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Tourism activities at Boni National Reserve Kenya

Tourism activities at Boni National Reserve Kenya

Tourism activities at Boni National Reserve Kenya

Are you looking for tourism activities to do at Boni national reserve Kenya? This is a forest tourism destination that is surrounded by a lot of contradiction and irony as well as mystery. The National reserve protects several and large populations of animals and plants call it the wildlife species and these find the haven during harsh or hot climatic conditions.  In the past, this reserve used to be the home for the terrorist main you from Somalia especially those that are mainly close to the border. Despite this score, the Boni forest reserve has remained one of the beautiful and the low-lying coast reserve forests found in Africa and you can see a lot of natural and local species in the forest reserve and thus for us at Africa Adventure Vacations, we wish to inform and give you details about this wonderful forests because we know that you can get interests in this forest reserve.

Boni National Reserve Kenya is found in the Northern Eastern region of Kenya found in the Garissa community. The forest covers an area of about 1339 square kilometers with its nearest districts being Lamu in Kenya and Ijara in Somalia. The Boni forest covers 1 / 4 of the Ijara District, spanning all the eastern parties of the Lamu District and even to the Western section of the Badaade district of Somalia. it was established in 1976 as a season sanctuary for elephants from Ijara and Lamu districts. it’s tree species seldom found in alternative forests. The common tree species include Homalium abdessamadii, Croton megalocarpoides, Croton polytrichus, Excoecaria busses, and cycad hildebrandtii.

The Bono national Forest Reserve has a combination of warm and arid seasons motivated through the North and warm and humid situations from the South. However, regardless of the confined quantity of rainfall that the overall regions get, the reserve maintains to maintain a huge quantity of biodiversity at some stage in the year, making it a crucial area for clinical natural world research and it is so much interesting for visitors to come and enjoy the forest walks.

There are different tourism activities that you can do at the Boni National Reserve and these among others include the following;

Wildlife sightings

The Boni National Reserve is managed and run by the Kenya Wildlife Services, and therefore for any tourists to have the game drives with the forest reserve must pass through the Kenyan Wildlife Service and pick the armed ranger guide who will accompany you to the forest and get the nearby views of different wildlife animals such as the primate that include Vervet baboons, Monkeys, African Elephants that migrate from Lamu and Somalia, the Gerenuk, Water Buck, Hippos, Bush Pigs, and the ever-elusive Duiker and Shrewd Elephant Mouse. Carnivores inclusive of the Wild Dog and Black Jackals additionally exist all these can be seen in the forest through the game drives which are conducted while sitting in your vehicle and this is very much interesting.

Bird watching safaris

if you’re a birder then the Boni forest reserve is so rewarding with several species of forest birds.  These birds are available in trees and on the land, some of these birds are local natives of the forests while others are migratory birds. Some of the bird species here include the encompass the Sokoke Pipit, a bird so uncommon it’s miles simplest discovered in Kenya and Tanzania. Other encompasses the African darter, the sunbird, and the honey buzzer amongst others therefore you are free to come and do the bird watching adventure safaris in Boni National reserve. You also need to hire an armed forest ranger to be able to have a successful bird watching safari.

The forest has five threatened plant species which are identified as  (Dalbergia vacciniifolia, Canthium kilifiense Canthium pseudoverticillatum, Mkilua fragrans, Synsepalum subverticillatum) and a couple of threatened animal species – the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) and the elephant shrew (Rhynchocyon sp.).With such rich in the diversity species (1/2 of that’s but to be researched) then the vicinity has ability in conservation and tourism because it has an awesome foundation, particularly species richness, unpolluted surroundings, and nevertheless intact forest, on which to shape the premise for traveler appeal within the district.

Cultural visits

The tribe is called Boni in Kenya, you can say that the tribe is almost disappeared but the remaining people do stay here in the forest and these live here as food gathers and hunters where they derive their livelihood. You can get a guided go to their small agreement and study their conventional manner of life, and the way they stay sustainably with nature.

What is the Best time to visit the Boni National Reserve?

Yes, although it has been said that the forests act as the hideout for the alphabet militants but the government of Kenya together with the Kenya Wildlife Services have made a good job in trying to make sure that the forest is safe especially to the visitors and travelers who would like to have this forest. And indeed the forest is safe because all our visitors have not complained about the forest. Tourism to the reserve maintains to boom because the reserve is a few of the maximum natural and untamed regions within the country. You can go in the year. The wet season, however, may be pretty tedious due to the muddy and now and then flooded roads.

For lodging services, the visitors are informed that the forest reserve has no available accommodation facilities and thus the visitors will have to stay in either Lamu or Garissa town to find the accommodation facilities while exploring this forest.

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