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The flamingo birds in Lake Nakuru National Park

Flamingoes in Lake Nakuru National Park: Flamingoes are the great tourist attraction of the Lake Nakuru National Park and the popular tourist attraction in the park

The flamingo birds in Lake Nakuru National Park

Flamingoes in Lake Nakuru National Park: Flamingoes are the great tourist attraction of the Lake Nakuru National Park and the popular tourist attraction in the park. Usually, when you talk about Lake Nakuru National Park, what comes into people’s minds are the flamingoes that are always spotted at the shores of Lake Nakuru.

Lake Nakuru hosts a lot of flamingo birds that are always in thousands throughout the year and in some other time, the population of flamingoes in Lake Nakuru National Park always increases and goes up to over a million flamingo birds.

Most of the visitors visit Lake Nakuru National Park to go and experience the beauty of the flamingoes that are pink in color and sometimes that turn the whole Lake Nakuru water into pick especially when you meet them at the time of concertation at the lake. It is interesting to see these flamingo bird species is so interesting as you see these flamingo birds so player full in water, interact with other bird species creating an environment that bird lovers look forward to enjoying when they visit Lake Nakuru National Park.

The flamingo birds have always been there at the lake Nakuru National Park however, no one has ever come with statistics of when the first group of flamingoes was first spotted in Lake Nakuru National Park but because the flamingo birds are water birds and they like water where their food always is, therefore, we can say that the flamingoes have been at lake Nakuru from the time the lake existed and provided the food in abundance.

The main food of flamingoes includes the blue algae that usually grow on lake Nakuru and sometimes they feed on the small insects and because the lake Nakuru has got the blue algae in plenty then this makes it perfect for the flamingoes to stay here at the lake.

Additionally, Lake Nakuru is also bounded by the bushy woodland and vegetation where these wonderful flamingo birds can easily find their nests. All these wonderful factors make Lake Nakuru the best place for the flamingo birds to stay, feed and live.

Flamingo birds are part of the wading birds that do take place across the whole world and there are about 6 flamingo bird species that can be found across the world. The two species out of the 6 flamingo birds can only be found in Africa and these are the only ones that you have to find out on the lake Nakuru in the famous Lake Nakuru National Park.

Flamingoes are good swimmers but it is hard to find them swimming and they fly best while covering short distances. Additionally, the flamingoes have got pink flight feathers, S-shaped neck, and stilt-like legs and the flamingoes are closely linked to some other kind of bird species which include egrets, spoonbills, cranes, grebes among others.

As I have earlier said, flamingo birds have got 2 species of flamingoes which are known as the greater and lesser flamingoes and visitors can find all these species on Lake Nakuru in Lake Nakuru National Park. The grater flamingoes are a bit taller as compared to the lesser flamingoes and they are darker in color, with their shade of pick well as the lesser flamingoes which have got shorter and lighter in color.

The mating time of the flamingoes depends on the brightness of their pink and it’s the brightness of the feather that attracts the male flamingo to a female with brighter pink as compared to that one with the dull pink. Usually, the well-nourished flamingoes are the ones that usually with pink color, and the flamingoes with the pale tending to white are malnourished flamingoes meaning that nutrition is so influential.

When the flamingoes especially the female’s mate, lay eggs, and the eggs later hatch into a young one within just 30 days and then the males and the females work sure that the incubation of the egg and even after hatching the not the female and the male flamingoes have to feed the young ones on the crop milk that helps the young ones to mature and establish very well. The young flamingo mature at the age of 7 to 12 weeks but they fully become mature at about 14 to 16 weeks.

The life of the flamingoes is threatened by habitat loss and the humans who prefer the fathers for the decorations and other wildlife predators. Whenever the habitat of the flamingoes are threatened, then they shift and it will take a lot of time for the flamingoes to return to their threatened habitat even the flamingo birds takes a long time to grow.

In conclusion, therefore flamingoes are so interesting creatures and if you’re interested in finding both lesser and greater flamingoes then you can come and find them in Lake Nakuru National Park especially on the Lake Nakuru. These birds are always and you will ever find them here at the Lake Nakuru all the day through and all the time and thus any time you come, you will be able to see the flamingoes at Lake Nakuru in Lake Nakuru National Park