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Best places serving the local Kenyan dishes

best places serving the local Kenyan dishes.

Best places serving the local Kenyan dishes

What are some of the best places serving the local Kenyan dishes? Most of the visitors who come to Kenya finds it so much fully interesting to engage in the local culture and fully experience the countries wonderful culture through participating in various activities at the destination.  The tourists find themselves engaging in various cultural activities including music, food, and visiting the best cultural places and institutions. Some of the usual foods can be found anywhere in the world and these may include the French fries, the burgers and some of these foods describes the countries certain culture. When it comes to magical Kenya, the best local cultural foods include the Ugali, Mukimo, Githeri, Kienyeji, Matoke, and then Omena among several foods. Such foods are not found in several restaurants or the eating places of Kenya but some of the restaurants do these services for their restaurant menu.  Therefore for the visitors who are visiting the Nakuru and you want to have the original local food or dishes thus I give you the best places where you can find these local foods and these include

Visits the Brians House

This is one of the newly introduced catering and eating places that have been added to Nakuru and since it was established, the places have quickly been recognized with the visitors getting it known so often because of the dishes that the place serves.  Visitors can find this place opposite the Nakuru showground in the Milimani area.  The Brians House is managed and run by Ashley’s events and it makes sure that the place gets a wonderful taste of the food that is found within the place. The place is fully composed of the outdoors tented dining areas, well hosting the buffet of the same area at least twice a week and visitors can get a buffet at around 3.5 United States dollars per week per person. By dining here, you will be able to feel the real taste of the Kenyan local dishes as you meet the interesting people of Kenya.

Visit the Chicken Pot Restaurant

This is also the best place for you to dine and taste the local dishes in Kenya’s and it has been in the place for a long period in  Nakuru town. Chicken Pot Restaurant can be found on the Uchumi Business Center and it provides services to the travelers and the travelers within the Matatu officers in its proximity and their main dish is the chicken and it’s done for the local recipe. This place is easy and close to the highway and it has ample space with the interesting upstairs providing you with the beautiful, views of the Nakuru Town life which can be seen as your up on the balcony as you enjoy the wonderful space.

Dine at the Majids Restaurant

This is one of the best places serving the local Kenyan dishes though the restaurant that is owned by the Indian community within Kenya and it is the one of the best restaurant in the Nakuru and these include the Indian, coastal, fast food meals and then the local foods which you can taste and feel the local Kenyan dishes. The native dishes are thus well created that the majority of socio-economic class individuals have their supper there before heading home. The eating place may be a favorite and should visit owing to the reasonable prices, fresh foods and ample space. They conjointly open till ten p.m. one thing uncommon with most Nakuru restaurants

Taste the Kenyan local foods at Jikoni Hub

Jikoni’s eating place serves stability of local and rapid meals dishes. This restaurant is well-known for its not unusual place gives and offers which make their spot a favorite location. The  Jikoni Hub has a wealthy décor that displays one-of-a-kind Kenyan cultures with tender history tune continuously gambling at some stage in the day. Apart from having finger-licking native and local dishes, the  Jikoni Hub is likewise an amazing location to paintings in whilst you want a quiet and conducive space. Please come and enjoy the beauty of Kenyan history by participating in the local food dishes of Kenya as you enjoy different activities within magical Kenya.

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