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Best Preparations For Gorilla Trekking

Best Preparations For Gorilla Trekking

Best Preparations For Gorilla Trekking

Are you looking for all possible preparations for gorilla trekking experiences in Africa? Before embarking on going for a gorilla trekking safari in Africa, bear in mind that mountain gorillas can only be found on higher elevations of tropical and sub-tropical rain forests of Virunga volcanoes straddling across Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo.

Trekking mountain gorillas will need the trekkers to be in a good physical state because you will hike to find mountain gorillas and sometimes trekking trails are very slippery, muddy, and steep especially in the rainy season. The disabled can also trek gorillas by use of sedan seat stretchers at an affordable price.

Also, keep in mind that weather can become unpredictable in some cases where it will shiner in one moment and it rains another minute. There are also lots of stinging insects as you are in the true African jungle but those who endure never regret the experience of encountering mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. To prepare for your mountain gorilla trekking in Africa, you need the following on check.

Physical fitness

When going for gorilla trekking, you will be hiking steep slopes to look for an allocated mountain gorilla family which will require one to be physically fit. You need to take part in numerous exercises before the actual trekking date.

Book permit in advance

Although mountain gorilla trekking is the most expensive tourism activity in Africa it doesn’t stop thousands of tourists flocking in thousands every year to trek mountain gorillas. You are advised to book your gorilla permits 3-4 months in advance before the actual trekking date due to high demand to avoid disappointments.

Get your gears ready

You will need good hiking waterproof boots to traverse the rainforest jungle, waterproof boots are good just in case it rains in the day while you are doing the activity. Garden gloves will also be very helpful because at some point you will need to support yourself with your hands on the grounds

Rain jackets are one of the must-haves while going for gorilla trekking this is because rain may fall during the trek, warm clothes will also be essential because temperatures can become very cold you will need to be sleeved to prevent yourself from being stung by nettles.

You will also need a walking stick that can be purchased at the beginning of the trekking point or you can carry your own, the stick will save you from slipping off the slippery grass, falling, and walk over uneven terrain.

Taking drinking water for a gorilla trek is very important because you will spend about 5- 7hours trekking or sometimes even a whole day and you will need some drinking water to cool off at every stopover. Energy giving snacks are also good so that they boost your energy as you go on looking for an allocated gorilla family.

You will not want to trek mountain gorillas without capturing the life experience in your camera however mountain gorillas don’t like flash cameras so it’s better to turn off the flash when taking pictures, and the binoculars are for bird lovers as you will come across different species during the gorilla trekking. You must also bring along insect repellents in order to avoid being sting by numerous insects such as mosquitoes that cause malaria.