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Explore the Lake Magadi Kenya

Activities that you can do at Lake Magadi

Explore the Lake Magadi Kenya

Lake Magadi is found in the heart of the southern part of Kenya which is known as the Masai Land. Lake Magadi covers 104 square Kilometers of soda also and the lake is well surrounded by several and vast natural salt flats which are so much well interesting and it is very interesting.  These baking hot springs prevent the wild animals from getting into the alkaline lake which is found at the center of Lake Magadi. Therefore,  a lot of the amazing birds  always descents  one each lake yearly to have their nests on the high raised  mud mounds at the edge of the lake  that is safe from the predators of the animals which is so much amazing for the visitors

Lake Magadi in Kenya features the freshwater hot springs which attract a lot of the several attractions and help to attract a lot of birds and this gives you uninteresting attractions just enter the journey and enjoy the attractive journey of the attractions. Boiling salt plains stretch across horizons of haze shimmering with heat, while the shallow lake rises with the red waves of nesting flamingos. The otherworldly environment is made worse by the extreme heat and isolation. Magadi is regularly the very last vacation spot for treks from the Nguruman escarpment or the Loita hills which you don’t need to miss.

Because it is closed to Nairobi, the visitors mean here that they can go away from the warmth of Magadi at the back of and ascend a thousand meters to the highland cool of the capital. Lake Magadi in Kenya is an incredibly precise and serene vacation spot for nature lovers, food lovers, and tent tourists. Endowed with a huge sort of chook species, the lake’s surprising geographical panorama to the northern component serves as the principal enchantment to many site visitors looking for pristine tenting grounds in the massive wilderness.

Lake Magadi is known as the birding haven that includes the pelican and the flamingo bird’s several species of the bird can also be found at the Lake Magadi the wildlife and other wildlife found at lake Magaid include among others the wildebeest, the zebras,  the few lions that can be seen on luck,  ostriches, the giraffes,  hyenas, and for those who are interested in seeing the buffaloes and elephants then you will be able to have a glance at them in in the conservancy that is located within the conservancy that is located in the conservancy in the northern of the  Lake Magadi kenya.  There is a lot of them to talk about the lake Magadi the fact that is located within the rift valley depression with its 100 square kilometers and it is the lake that is constantly entirely on the soda ash. It is the southernmost lake in the Kenyan Rift Valley, located in a basin of faulty volcanic rocks, north of Lake Natron in Tanzania.  During the dry season, you find the lake that is occupied with the soda ash which is so much interesting and good for you to watch covered with the views at the Lake.

While having the alkaline waters, there is a lot of the fish species that you can see within the hot highly alkaline waters of the lake basins and these fish such as the cichlids’ echolalia and this can easily be sighted.  A top-notch view of the lake that fascinates many travelers or tourists is on the pinnacle of a hill after the birds rock in which many species of the birds collect for heat with in the early and overdue hours of the day. A causeway that crosses the lake gives access to the surroundings to the west of the lake at Nguruman Escarpment in which traffic can experience a top-notch panorama view and swim on the pool under the escarpment’s waterfalls. The escarpment hike takes about an hour, ideally early in the morning when temperatures are low. Lake Magadi is featured in Fernando Meirelles’s movie The Constant Gardener, that’s primarily based entirely on the book which can be identified by the means of John le Carré in the name.

Lake Magadi town occupies the lakes on the east of the shore and it offers the home to the Magadi soda sanctuary that is in names or owned by the  Tata India since December in the year 2005. This manufacturing unit produces sodium carbonate, which has more than a few corporate uses. The lake is featured in Fernando Meirelles’s movie. The Constant Gardener is primarily based totally on the book of the identical call with the aid of using John le Carré, even though withinside the movie the pictures are imagined to be at Lake Turkana. A causeway crossing the lake gives access to the western part of the lake (Nguruman escarpment). Recently lodging for travelers is furnished in air-conditioned canvas tents which is so much interesting and thus the township of the Magadi is also significant to the tourism industry

What are the tourism attractions found at Lake Magadi in Kenya?

Lake Magadi is the  holds an important  site and destination for the wildlife safaris, birding tourist activities as well as the remarkable sightings  that you will need you to be believed and therefore there are a lot of the things that you can see while visiting the tourist attractions and these attractions include the following;

Wildlife at Lake Magadi

Several wildlife species can be seen around the lake Magadi. For you to step at the lake Magadi, you will be able to enjoy the wild animals which include the Somali Ostrich, Giraffes, Wildebeest animals, the Gerenuk, Zebra, Long-necked antelopes, Beisa Oryz among other animals. The other wildlife animals can be best done during the day and even at the night and if you’re lucky, you will be able to see lions, elephants, and hyenas which are found at the Shompole Conservancy since it is very near to Lake Magadi in Kenya.

Visit various birding sites at Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi is the haven to several species of birds and these have inhabited this area because of the good conditions and various habitats which among others include the climatic regions and the geographical features comps of the water-based resources, the forested areas which all have provided the opportunities for the migratory birds and thus you will have the opportunity to have the birds or the migratory birds. The lake is home to a huge type of bird including flamingos and pelicans among many species of fish.

Stunning beautiful landscape views

Most people who have visited Lake Magadi have turned to be the area with all Kenya summarized in one region.  The scenic presented within lake Magadi is so incomparable with the northern part of the Ngurumani escapements which the scenic views and the landscape is amazing. It is a remarkable vacation spot for hiking and exploring bird breeding sites. Camping is likewise suitable across the lake and you will be able to enable enjoy the beautiful wonderful sceneries.

Activities that you can do at Lake Magadi in Kenya

Safari game drives at Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi is one of the best destinations full of wild animals that are so much amusing to see. The most wildlife animals that you can see here include zebras, antelopes, giraffes, and wildebeest animals.  These animals can be seen depending on the specific time since there are those animals that can be seen in the morning and those that can be seen in the evening around the conservancy and the animals that can be seen that include the buffaloes, elephants, lions among others. Among other animals include others include and this is because the temperatures all through the day are so excessive and a number of those animals move in hiding to get away from the heat. You want to devise earlier with excursion publications to see them. The night recreation force is likewise feasible to peer the nocturnal animals.

Take a tour of the beauty of the hot springs

Most of the visitors who have visited Lake Magadi can leave the lake without visiting the hot springs that are found at the lake.  The hot spring is curved into a natural lake depression on the earth’s surface pouring out the hot waters. This manufacturing unit produces soda ash, which has several commercial uses. The lake is featured in Fernando Meirelles’s movie The Constant Gardener, that’s primarily based entirely on the book identified in the same names of John le Carré, even though the movie the photographs are alleged to be at Lake Turkana. A causeway that crosses the lake presents get admission to the region west of the lake (Nguruman Escarpment). Recently lodging for travelers is furnished in air-conditioned canvas tents.

Enjoy trekking and hiking while at Lake Magadi

Hiking as you enjoy the scenic landscapes of the Lake Magadi is more interesting especially on the northern section of the lake whereby a small section of the lake Magadi is disconnected naturally from the small lake forming an Island. The area is so much wonderful and interesting provide that it is composed of island species. Tourists might trek and hike across the lake figuring out the specific chicken species, the eggs at the floor, and to the northern warm springs for egg boiling. The waters right here are too warm to touch. On maximum occasions, vacationers might take a seat down across the rocks for steaming which massages the entire body and helps strengthen your bones. Remember, the location is humid and warm: put on closed rubber footwear and feature sufficient consuming water when on the safari

Enjoy the night campfire

The skys at Lake Magadi is always and most of the time so much clear and when visitors are camping around they can’t be able to make the countless stars in the sky and also the nightlife and how it is to spend a night in the camp near the lake. Plans are presently underway to consist of expert astronauts with equipment that will view the stars. This may be prepared for site visitors on a single-day safari. Visitors might be entertained with the aid of using conventional Maasai dance and song with the aid of using the soldiers as they revel in the mouthwatering Nyama Choma organized in conventional style. On request, travelers can take part in slaughtering and roasting the beef the conventional way.

The Cultural Maasai Boma visit at the Lake Magadi

visitors can be able to enjoy the Maasai Biomass commonly referred to as the Manyattas. The visit to the Massai culture will need you to move early in the morning or you can decide to go and enjoy the evening cultural attractions when you see the goats, cattle, and the homesteads which are good attractions and the experience. You may have the possibility to study the lifestyle of the community, their ideals and additionally take part in the milking of the goats and cows. Breakfast or dinner may be prepared within the cultural bomas.

Bird watching at Lake Magadi.

The lake is the habitat to different species of birds and the birds here include the flamingo birds,  the pelicans, black-winged stilt, the water ducks,  marabou stalk,  Eared avocets, the Blacksmith pullover among other species of birds. The rainy season is the best time when you can go and see the several flamingo birds that are the breeding grounds from the Lake Natron  is close to its  neighbor  so you will be able to see a lot of the birds’ species

Where to stay when visiting Lake Magadi in kenya?

There are different   accommodation facilities where you can stay and enjoy the wonderful experiences and as you enjoy the attractions at Lake Magadi and the accommodation facilities include

Sports club at Lake Magadi; This is one of the accommodation facilities that is found at the sports club and it provides the best sport for the visitors and especially those who travel with their families to stay and enjoy. The rooms are self-contained, a product of ceramic tiles has a studying desk, and is outfitted with Dstv. Compared to the tents, the annex has a larger mattress with mosquito nets (eleven though mosquitos are only a few around) (Max 4couples/families).

Shompole Wilderness Camp;  This is found and nested under the huge fig tree on the shores of the river Ewaso Ngiro which runs down to the Great Rift valley up to Lake Natron and this offers wonderful views of the river as it spills down to the stream. An appropriate place of the camp gives you the possibility to have interaction with nature up near and personal. Shompole Conservancy is placed at the Kenya – Tanzania border and is 1/2 of manner among Amboseli National Park and the well-known Maasai Mara National Reserve. There the Shompole Wildness can organize for you various activities which include the sundowners, nature walks, baboon walks, tubing, and both night and day game drives safaris.

Latorre Lodge at Lake Magadi; Lentorre Lake is located at the foothills of the Nguruman escarpments and the lodge is Kenya’s longest and the newest luxury safaris built on the spar overlooking the unspoiled wilderness of the  Shompole group ranches and the Olkiramatian. The inn rooms embrace the encompassing bush starting as much as the nice and cozy African breeze with an un-spoilt view of the wasteland searching right all the way down to the ever-converting sun sunglasses of Mt. Shompole. Each room has its very own committed plunge pool and pricey en-suite bathroom. Hot and bloodless water-feed strength showers and pricey mosaic bathtubs open at once into the bush.

Lake Magadi Tented camp; is located on the shores of Lake Victoria offering a breathtaking environment with the shadow of the Ngurumani escapements and the sun rays of the surface of the waters. The mining dredges at the lake additionally shape a terrific sight at night time with the lighting fixtures of the waterlines to the factory. The tents are self-contained; have a mattress with white easy sparkling beddings; the partitions and roofs are the product of canvas. All tents are geared up with air conditioners. Room carrier is to be had 24/7. A bonfire location set toward the beaches of the lake; the cool tender wind blows throughout this location within the nighttime as traffic experience song and dinner in addition to beverages and drinks from the bar counter set at the side. (max 30 doubles or 15 singles)

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