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Chania waterfalls in Kenya

Chania waterfalls in Kenya

Chania waterfalls in Kenya

Chania waterfalls in Kenya- Water falls are a natural phenomenon that we encounter in the wild, and it is a good idea that you get to know the best and most wonderful water falls in the world, the Chania Falls in Kenya. The water falls are so wonderful during the rainy season when there is a lot of water, giving visitors the wonderful and spectacular views of the falls with an everlasting sound. In Kenya, most of the water falls are located within the mountain ranges and today our focus is on the Chania falls.

About Chania falls; Chania falls are not far away from the Kenya capital Nairobi and the falls are one of the areas offering the visitors with the breathing taking and magnificent sight to the visitors. Aside from being an excellent birding spot, the Chania fall also makes a terrific picnic spot for family and friends, as well as a nice camping and retreat spot. Nature and bird enthusiasts will not be disappointed in the region, which is truly a green jewel.

The magnificence Chania Falls cascades down a steep, tree-lined cliff just in front of the Blue Post Hotel’s restaurant. From the restaurant’s veranda, with a hard drink in one hand and a book in the other, the sight is beautifully admired. On the hotel grounds, there is a guarded path that leads down to the foot of the falls.

What to do at Chania Waterfalls Kenya

Birding at Chania Water Falls: Chania Water Falls offers an excellent birding spot where visitors can go and enjoy various species of birds, including Hadada ibis, hermerkops, among others.

Visitors can also engage in boat riding at Chania waterfalls in Kenya;  visitors can also engage in  boat riding at it can take them to the bottom of the falls to see the spectacular views of the water falls and the surrounding

Photography at Chania falls; the fact that the Chania falls are within the Aberdare ranges, this provides the wonderful spot for photography to get the views of the Aberdare ranges and the green environment. Other activities such as the spot fishing is also carried out at the Chania water falls and this is very interesting.

How to get to Chania water falls in Kenya?

Chania water falls can only be reached by car. Chania Falls is located near Thika, Kenya, along the Nyeri highway, about 1 hour from Nairobi. It is located in the Aberdares and is an ideal location for thrill seekers looking to dive.

Best time to visit the Chania waterfalls in Kenya

It is good to visit the water fall during the wet season when the volumes of water are high and the vibrating land is for you to enjoy and take wonderful photo memories.

What are other water falls available in Kenya

Tigoni falls in Kenya; These are situated in Limuru, Central Kenya, about 48 kilometers northwest of Nairobi. Within the lush greenery and tranquility of the Kiambethu Tea Farm is a breathtaking sight. The 18-meter-high waterfall is nestled in a lovely tiny riverine woodland and provides a stunning escape from the city’s bustle. Tigoni falls are also a wonderful spot for a day picnic with friends and family.

Adamson falls in Kanya; These falls can be found in Meru National Park on the River Tana, which is a rough water area. The falls were named after game warden George Adamson and his wife Joy, who are credited with raising Elsa the lioness from a cub to a full-grown lioness. The beautiful falls are a must-see on every tour of the park.

Marvelous fourteen Falls of Kenya; The falls are fourteen successive falls that are 27 meters deep and occur on the Athi River, as their name indicates. The breathtaking view can be seen near Thika, some 65 kilometers north of Nairobi, on the Thika-Garissa Road, which leads to Makutano Junction. Boating, fishing, photography, plant identification, and bird watching are just a few of the activities available at this destination. During the wet season, these falls combine to generate a massive water torrent with an astounding roaring sound effect.

The Lugard Falls in Kenya; These are prominent falls in Kenya which were named after the captain, Fredrik Lugard, the British proconsul. It is characterized by the rapid that disperses within the rocky valley, so tight at one point that standing astride the gap with the falls below is impossible. The falls, which are located in Tsavo East National Park, present a breathtaking scenery of white, light gray, and pink multi-colored rocks that have been sculpted into fantastic designs by the water over millennia. During the rainy season, the rapids erupt into raging torrents, and the appearance and booming sound of the waterfalls confuse people. Visitors exploring these falls may park near the falls and either climb around the eroded rocks or stroll down the river to see the rapids. Giant crocodiles repose and sleep on sandbanks below the falls, which flow into a vast pool. A crocodile point, home to crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and buffalos, is less than a kilometer away.

Other falls include the Gura Falls and Karuru Falls, among others, which can be well explored in Kenya. Contact us at Africa adventure vacation safari for more information about this wonderful safari. You will also get know what to pack for your adventure such as clothes, sunglasses, rain jacket, camera among others.