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The big five animals of Serengeti National Park

The big five animals of Serengeti National Park

The big five animals of Serengeti National Park

Yes, Serengeti National Park is the home of the big five animals that are found in the wild. Most of the visitors still ask, “Why the big five animals?” The big five animals originated from the hunters based on the animals that gave them serious difficulties when they were hunting in the wild. It is important to note that at one time, Serengeti National Park was a hunting area before it was gazetted as a national park, and this attracted several hunters who used to carry out hunting activities within the wildness. The pioneers who settled in the Serengeti were mainly the hunters who were against the lions and elephants that disturbed them. And as they were hunting, these people described their experience in terms of the animals and how difficult it was to hunt them, thus naming them the “big five.”

Serengeti National Park is home to all of the big five animals in the wild, but rhinos are not easily seen. Visitors who want to see rhinos in Serengeti National Park must take game drive safaris in the northern part of the Serengeti National Park, where these rhinos are easily cited. You will see the rhinos once you have used the experience of the safari guide who has been to Serengeti National Park and knows all the corners where the rhinos can be found.

Today in this article, I will unpack for you the five big animals of the Serengeti National Park. Please watch below;

Leopards of Serengeti National Park

A leopard is the rarest animal to see among the five big animals in Serengeti National Park. For those who understand Swahili, the leopard is called Chili, and as you’re in the Serengeti national park, you will be able to spot this animal. There are several leopards in the Serengeti National Park, but you need to be careful and have your eyes sharp in order to see them because they are shy and like to hide a lot. At times, you might need to have binoculars in order to see the leopards, but at other times, you can see them when they are climbing in trees or even when they are on the ground, they can be seen moving depending on the size of the grass. With our well-experienced safari drivers, you will be able to see leopards in the Serengeti National Park.

Lions of Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park features the highest number of lions in the whole of Tanzania, and the lions are the most fierce and toughest animals among the big five animals in the Serengeti National Park. Lions in Serengeti National Park are common and can be seen in all sectors of the park. Many concentrations of lions can be found in the Seronera area because this is where the small grazers can be found in plenty, and thus you will not miss the section of the Serengeti National Park if you need to see the lions of the Serengeti National Park. Even though it has been reported by many that most of the visitors have seen the tree-climbing lions in the Serengeti National Park, especially in the central region in the umbrella acacia trees,and the prominent sosage tree found in this central region. A lot of pride has been spotted in the central Serengeti National Park, lying in the trees. Further lions can also be spotted within the Kojpes, especially in the morning, as they are seen sunbathing. So the lions are so common in the Serengeti National Park, and this is very interesting.

Elephants of Serengeti

It is reported that at first, Serengeti National Park had no elephants, but the elephants later appeared 30 years ago and have become so very important as animals that attract visitors to Serengeti National Park. The elephants move in groups, and sometimes you find the kids in front of them when moving for easy protection. African elephants are so important, though poaching in recent times has threatened their existence. The elephants in Serengeti National Park can be seen in the swampy areas, and they are large in size. Visitors will have to move to the central section of the park along the Seronera River to see the elephants or drive to the Turner 4 and Turner 2 next to the research center to see them.

Rhinos of Serengeti National Park

It is actually hard to see the rhinos, and it is very hard to spot them in the Serengeti National Park. Seeing the rhinos in the Serengeti National Park is by luck and, actually, most visitors combine the Serengeti National Park with the Ngorongoro Crater, where they will be able to see the rhinos. However, rhinos can be seen in the northern Serengeti National Park, and they can be seen along the border with the Maasai Mara National Reserve. It is therefore very interesting that, with the proper guided experience, you will be able to see rhinos in the Serengeti National Park. You can see rhinos moving in groups of one to five, and these animals are common when the temperatures are low at night.

Rhinos are often spotted during the stormy season, which is also the low season in the Serengeti, because the recreation area is less crowded, allowing them to wander freely. They are among the most ridiculously unfortunate creatures, but they are dangerous when they charge. Because of the high rate of poaching, the number of rhinos in Africa has rapidly decreased, affecting the number of rhinos in many parts of Africa, including the Serengeti. The Serengeti public park biological system has given visitors more opportunities to create their own Serengeti Big 5 rundown, with more than 70 creature species and nearly 500 bird species.

Buffaloes of Serengeti National Park

In the Masai Mara, local people around the Serengeti National Park, the buffaloes are called wild bulls, and they are seen in large numbers in Serengeti National Park. Some of our visitors have spotted more than 200 buffaloes in Serengeti National Park, and in fact, they are the most common of the big five animals that you will easily spot in Serengeti National Park. Buffaloes can be seen feeding alongside other wild animals, with a bird on their backs. They are calm, but they turn out to be so much more dangerous, especially when they are tempered with. The buffaloes can be seen during the rainy season when the park has plenty of fresh grass, and during the dry season, buffaloes can be easily seen in the swampy areas where there is a lot of water. It is believed that more than 30,000 buffaloes are found in Serengeti National Park. On occasion, you will find lonely buffaloes, and those are mostly the bulls that have been chased from the herd for failing to perform their duties.

There are also other animals in Serengeti National Park other than the big five, and these include the zebras, the wildebeest animals, the bushbucks, and warthogs, among other species of animals. Therefore, you need to come and enjoy the big five animals in Serengeti National Park.