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Ugenda Family

Ugenda gorilla family / group

Ugenda Family

Ugenda gorilla family / group is composed of 11 individuals including 2 silverbacks. The word Ugenda means “mobile” and this family is one of the unreliable and difficult to trek in volcanoes national park as its name suggests.

Like all gorilla families move in search of flesh vegetation, for Ugenda gorilla family, it moves a lot from one place to another, though Rwandan development board trackers are skilled and it won’t be difficult to trek it as already highlighted.

Their current home range is on the slopes of mount Bisoke 3,711 meters above sea level. Every gorilla trek is different adventure in its own way given the rules and regulations of trekking are kept so that gorillas are not interfered at the same giving you a calm encounter.

Other gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park

Umubano group

The Volcanoes National Park in the north west of Rwanda is teaming up with the least populations of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas that are always encountered on gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda presenting an ideal habitat for them and thus giving them a hope of their continued existence.

The counts of ten (10) gorilla families are found in the mentioned park and these are habituated for the human encounter in particular those on gorilla safari in Rwanda. One of these gorilla families is Umubano which literally translates to neighborliness.
The Umubano gorilla family boasts of eleven (11) members including one (1) silverback, one (1) sub adult male, three (3) adult females along with six (6) babies which combine to make the encounter with them while on a gorilla safari in Rwanda memorable.

The Umubano Gorilla group was part of the Amahoro gorilla group before breaking up due to instabilities between Ubumwe and Charles Silverbacks. When Charles grew up to the similar silverback stature as Ubumwe, he was tired of living by the orders of the later and as thus decided to stage a fight challenging Ubumwe. The fight occurred for days and eventually Charles managed to secure a few females and started his own group. From that occasion, the Ubumwe also recognized it and despite the various points of meet, these two Silverbacks can hardly fight. The meeting of these two families can luckily be encountered while on Rwanda gorilla safaris and tours.

Trekking the Umubano gorilla group requires nothing other than the gorilla trekking permit for Rwanda and the willingness to hike the volcanic slopes in search of the great Apes. The allocation of gorilla family is done at the briefing point thus one can point out that he / she requests to track the Umubano and depending the rangers discretion, it can accorded respectively. This is always offered to ensure that travelers on gorilla safaris to Rwanda leave when all their desires are satisfied.