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The best Ruaha National park of Tanzania

The best Ruaha National park of Tanzania

The best Ruaha National park of Tanzania

Ruaha national park is one of the best and wonderful national parks located in central Tanzania majorly in the southern circuits, yes the park is relatively inaccessible and this made it to receive fewer tourists compared to the Selous National Park and were tourists than any of the national parks that are found within the Northern Circuit of Tanzania.  The park will give the opportunity to have the wonderful rolling hills and the baobab hills with the rock occupied landscapes and hills providing the visitors with the fantastic wildlife species that found within the park

Visitors who have taken safari to Ruaha national park have testified how successful the park has been with the park occupied by the high concentration of predators and it has been proved that more than 10% of the total lions staying in the world or remaining in the World and the park holds the strongest position of the park with the highest population of the cheetah and the with the largest wild dog population in the whole world. In fact, Ruaha National Park is the third in having a high population of wild dogs.  All these predators are seen with the herds of the African elephants and buffaloes and these can sometimes be seen crossing from southern to and eastern Africa and this is one of the wonderful parks with the wonderful game drives in the whole of Southern Africa.

We can say that Ruaha National Park is more of the wider and remote national park and the biggest National Park in Tanzania and it is inaccessible as compared to its counterpart Selous Game Reserve and this park features more wildlife species but without boat cruise safaris. The park is full of wildness and pleases if you visit this park you will not regret it because the park is full of untamed wildness.

Ruaha national park is one of the most kept and adventurous national Park in Tanzania and when it is compared to the Selous game reserve, the Ruaha is the biggest national park and thus this would be a great combination for any visitor who is interested in taking the Tanzania safari.  Visitors will get the best views of the Ruaha lions especially when conducting the game drives around the Mwagusi area in addition to seeing the hugest concentration of the predators that are can see across the park and this is where you can find the predators as compared to other national parks and the game reserves around within Tanzania and this is the reason why the Ruaha is still the best destination in Tanzania

Where can you find the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania?

Ruaha is one of the biggest if not the biggest park and the wild enthroned park found to the West of the Selous Game Reserve and then in the south there is the stunning Serengeti National Park. The Ruaha is one of the amazing destinations with the insummable wildlife species and its location has made the few visitors access the park and as such, it is quite expressive to explore the park and it takes a longer period of time before reaching the gate of the Ruaha National Park. However, there has been an additional flight route connecting to Ruaha National Park and the Serengeti National Park. Visitors can as well get the flight from the Dare es Salaam and then the Selous National Park and with these means then you can get close to the Ruaha National park and enjoy the unspoiled wildlife of the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania.

The best tourism activities that you can do in Ruaha National Park

Safaris game drives in Ruaha National Park

The Park features a lot of the animals and wildlife species that visitors can see and engage in when it comes to a Tanzanian safari.  The games drive is the best activity that the visitors can do in this park and in fact, it is the major tourist activity that can be done in the Ruaha National Park. In this park, only the morning game drives are allowed and night game drives are highly prohibited. While conducting game drives, you will be able to see a lot of attractions in terms of the wildlife and these will include various predators especially lions,  cheetahs, wild dogs, and then the other wildlife that include the African elephants.  The game drives are conducted within your vehicle and with the help of the ranger guide and you will do the game drive for about 5 hours as you explore the wildlife richness of the Ruaha National park in Tanzania.

Bird watching in Ruaha National Park

Importantly, the Ruaha National Park doesn’t only provide the opportunity for you to engage the wild animals alone but the park also features several species of birds and these provide the grounds for the visitors to engage within in the bird-watching safaris. The Ruaha national park has more than 500 species of birds which is a good activity especially for the visitors who are interested in bird watching safaris and therefore if you are interested in birding then please come and enjoy the birds of the Ruaha National Park.

Hot air balloon safaris in Ruaha National Park Tanzania

In case you want to engage the landscapes and the uniqueness of the Ruaha National park, this can be best explored by taking the hot air balloon safaris which is the perfect safari activity that you can do to perfectly enjoy the wildlife of the Ruaha National Park. The insights of you floating and seeing the wildlife above are full of the countless experiences that provide the visitors with the tranquility that can’t be matched with anything experience. The visitors who are interested in taking the balloon safaris adventure will need to pay about united states dollars 550 and this money is paid person and you need to engage in this wonderful experience and really this is the experience that you do not regret in your life which is so much interesting and therefore don’t hesitate but rather come and engage in this wonderful tourism activity dull of love and experience.

Nature walk safaris in Ruaha National Park

Yes, we know that walking safaris provides a close encounter experience with then visitors to the wild animals and in the Ruaha National Park. However this is so, the Ruaha has got several herds of buffaloes and several predators. It is hard to nature walks and in fact, some of the camps have decided not to conduct the nature walk safaris but in areas of Kwihala, Kigelia, and Jongomero have got the perfect guides that provide the visitors with the experience of nature walking safaris.  While at the Jongomero Campos, the visitors will get a chance to have them flying the camping trips with the visitors spend a lot of time under the stars at night and this is so much interesting and wonderful adventure destination.

Best time to visit Ruaha National Park

Visitors going to Ruaha National park, you are either going to Tanzania for the wildlife trip or you are going to the have the beach holidays or maybe having both combined safari.  Generally, the best time when one can go to Tanzania is during the dry season which is done from June to October and this is done when the weather is dry characterized by some sunshine that lasts longer. When the sunshine hits stronger, then most of the grasses become less dense and the animals are then the animals can be easily sighted to see when visiting the most of the Tanzania parks and also the advantage is that some of the wild animals aim come to concentrate on the water holes that remain saturated during the dry season and this makes it so much interesting and enjoy full. Here are quick rains in November (which every so often trickles thru into December, January, and March) earlier than the long rains which are available in April and May. However, this isn’t to mention December, January, and February aren’t nonetheless incredible instances to be in Tanzania

When it comes to temperatures, then the Ruaha National Park always ranges from 20 to 30s and this happens throughout the year and the night temperatures can get too cold with a minimum of about 14 degrees in the central part of the Tanzania winter period which comes in July.  In Ruaha national park the Separation of short and long rains area is slightly indistinct than in the rest of Tanzania part. In December it starts to rain at around 19 days of the month and this keeps thru to April and has a tendency to drop down once more in some unspecified time in the future in May. The camps are closed in May so be warned this isn’t always a terrific month to go! You will locate it is going to be very moist nevertheless on this month and accessibility could be an issue.

Usually, from June up to the end of October there are always no or limited rainfall and the Ruaha National park is very seasonal in terms of the wildlife and The bush may be dense inside the greater wet months and so the natural world is tough to spot (greater so than with inside the flat Serengeti plains, for instance). We might say for optimum sport viewing possibilities and great fee for money, appearance to September and October for a few great loose nighttime offers in our favorite Ruaha lodge. Interestingly, the rain is its heaviest during December and January, rather than the classically wet season months of April and May which can waver your selection to head for a Christmas break. We’ve had many customers who’ve visible an array of the uncommon and amazing natural world in February… As with any safari, it’s miles right down to success at the day!

Lodges and hotels in and around the Ruaha National Park. Where to stay at Ruaha National Park

When we talk about the accommodation facilities we mean a lot of the well built up lodges and camps and other the luxurious accommodation facilities most especially that are fully built up within the southwestern national park. Some of the lodges include the Ikuka with the magnificent views and the escarpments close to the Mwagusi river that offers wonderful cultural encounters. Another brilliant and outstanding accommodation facility is known as the Mwagusi and this has been in and around the Ruaha national park in Tanzania for quite some good long period and it offers the best and wonderful safaris. Other accommodation facilities include the in the Ruaha.

One of all our vintage favorites. Kwihala Camp and Kigelia Camp are great adventurous luxurious tented camps whereas Mdonya Old River is an incredible choice for the adventurous with much less of a budget. Ruaha River Lodge is with the aid of using a long way the most important of camps in Ruaha in a top-notch location, eleven though isn’t always as much as the same old of the others. For a precise of Best Places to Live and stay in Ruaha National Park

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