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Why do people visit Lake Magadi?

Why do people visit Lake Magadi

Why do people visit Lake Magadi?

Why do people visit Lake Magadi? Lake Magadi is found within southwestern Nairobi and this lake is popular for its soda ash manufacturing town and the lake Magadi itself. Most of the lakes of people have decided to take a glance at the best-known lake. There are of things that you will go and see at Lake Magadi and therefore you need to get the time and visit this wonderful Lake. There are several reasons as to why you need to come and explore and visit the Magadi Lake especially it’s the holiday seasons and this is so much interesting .Please look at these reasons and please come and enjoy the magnificence lake

Lake Magadi is close to the Nairobi capital City

Magadi lake is just 85 kilometers from the Nairobi capital cities, bad roads are linking to the park but the visitors find themselves at the Lake. Visitors need to understand that there is a good tarmac road that will; lead you to the lake in just one hour and half hours and then you will be able to find yourself at your lake and this makes it a wonderful destination for any excursionists for your day tour safari

Also, the Magadi Lake is very biodiversity relevant

Lake Magadi is one of the ecosystem that is full of plants and wild animal species. The lake attracts favorable environmental conditions characterized as hot and dry conditions. The animals live near the water for the cooling breeze this is felt particularly at night. You can effortlessly sight antelopes and zebras at some stage in your journey. If you’re taking a recreation drive, you’re sure to look at greater animals consisting of the wildebeest and Somali ostrich and this is a wonderful destination for you to come and see the wonderful destination and this is quite amazing

Lake Magadi is an important birding destination in Kenya

The fact that the lake has got some soda ash, then there is a healthy population of the flamingo birds that keep monitoring the lake and anytime you go to explore the lake, you will be able to find these birds at the lake. These flamingo birds always come and keep constant movements around Tanzania and then the key borders. You can be capable of seeing and admiring this lovely purple carpet at the lake in a near view. Some different birds to identify encompass pelicans.

Lake Magadi  is near Lake Natron

The fact that that the lake is close to the east African breeding place for the flamingoes that is the Lake Natron then you will have to get a chance as well to find and see the breeding zones for the east African flamingo birds.  Enjoy the pictures of the red lake natron which is good interesting this means that by visiting Lake Magadi, you will also experience the Lake Natron which is so much interesting.

Stunning views of the Amazing Landscape

Lake Magadi is the place that most of the celebrities have turned out to be their proffered shooting video place here I mean the celebrities like WYRE for the videos. Lake Magadi has such first-rate geographic makeup that makes it the exceptional vacation spot for photographers and filmmakers who are interested in filmmakers don’t look on just come and see the spectacular scenes of the Lake Magadi

Explore the medicinal hot springs at Lake Magadi

The lake has got a lot of hot springs especially that is located on the southern and the northern end. Those at the northern end, but, can attain as much as ninety stages warmth so do now no longer dip your fingers or featuring in them. You can, but, revel in a loose and herbal fauna on the way to depart your pores opened and refreshed. The southern springs are but a good deal cooler and are believed to have recuperation properties.

Lake Magadi features simple and affordable accommodation facilities which the visitors can be able to see and enjoy and the process for the accommodation go as low as Kenyan shillings 4500 per bed per night for the bed and breakfast. Some of the accommodation facilities include the Lentorre Lodge, sports club among others please contact the Africa Adventure Vacation for more information and much more

Getting to the Lake Magadi

Visitors can reach out to Lake Magadi Kenya directly from Nairobi city and you can reach it by the Matatu, bus, or by the use of private transportation and you get through the Kiserian. Most of the adventure lovers go and hike to Lake Magadi just stemming from the Nguruman Escarpment and then the Loita hills. Only land transport is a possibility other than air transport.

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