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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Explore the Chale Island of Kenya; the hidden memorializing heaven

Explore the Chale Island of Kenya; the hidden memorializing heaven

Explore the Chale Island of Kenya; the hidden memorializing heaven

Explore the Chale Island of Kenya- the hidden memorializing heaven! This is more than the island itself in that you can call it the headland.  The Chale Island in Kenya can be traced win the Kwale county Msambweni Bay and you will need to drive just twelve kilometers from the prominent Gorgeous Diane Beach.  You will be able to witness the straight Lala Land uniqueness attached to which can be seen on the shoreline with stunning resorts, waters that ball need to be watched and this is so much wonderful for the visitors to see and do enjoy.

The Chale Island is the worshiping place for the local Kenya people and the surrounding villages however for the tourists, you will be able to enjoy more than the worshiping centers but the white sands beach presents, the coral reefs that enables you to experience a lot of the experience while at the Chale Island. For us at Africa Adventure Vacations, we are present and sound to book for you the accommodation facilities and the transport that will take you to Chale Island from Mombasa or from the prominent Diane beach which is so much interesting.

Here at Africa Adventure Vacations, we organize for you the whole complete package for Chale Island in Kenya. Stay in the sand as you enjoy the beach environment with the food on full board and the meal provided is on full board. Please come and have the experience of our experienced tour guides.

Attractions and activities that you can see and do at Chale Island in Kenya

Of course, our safari package to Chale Island involves the safari activities that we are sure will make then visitors so much happy and enjoy their stay and experience in Kenya. As you come and enjoy Chale Island, you are informed that you will engage in several activities which among others include the sundowners, involve in the spa treatments,  the watersports, visitation to the marine water spot, and the sightseeing.

Just come sit and chill could be doing nothing?

As you come and enjoy the island, Chale island has got the best and unmatchable Chale shoreline views and this is one of the visitors to flock the Chale island to have the best and magnificence views of the shoreline and here you need to come with sunglasses, beach bed, and some of the sunscreen and all these will enable you to enjoy the wonderful areas. Also as you stay at the shoreline, and then swim especially when the sunshine gets much dry and you can as well take the tour or walk to the Chale island waters and see the beauty.

Don’t bore yourself as you can read the book or read the novel you can as well enjoy the turquoise waters of the Chale islands and please don’t block yourself out just come and enjoy the best of all the safari activities at the Chale Island

You need to try Kayaking while visiting the Chale Island

Here you will get the best chance at the island to explore the water intercourses and the crevices of the Chale and all these are so much interesting and buy all means will make you a wonderful blast of the wonderful safari to the Chale island.

You will get the best water safari experience at Chale Island through kayaking the views presented by the water, is wonderful scenes that you will not need to miss out which is so much interesting and amazing experience presented during the kayaking tours.

Visitors here can decide to peddle them a lot you can opt to paddle together as a group especially if you decide to explore the island with either your partner or your friends.

Don’t forget to experience the body massage, would you like to have one?

 You will get the opportunity to walk to the Misha Poa Spa which is good and you will experience the good life as the word Misha poa translated and thus you will be able to get the classic service here.

The spa is nestled in the heart of the mangrove forest that presents several coral caves, tidal lakes which is so much interesting and wonderful. The serenity of the place is comfortable with the restful experience as you breathe in the wonderful breeze coming out from the ocean. Thanks to the Mountain having its seas coastline.

Provided that you are so active, you will get amused with the movements of the Colobus monkeys provided you keep your eyes open. The colobus monkeys are seen swinging in and out of the mangrove forests.

You can have the Dreamy sundowners, lunch, and Dinners

Other than being anywhere in the world then you can find yourself at Chale Island with the island providing you with the food meals full of love as well as enjoying the moonlight dinner and the foods are served under the free-standing palm trees where you are seated in an environment that support you taking some good photos. You also be served with a bottle of wine as you enjoy some of the music played in the background.

You can also dive as the adventure activity when visiting the Chale Island

 When we take off the Chale Island we mean the home of the world-class Manta rays, seas horse, Coral reefs, Whale sharks, the beautiful and wonderful season including the seas horses all these can be explored through Diving. Since the Island is located in the North of the main reef and the areas sink within the fourteen meters deep and this includes the sandy regions and the coral formations.  While at the corner, you will be able to view the guitar rays and the reef sharks a few meters away.  Other than here, the other diving sites here include the Msambweni, then papa Mshillingi, explore the Kinondo Reef among other wonderful sports which is so much interesting

Endeavor to visit the Diani beach

This beach is just located only 24 kilometers away from Chale island and roughly this is about 50 minutes’ drive by use of your safari cow. While in the world the Diani beach is the 5th in the time World Travel Awards and it is the best the beach in Africa.  While at the Diani beach, you will be able to enjoy them in different activities including the scuba, surfing, sky diving, Swimming, and deep-sea diving and among the stunning and the unique features with beach having the the white sand, deep blue waters, and it offers the luxurious lodges hotels and several resorts which can be so much interesting and much lovable.

Travel from Chale Island to Wasini Marine Reserve

The Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve is located in. the south of the island and you need to drive juts 62 kilometers and this reserve features wonderful marine animals and several coral reefs.  Please involve yourself in the boat cruise safaris, dolphin watching, sunbathing, coral reefs, and gardens bird-watching safaris which all you can come and explore with us while exploring the Chale Island in Kenya.

The best time for visiting Chale Island

The dry season is the best time for you to go and tour or visit Chale Island and this time comes with a period of July to October. During this time, the weather is so much wonderful and perfect for the visitors’ to engage in all activities and this time, there are limited chances for the rains, remember that January and February present the short dry season and thus you can also visit the island during these months and please endeavor not to book your safari to Chale early enough in advance.

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