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What To Pack For Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tour In Uganda Africa?

What To Pack For Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tour In Uganda Africa

What To Pack For Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tour In Uganda Africa?

Mountain Gorilla trekking tour in Uganda is unquestionably the most thrilling wildlife activity in Africa. They are charming creatures, the most gentle and calm primates and sharing a lot in common with humans. Mountain gorilla trekking is done in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in the southwestern Uganda, Volcanoes National Park (Parc National Des Volcans) in northwestern Rwanda and Virunga National park in the eastern of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the worlds. With reference to the recent mountain gorilla census in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo showed that there is a total of over 1063 mountain gorilla individuals in the world and half of them is found in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda. Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park in the southwestern Uganda is the best destination for mountain gorilla trekking tourism in the world and seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda is 98.8% guaranteed. Unlike the lowland gorillas which can be found in some zoos all over the world, there are no mountain gorillas in zoos therefore, you can only see them in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in DR Congo in Africa.

As any other holiday mostly to Africa, there are specific things that are must packed to be more comfortable on your vacation. Therefore, we have organized for you a list of the things that you need to pack on your mountain gorilla trekking tour in Uganda.

Packing check list for the mountain gorilla trekking tour in Uganda.

Original copy of your passport. When planning the mountain gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, you are required to have a passport which is valid at least for 6 month before your arrival date in Uganda and you will have to present it to the immigration officer at the airport to let you enter the country. This passport will be also required at the hotel check in and at the park offices before starting mountain gorilla trekking. Very where you are moving to, you must have your passport for easy identification and you have to keep it so safely.

Valid travel visa and other documents that are very crucial for your vacation such as yellow fever certificate. On your arrival at Entebbe international airport, visa will be the first travel document that you will be required to present to the immigration offices before entering the country. However, it is possible to apply for your tourist visa at Entebbe international airport for only $50 USD and the process is very simple.

Yellow fever certificate. Before your arrival date at Entebbe international port to start your mountain gorilla trekking tour, you need to ensure that you take the yellow fever vaccine shot and get a certificate because even when you have all other travel documents such as a valid passport, travel visa but without the yellow fever vaccination card the airport health officers will not clear you to enter the country which means that you will miss the unforgettable mountain gorilla experience.

A gorilla trekking permit. Once you have finished packing all the required travel documents, the mountain gorilla trekking permit is undoubtedly the second essential thing you need to consider and make sure that is packed because without a gorilla permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority, you cannot be allowed to do mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda. Mountain gorilla permits are only sold by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), you book it directly from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) official website or through us. Mountain gorilla permit has to be booked and paid for in advance this is because they are on high demand, sold on first come first serve basis and with a limited number to be sold out on daily basis. So, failure to have a gorilla permit, you will denied the chance to do mountain gorilla trekking which is a total disappointment.

A waterproof bag. This will help you to keep and carry your important things such as travel documents, cameras, binoculars, and a gorilla permit safe and in one place. For example at Bwindi impenetrable forest national park rain can be expected to fall at any time so, if your bag is not water proof your important things may get wet.

Light rainproof hiking boots with ample ankle support. During mountain gorilla trekking you go through jungle and valleys with unclear walk trails and sometimes they become muddy and slippery when it has trained. So, using hiking boot with help you to be firm on the ground unlike sneakers.

Light rain jacket. Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks where mountain gorilla trekking is done in Uganda are found in equatorial forests and being very close to the equator imaginary line the chances of raining are very high than it not raining. So, the light jack will help you not get so wet in case it has rained or when the forest is very wet.

A pair of long cotton socks. These will help to prevent the safari ants from entering into your trouser. So, before entering the forest, you have to tuck your trouser into the socks to private any insect from entering you.

A sweater. In the evening and morning hours you will experience coldness so will definitely need a sweater. This is because Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks are very cold during morning and evening hours so a sweater will keep you warm.

Long sleeved shirts/blouses. These are very useful during the forest walk to search for mountain gorillas. Since Mountain gorilla trekking is done in a dense jungle which has a number of insects of which some are stinging nettles and plants with thorns. Therefore, the long sleeved shirts will prevent your hands from insects and plant scratches and even to keep you warm.

Long trousers preferably light ones (avoid shorts). The long trousers will protect your legs from the effect of the stinging nettles, thorns which are very common in the jungles.

Nightclothes. These are used at night to give a comfortable sleep mostly when it is so cold.

A pair of shorts. These are very nice when relaxing at the camp fire at your lodge. Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks being so cold, all lodges there have camp fires near the main house and dining area where visitors gather. So, putting on your short will be fine due to the extra warmth from the campfire.

A money wallet. This is important to help you carrying money in case you want to buy souvenirs / gift or giving tipping your guide, porter and ranger.

Garden hand gloves. These are also very important requirements during mountain gorilla trekking because as you are walking in the forest, you may slide and need to support yourself by touching on a tree branch or grass and these may have thorns or anything that can harm you so, when you heavy duty garden glove, they will prevent your hand not to be hurt.

Pair of Sunglasses with neck trap. These are important to protect you from the effects of the blazing sunshine. You can as well carry sun cream to protect you skin from too much Sunshine.

Round hats. This is also useful to protect you from sunshine and scratches by tree branches or insects.

 A pair of sandals. These are necessary for relaxing in the evening and when going for other activities such as community walks and biking.

Swimming Costume.  When you are swimming lover you have to carry swimming costumes because most of the safari lodges and hotels in Uganda own swimming pools which are well maintained and we would recommend you to use them if you wish.

Snacks and bottled water. Since mountain gorilla trekking involves moving unknown distance and hiking hills of higher altitude in the forest looking for the mountain gorillas which makes it so challenging. Therefore, it is necessary to carry sacks and bottled drinking water to keep you energetic and physically fitness throughout the trek.

Toiletries such as toilet papers. This may be necessary in the course of the mountain gorilla trekking, but the lodges provide them so you do not need to carry yours from home. Most of the lodges provide toothpaste, bathing sponge, toothbrush, bathing soap, sanitary pads, shavers, shampoo, lotions, hair conditioner and towels in the rooms. However, you may be having your specific product you use if so, you need to carry your own.

First aid kit containing your prescription medicines like anti-diarrhea, anti-malarial drugs, antibacterial cream, allergy cure, cold medication, painkillers, bandages and liniment for muscle strains that you might get due to mountain gorilla hiking.

Insect repellants to protect you from insects such as mosquitos, safari ants and tsetse flies. We would recommend repellants such as “RID”.

Safari Gadgets such as a camera and an extra battery to capture all your interesting moments during your Gorilla Trekking tour to keep memories, a pair of binoculars which is very important during birding and a good torches with a strong battery because some lodge uses generators which they switch off at night.