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Where is Amboseli National Park located?

Where is Amboseli National park located: Most of the visitors who are trying to come to Kenya and Africa to explore Amboseli national park have frequently asked this question and thus the location of the Amboseli national park has become an important part of the information that the people

Where is Amboseli National Park located?

Where is Amboseli National park located? Most of the visitors who are trying to come to Kenya and Africa to explore Amboseli national park have frequently asked this question and thus the location of the Amboseli national park has become an important part of the information that the people or guest must be availed to in order to plan better their safari destination to Amboseli national park.  Usually, there is no traveler or tourist who travels aimlessly without knowing where he or she is going and thus visitors will work hard to get information from all corners in order for them to get the information of their destination. Having known the detailed information about the Amboseli national park is very important as it helps the guest about not only the location of the park but other features of the park including the location, accessibility, attraction, and activities that one can do engage in as well as the interesting neighboring areas.

Amboseli national is one of the old national parks in Kenya and it attracts several visitors. As the matter of fact, Masai Mara national park is the most second visited national park after Masai Mara national reserve. It is easily accessible just a few kilometers from the Kenyan capital city Nairobi and these visitors will need to just drive a short distance to reach the park. therefore if you have limited time and you would like to pass the in the park for the weekend break it is very possible and so interesting to relax and explore the park before your Monday’s busy work and this is very interesting.

The simple history of Amboseli national park:  Amboseli national park harbors almost all of the elephants and because of these huge herds of the elephants, the park is known as the home of the giant African elephants. The park is topped by the mountain Kilimanjaro Mountains which is the highest mountain in the whole African continent. The word Amboseli came from the Masai word which means salty dust. There are over 4 habitats in the Amboseli national park that have made the park host a lot of the several animals’ species. The habitats have made the park harbors over 4 big animals found within the Amboseli national park and these habitats include the wetlands, savannah grasslands, sulfur springs, and the dried lake of the Amboseli national park.

Amboseli national park was first gazetted as the national reserve in the year1906 covering a total area of 392 square kilometers and it is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Services. The park is almost famous like the Masai national reserve and other parks like the Nakuru National Park and this is mainly found in the southeast of Nairobi city. Amboseli national park is bordering Kilimanjaro mountains in Tanzania and visitors visiting this park will be able to get clear views of the snow-peaked mountain especially when the sun is arising. While visiting the Amboseli national park, you will have visited both Kenya and Tanzania at the same time since the park is found at the border. Some of the combined packages of Tanzania and Kenya are available for you and what you need to do just contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations.

Location of Amboseli national park: Amboseli national park is located in the southeastern of Nairobi just 365 kilometers which is equivalent to 226 miles. This implies that by road you can get to Amboseli national park from Nairobi in just 4 to 5 hours. It is found in the Kijiado district in the Kijiado country and the nearest town or city to Amboseli national park is the Nairobi city which is also the capital city of Kenya and because of its adjacent near the lake, it gives visitors an added advantage because it is very easy to access from the Nairobi highways.

The Amboseli national park can also be accessed through the Namanga road though this road sometimes is very dusty and bumpy. For the visitors close to the Mombasa coastal areas and those from Tsavo West National Park, you will have to drive for about 460 kilometers which are about 7 to 8 hours from the Tsavo National Park to cross to Amboseli National Park. This park is isolated and thus it is the only park that you can visit while around this area or while following this route.

Getting to Amboseli National Park: Amboseli national park is situated in every good location that is well served with a good network connection and this has made it to be easily accessed. Visitors accessing the Amboseli National Park is done by two means of transport which includes road and air transport.

By road transport, there are two main routes that you can use from Nairobi city town connect to the  Amboseli national park, All these roads are in good conditions though at times they are bumpy and are available for regulating speed. The roads are manned by the traffic who man different checkpoints. The main road used is the road from Nairobi via  Namanga on the  Nairobi-Arusha road. It will take you only 3 to 4 hours and the distance cover an average of 240 kilometers.  This route enters directly the park via Meshani gate. Another route and which is the shorter route through Nairobi- Mombasa through the Emali . It takes about 3 hours’ drive from the city of Nairobi to Amboseli National Park covering a distance of about 228 kilometers.  However, you will use other park gates to enter the Amboseli National Park via other gates especially the Kimana in Olkelunyiet Gate.

The park also is accessed by air transport with one strip that is found inside the national park. The airstrip that is sound within the Amboseli national park only receives the light aircraft that is between three to seven-seater airstrips. The airstrip is found near the Empusel gate where your driver-guide will meet and transfer you to the accommodation or start that activity of the day.  Visitors heading to Amboseli national park using air transport can also link or land to Amboseli national park through Kilimanjaro buffaloes lodge or within the airport of the Namanaga town. Because the park is located in a shorter distance from the Nairobi city it has let it develop much with the flights.

Amboseli national park and its location have given its green light to receive more visitors on the daily basis and it is very accessible from both Kenya and Tanzania which is so fantastic. It is very easy to locate and aces the Amboseli national park to the extent that first-time travelers can have and plan their own safaris trip to the park at ease possibility and this is so much interesting.