Africa which can be spotted on the game drive. Safari game drives in Aberdare national park are interesting and you will undeniably enjoy the wonderful adventure while within the park.

Visitors can explore the Aberdare national park through the many ways that the game drives as you walk into the park seeing the wonderful wildlife animals is so interesting especially for the visitors who are in Kenya for the safari wildlife viewing.

Even the lodges and campsites in the Aberdare national can as well arrange the safari watching gamed drives. The treetop lodge as one of the best lodges in the Aberdare national park organizes the game drives to the moorland on the full day, afternoon game drives as well as evening game drives.

Tourists can decide to spend the whole day watching animals within the moorland plains via the game drive activity and here you will be able to explore magnificent waterfalls, renewable views, enjoy the bongos as well as the mountain streams.

There are different animals which can be seen during the game drive safaris in Aberdare and some of the animals that you will explore include the rhinos, buffaloes, elephants, lion, leopard and other animals that include Colombus monkeys, black-faced vervet monkeys, spotted hyenas, and the parks endemic animals known as the giant forest hog, and the bongo antelopes.

The animals will be explored in your vehicle will get a chance to explore the spectacular views of the tree bounded Karuru Falls with the 3 steps and cascade of the 300 meters which are quite stunning in addition to having wonderful waterfalls including queens cave, Magura falls and the Chania falls. All these can be explored while on the game drives in Aberdare national park.

Visitors can enjoy the salient game drives in Aberdare Nation Park that are conducted in the morning or late within the afternoon.

Visitors will take only two hours to drive to the salient zone of the Aberdare national park and this is well done with trained guides and a powerful vehicle normally the four-wheel safari drive vehicle.

The salient zone is so wonderful to the visitors and very many tourists do like this zones when they are doing their game drive safaris because it harbors a lot of animals that include black rhinos, colobus monkeys, spotted hyenas, buffaloes, the skies, and black-faced vervet monkeys among others. The region of the Aberdare has got of good for the animals inform of the pasture and the water that attracts more animal species.

The afternoon game drives in Aberdare national park lasts for about 2 to 3 hours and you go to the wild and the sunset finds you there as you looked for evening happenings in Aberdare national park. in this late afternoon, game drives are the best time to spot the unique flora and fauna especially those that are residents this sundown safari game drives is good in 4×4 vehicles and is led by experienced guides similar to other travelers especially this time those who can identify the animals that can move from their hideout and this is the wonderful experience for the visitors to enjoy which is so interesting.

It is important to note that the game drives in Kenya and Aberdare particular can be conducted throughout the year since the weather is so interesting and good. The weather is associated with both rainy and drier months however, here at Africa adventure vacations we recommend you to visit or go to Kenya for the wildlife safaris during the dry months that usually start from June to October and then from December to February.

In case you’re staying at the accommodation facilities inside the park, you will be able to go the game drive safaris despite the rains and thus you won’t be affected by the rain and thus you need to watch out for this.

Animals that are found in Aberdare National Park

Aberdare national park as the earliest said features a lot of interesting attractions which have made it an interesting destination for any visitors wishing to visit Kenya or Aberdare National Park.

You must make sure that you visit this wonderful national park that boasts all the big five animals of Africa including the elephants, leopards, buffaloes, lions, and rhinos in sedition to other animals such as the striped hyenas, white and black colobus monkeys, sykes monkeys, and other animals.

Visitors staying at the treetops lodge always see various animals especially leopards and the black rhinos that are usually seen around the water halls during the nighttime. The serval and eland do reside in the moorland that is highly elevated yet the elephants always do occupy the salient area of the Aberdare national park because of the dense forest, that provide other animals species that include dik-dik, reedbuck, bush big, and the more forages.

Aberdare National Park also features the animals that can be seen moving out at night or what you can call Nocturnal and majorly some of these animals that you can spot at night include spotted genet and the forest hog that can see around a water hole at night.

Importantly, the forest is an important destination for the rare and the bongo antelope. Lions are rare and some of the uncommon species within the Aberdare National Park include the blue duiker, golden cat, African wild cat among other species which you can spot in Aberdare National Park on your lucky day.

For the visitors interested in exploring the home five animals in Aberdare national park can as well get them. The park features lions, rhinos, elephants, Buffaloes, and leopards. Aberdare is found within the East African rift valley amidst the Nyeri County and Nyandarua counties adjacent to Nyeri city.

It easy recognized as the national park in 1950 for protecting the biodiversity species comprised of the moorland, bird species, tropical rain forest, open grassland and all these have made it possible for a variety of the wildlife animal species that are found within the park which include eastern black rhinos and the so-called rare bongo, other than the wild animals Aberdare national park is also a good destination for the birding as it boosts for over 300 species of birds which among others include sparrow hawk, plovers, African eagle, sunbird, African goshawk among others.

Accommodation in Aberdare National Park

Where to Stay in Aberdare National Park: Aberdare national park has got different accommodation facilities that include mid-range accommodation facilities, budget accommodation facilities, and budget as well as camping facilities which are so for visitors to engage in, stay and enjoy wildlife facilities which is so interesting and wonderful

Some of the lodges where you can stay while on game drive safari in Aberdare safaris include the treetops lodge, the Ark lodge, and all these lodges are luxury or for upmarket travelers, the park also offers midrange lodges and accommodation facilities which include a fishing lodge and the Aberdare cottages and other loges which are on a budget and these include Tusk Camp, Sapper Hut and Campsites among other bird species.

How to access Aberdare National Park?

Aberdare National Park can be accessed by both road and air transport. By road, you will national park can be accessed on the tarmac road which is smooth and Nyeri and Naro Moru on the eastern side and thus covers the 150kilomters or driving distance from the Nairobi capital. Visitors will access the park headquarters from Nyeri town via Nyeri- Nyahururu road.

Later, you can also access the Aberdare national Park from the Wilson Airport and then fly to the Mweiga airstrip which is on the opposite side of the park headquarter a long Nyeri-Nyahururu road close to Ssini Estate Farm. Visitors can also involve in activities other than game drives and these include birding watching safaris, walking safaris, horse riding, chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing tour, Trout fishing, and bush breakfast among others that make so much interesting and so wonderful.

What to pack for the Aberdare national park safari game drives?

While going for the safari game drives, there are other items that you should carry on and these include sunscreen, snacks, cameras, insect repellant, mineral water bottles, and others.

Aberdare national park can be visited throughout the year but the best time to visit the Aberdare national park during the drier months. Kenya is one of the wonderful destinations where visitors go and explore the 5 big animals species that can be spotted in more than 3 protected areas including the Aberdare National Park and thus contact African Adventure Vacations for these wonderful game drives safaris in Kenya.