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The Unique Masai Tribe around Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Tribe around Masai Mara National Reserve

The Unique Masai Tribe around Masai Mara National Reserve

The Unique Masai Tribe around Masai Mara National Reserve– The Masai tribe is a unique tribe that belongs to the Nilotic ethnic group which is among the 5 indigenous tribes found within Kenya as the nation. The Masai tribe covers the parts of the southern region of Kenya and some northern parts of Tanzania a where Serengeti National Park is found.

The Masai tribe resides along the rift valley in the is characterized with the semi-desert type of climate where they have to resort to nomad life. The Masai tribe is approximated to be about one million people occupying both Kenya and Tanzania covering over 160000 square kilometers. They are particular keep cattle and some practice small agricultural activities.

The Masai tribe communities have conserved their traditional names as well as their culture very well despite the ongoing challenges of globalization and modernization that have hit the world.

The Masai Mara community is divided into 16 local community sections which as well are called the IIoshon and these include IIoitai, IIkeekonyokie, IIoitokitoki, IImoitanik, IIpurko, Isiria IIarusa, IIoitai, IIkankere, Kore, Parakuyu among others.

The Masai Mara Tribe has one of the distinguished culture and settlement patterns making it like the circular way as if they are making the Kraal for cows. The Masai women do mostly the hard work of the homestead that includes fencing the home and looking after food. The homes of the Masai tribe are built with only one entrance with what other call the single gate entry house and the rest of the areas are surrounded by the thorns of the acacia trees.

The men on the other hand. Have the duty to loot after the cattle and they are responsible for the security of the homestead as well as fencing off the kraal with the big thorns to make sure that lions do not enter and attract the cows during the day and the night.

There is good existence of the division of labor between the men and women of the Masai.

As men are making the kraals for the cattle the women are involved in the construction of the houses which are known as Inkajijik if you want to describe it in the Masai Language and the house using the mad mixed cow dung and the grass that they use to thatch grass. In addition to domestic work, the Masa ladies are seen milking the cows as the men are protecting and providing security and protecting the security.

The Masai Mara tribe depends on the meat and milk from cows as the source of livelihood which is extracted from the fresh cows and this is done majorly during the major occasion such the circumcision and after one of the women gives birth in a local ceremony called Entomononi. However, recently, the Masai have started making agriculture and involve in sweat potatoes that they consume at home.

The Masai Mara live in communal land and they practice pastoralists involving them to seasonally move from one place to another looking for fresh pasture and water for their animals. Even the men can as well move for long distances and even spent the whole months without getting back to their homes.

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