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Stargazing places or spots in Kenya

Stargazing places or spots in Kenya

Stargazing places or spots in Kenya

Stargazing places or spots in Kenya- Here we mean areas where you can clearly observe the stars while on your wildlife safari in Kenya. Look no further if stargazing from a magnificent rooftop bed or an outdoor shower is your notion of heaven. Because of Kenya’s proximity to the equator, you can view both the northern and southern constellations in a single night’s sky if you stay up late enough. That is definitely something to add on your bucket list. Here are some of Kenya’s most romantic and fascinating spots for a night under the stars.

The natural darkness and tranquility are inseparable, yet the stars eventually emerge and give light to the scene. It is highly advised that you join forces with the astronomer author for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the heart of Africa. The Kenya Stargazing Adventure Safari is one-of-a-kind in the world. Hippos, lions, and elephants are among the daytime safari attractions. You’d be looking out the window at the breathtaking vistas of the southern sky. The Small and Large Magellanic Clouds, the Tarantula Nebula, and the sky filled with celestial bodies that are barely visible from any other aspect in the northern sky are some of the other spectacular sights to observe.

If you live in one of the country’s major cities, you may never be able to appreciate the beauty of Kenya’s night sky. The night sky is packed with billions of stars and galaxies, in addition to the moon and a few stars that we see every day. To view them, you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Here are a few stargazing places in Kenya which are best for photographing a star-studded sky;

Stargazing at Ngare Ndare forest

Spend the night among the trees like if you were a child. A tree platform and a suspended canopy walkway deep in the Ngare Ndare forest, just north of Mount Kenya, allow daring individuals to camp out high amid the trees. As night falls, you may wander through the canopy until the trees give way to a million stars above you. It’s tough to match the feeling of floating in mid-air with the Milky Way looming above you. Because the campground has no amenities, you’ll need to pack all of your food and drink, as well as a lamp or two to help you on your evening stroll.

Stargazing at the mountain Kenya

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second-highest peak. As a result, the surrounding area is elevated above the majority of Kenyan places. What could be lovelier than gazing up at the night sky from a vantage point several meters above the rest of the crowd? As many hikers can confirm, the stars are much better from the peak itself.

Stargazing at Central Island National Park in Kenya

In the heart of Lake Turkana, a crocodile-infested inland sea, for stargazing. Three active volcanoes make up the park, which huffs and smokes its way through the day. Visitors can see the stars gleaming over the black lava beach as the volcanoes steam away in the distance from a campground on the lip of one of the craters.

Stargazing at Saruni Samburu in Kenya

Saruni Samburu, an eco-lodge nestled in the private Kalama Conservancy in central Kenya, was clearly a labor of love for the architects. Stone juts out of walls, punctuates the outside decking, and is turned into shower stalls with some ingenious pipes in the six enormous homes, which are set on a massive protrusion of volcanic rock. Aside from the creative design, the family-friendly resort has stunning views of the billowing golden rangelands, which can be enjoyed from one of the two infinity pools on site, or from the covered patio area with a gin and tonic in hand. Guests are allocated their own jeeps and guides for daily safari trips to observe elephants, giraffes, and endangered Grevy’s zebras, so make sure to call it a night early.

Stargazing in Limu Highlands

Limuru Highlands, as strange as it may appear, gives the opportunity to watch shooting stars at night. The majority of Kenyans have never witnessed a shooting star. The majority of people are unaware that shooting stars may be seen in Kenya. Take a blanket, pick a beautiful position, and keep an eye out for shooting stars if you happen to make your way to this tea-growing region. You could be fortunate enough to come across one who will grant you a wish.

Stargazing in the Northern Kenya

Northern Kenya is one of Kenya’s least-explored regions. This might be attributed to a number of factors, including the region’s dry environment and the sporadic security risks. However, Northern Kenya, encompassing Turkana, Marsabit, Isiolo, and Garissa, has some of Kenya’s greatest stargazing places. For example, the sky above Lake Turkana is breathtaking.

Stargazing at Southern Rift valley in Kenya

The south of the Rift Valley is directly opposite Northern Kenya. This Tanzanian border region is recognized for its abundance of animals, unspoilt nature, and low people density. The night sky over the Mara and Amboseli parks are nothing short of magnificent as a result of this. The Milky Way galaxy can be seen from the Amboseli national park camping areas, which is incredible.

Stargazing in western Kenya

Fireflies and dazzling stars abound in Western Kenya’s highlands. This might be due to the fact that traditional illumination is still preferred over electricity in some parts of Western Kenya. As a result, the night sky glows brightly and continuously, allowing you to view more stars than you would in a city.

Stargazing at Olepangi Farm in Kenya

This is a place for experienced horseback riders who also have a passion for the universe. Olepangi Farm, a lovely resort and horse ranch in central-northern Kenya, offers five-day horseback safaris through the Lolldaigas’ magnificent and untamed scenery. In the afternoon, you’ll be able to get up close to animals ranging from herds of elephants to towering giraffes, and at night, you’ll be in the finest spot in Kenya for stargazing: right on the equator, with both the southern and northern hemispheres visible in one night’s sky. You can contact us at Africa adventure vacations as we organize for you in best places to have your great and rewarding stargazing safari in Kenya