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Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park

Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park

Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park

Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park- This Park is one of the best destinations for bird watching in Kenya which was first designed as the bird’s sanctuary to protect the available bird species. Lake Nakuru National Park features over 400 species of birds which mostly are sighted on Lake Nakuru. The main highlights of the Lake Nakuru National Park are the millions of flamingo birds that do stay at Lake Nakuru sometimes making the park look like Pink because of its pink color. Other than flamingoes there are other species of birds which include the pelicans, sunbird, robin-chart, montane white-eye, Slender-billed greenbul among others.

Some mammal’s species are found in Lake Nakuru National Park and there are more than 50 recorded mammal species that do reside in Lake Nakuru National Park. Lake Nakuru National Park features the rhino sanctuary and has another number of animal species which include buffaloes, baboons, hippos, warthogs, leopards among other animals without forgetting the rare Rothschild’s giraffe.

As earlier said Lake Nakuru National Park harbors both animals and bird species and because of this very many tourists have visited this park to have experience with the animals that do live within the National Park. Other than these birds and animals species further people visit the Lake Nakuru National Park to do other tourist activities like campaigns within the camping in the savannah.

Camping is one of the exciting adventure Safaris that enables you to sleep under the sky within the world to experience the world at night within the Lake Nakuru National Park. The park offers one of the top camping destinations is Kenya safari destination as you sleep under the sky in tents housed by the clouds within the sky. Campers going to Lake Nakuru National Park enjoy the best of the unique vegetation within the park and the semi-humid climate that is experienced with in the Lake Nakuru National Park and sometimes you might see animals coming close to your tent especially if you’re so lucky.

Currently, there are about seven operational camping sites within Lake Nakuru National Park which are found in the southern and northern parts of the Park ad each camping site is very unique providing different experiences and offers campers a wonderful experience at the destination.

Camping in Lake Nakuru National Park is accompanied by the picnics that are organized in several parts of the park providing scenic views and it is also possible for you to do the picnics at the viewpoints even when you’re camping at the different camping areas. You will enjoy the cool weather in the environment at night, staring at the different sky views, and enjoy the concentrated flamingoes similar to the pink cover on Lake Nakuru and views of other surroundings.

Having the campsites experience at different campsites provides you with a feel of the different environment which is done on friendly management to ensure that the environment is so conserved, the camping sites within the Lake Nakuru National Park have permanent structures which makes them so wonderful. Some of the campsites with Lake Nakuru National Park include the following;

Enjoro campsites

This is found just meters away from the Lake Nakuru National Park Main Gate and it is the most used campsite in Lake Nakuru National Park. it is strategically located and it provides wonderful views of Lake Nakuru and the surrounding areas. The campsite is easily accessible and very many people do visit or prefer camping at this campsite and it is favorable for those who are interested in camping as a group.

Bweha Camp 

This is one of the most popular campsites for adventure tourists. It is hidden in the trees on the southern border of the Lake Nakuru National Park and the visitors here are free to enjoy game drives, hear the sounds of the birds as well as watching them and blend with nature. Visitors will watch almost all the birds species that do stay on Lake Nakuru in particular the flamingo bird. Since it is found with the plains, visitors have a chance to sport some of the wild animals such as buffalo among others. The campsite also owns the species such as the Side-striped Jackal, Silver backed Jackal, and the Golden Jackal. Thus providing a wonderful experience.

Nakuru Tented Camping

This is one of the very cool and calm campsites within Lake Nakuru National Park and the reason is that this campsite is located within the middle and in the center of Lake Nakuru National Park and most of the visitor’s dot flock to this park so much and a lot thus making it less crowded and less noisy.

Flamingo Hill Tented Camp 

This is found on the shores of Lake Nakuru within Lake Nakuru National Park. It is the luxury camp that is always in high demand by the visitors it provides the best opportunities for the visitors to fully enjoy the viewpoints, by staying here, you will be close to the birds on the lake shores and see flamingoes that come ear you which presents the best opportunity for you to take some photos.

Lakira Camp 

This is also one of the luxury campsites that provide wonderful views of the lake and the flamingo birds on the surrounding lake as well as the flamingoes coming to the nearby areas.

Makalia Falls Campsites

This is one of the beautiful camps sites that is found in Lake Nakuru National Park. It offers unmatchable views of the waterfalls that are found within the Lake Nakuru National Park on river Makalia. You will enjoy the sound breezes of the water and the sound that is made by the water making the waterfalls. You will also enjoy the game viewing safaris such as the buffaloes and the visitors can also get the experience if the rhino-like the visitors that do stay at the Rhino campsite.

Rhino campsite

This is one of the wonderful campsites found within Lake Nakuru National Park offering the best sport for seeing the endeared rhinos that are kept within the sanctuary in the park together with the giraffes. This campsite is somehow competitive because of its clear views of the rhinos within the park. This is the basic and the original campsite that you don’t need to miss while exploring Lake Nakuru National Park.

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