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Bird Watching Trips In Amboseli National Park

Bird Watching Trips In Amboseli National Park

Bird Watching Trips In Amboseli National Park

Are you interested in bird watching trips In Amboseli National Park Kenya?  Amboseli national park is one of the wonderful destinations in Kenya found in the northwest of the Kilimanjaro Mountains. The park was first gazed as the national reserve in 1968 and later to a national park in 1974 and this was done in order to protect the wildlife species that were found within the park

It is not far away from Nairobi’s capital city and within 3 hours you will be able to drive from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park and which is roughly 200 kilometers. It is one of the smallest parks but rich in biodiversity and it covers 392 square kilometers of land and it spread to the Kenya Tanzania border.

The park is known for having a large number of elephants which are permanent and can be seen whenever you go to the park. Also, several bird species can also be seen especially in the swamp areas and other habitats within the park that provides favorable conditions for the birds.  The big junk of land provides grassland and the lake water areas which are always visited by the bird species.

Some of the bird species of the Amboseli National Park include the grey crowned crane, egrets, the grater flamingo birds, herons, while the grassland areas are occupied with bird species such as Hartlaub’s bustard and the Pangani Long Claw. Other species of birds include the superb starling with the bright features and this is one of the most attractive birds that even you can see around your lodge premise.

There are other several kinds of bird species that are also seen in the park seasonally in other words Amboseli National Park also receives migratory birds from other African countries and others from European countries and these can easily be spotted during the rainy season. In total, Amboseli national park has more than 400 species of birds species registered.

For guests who prefer birding safaris in the Amboseli national park, Amboseli is an important birding area that will not disappoint during your birding safari because it offers a variety of distinguished bird species such as the Lilac-breasted rollers which Kenya’s national bird and other bird species including the secretary birds among other bird species.

Another bird species that are often spotted in the Amboseli National Park is the marabou stork that is known to be an undertaker bird. Other bird species in the Amboseli national park include the African swamphen, Taveta Golden Weaver, falcon, Vulnerable Lesser Kestrel, Grey Crowned Crane, Falcon Naumanni, Steel-blue Whydah, Eurasian thick-kneel, Common redshank, Rufous-naped lark, Goliath heron, African fish eagle, Double-banded Courser among other several animals species.

The number of uncommon birds in the Amboseli National Park has attracted serval birders, documentaries, and researchers from all corners of the world to come and enjoy these wonderful birding species for the betterment of their birding s

Birding in Amboseli National Park is throughout the year meaning that visitors can go and watch the birds any time that they want. However, because of various migratory bird that is always spotted in the park during a specific time, it is good that you come during this specific time. The migratory birds are always in Amboseli National Park during the months of April and in November when the park receives rainfall. The rainy season is the best time to enjoy bird watching in Amboseli National Park because this is when there is plenty of food and it is the breeding season for most of the birds within the Amboseli National Park.

What to carry when going for Bird Watching Trips In Amboseli National Park

In order to have a fantastic birding experience in the Amboseli national park, there are certain items that should not lack on your packing list for birding and these include the insect repellant, the sunglasses, the hut, the waterproof, bags, and jackets, the first aid box, insect repellant, you need to come with the hiking shoes, the cameras with charged batteries and binoculars, bottled water among other activities which is so interesting.

Where to stay in Amboseli National Park for your bird watching

There are also lodges in and out sided Amboseli National Park which area characterize into budget lodges, Mid-range Loges, and Luxury lodges. All these lodges feature Standard amenities and they provide a comfortable stay as you enjoy bird watching. Some of these lodges include the Amboseli Sopa Lodge, Tortillas Camp, Tawi Lodge, Oi Tukai Lodge, Amboseli Kimana Camp.

Birding safaris in Amboseli National Park provide the true African wildness as you see the wonderful game viewing and birding safaris.

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